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Scansonic MB8 B – A statement with the genes of Raidho Acoustics

It should be seen as a true statement, the new Scansonic HD brand loudspeaker that Dantax Radio A/S presented for the first time at the High-end 2024 in Munich with the Scansonic MB8 B. The company is convinced that it is the speaker system with the best performance to date. One of the reasons for this is that they rely on genes from Raidho Acoustics, according to the Danes.

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  • With the new Scansonic MB8 B, Dantax Radio A/S promises a loudspeaker system with the best performance of a Scansonic HD loudspeaker system to date.

According to Danish company Dantax Radio A/S, the new Scansonic MB8 B is intended to make a statement with the latest loudspeaker system. It is a Scansonic HD brand solution from the Scansonic MB Series, which clearly sets new standards in its class. They even go so far as to speak of the best performance of a loudspeaker system that has ever been developed under the Scansonic HD brand.

The main reason for this is that the development of this new Scansonic HD brand floorstanding loudspeaker system is based on the experience and technologies of Raidho Acoustics, the second brand belonging to Dantax Radio A/S in the field of loudspeaker development.

Scansonic MB8 B – A statement with Raidho Acoustics genes

The new Scansonic MB8 B is a powerful floor-standing loudspeaker system which, like all Scansonic HD brand solutions, is extremely graceful and almost discreet. This is once again thanks to the proverbial skill of the Scandinavians when it comes to appealing, timelessly elegant design.

After all, this speaker system measures 1.440 mm in height, has a width of 420 mm and a depth of 480 mm, whereby these figures already include the very elegantly designed feet.

Just how robustly the Scansonic MB8 B is designed to prevent any resonances and vibrations that could damage the sound is illustrated by its weight, which is an impressive 45 kg.

In this respect, the company explicitly states that a stable, indeed downright solid construction does not have to look heavy and ugly.

Three-way bass reflex system

The new Scansonic MB8 B is designed as a three-way bass reflex system, whereby the initial focus is on a tweeter, which is described as a quasi-ribbon driver and which, according to the company, boasts a silky-smooth, crystal-clear and detailed performance.

From a technical point of view, it is a Kapton foil structure with an integrated voice coil, which, according to the manufacturer, has a mass that is approximately 50 times lower than a conventional dome tweeter. This achieves the detailed presentation just described for a natural reproduction.

For the woofers, the company draws on the full potential of two woofers with carbon fibre as the material for the cone. These have a diameter of 8 inches and are complemented by two 5.15-inch diameter midrange drivers, which are also made from carbon fibre.

These drivers should all be characterised by a very dynamic, powerful and precise performance. These are customised solutions developed by engineers at Raidho Acoustics, which are required as optimal playing partners for the Scansonic MB8 B’s fast ribbon tweeter.

The crossover of the new Scansonic MB8 B also relied on the expertise of the acoustic engineers at Raidho Acoustics and opted for a solution that is designed for coherence, dynamics and therefore a live-like sound.

From a purely technical point of view, to summarise once again, it is a three-way system that uses two 5.25-inch midrange drivers, two 8-inch woofers and a ribbon driver. With an impedance of 4 ohms and a sensitivity of 88 dB, a frequency range between 34 Hz and 20 kHz can be reproduced. The system measures 1.440 mm in height, 420 mm in width and 480 mm in depth and weighs 45 kg.

Developed and manufactured in Denmark

The manufacturer is keen to emphasise that all products are developed and manufactured in Denmark – and Dantax Radio A/S is particularly keen to stress this – by the same experts who are responsible for the loudspeaker systems of its sister brand Raidho Acoustics.

In addition, the drivers mentioned are completely developed in-house, so there is no reliance on off-the-shelf solutions, as Dantax Radio A/S puts it.

Prices and availability

The new Scansonic MB8 B celebrated its premiere at the High-end 2024 and should now be available, as Dantax Radio A/S explains, in the Black Satin or White Satin versions at a recommended retail price of € 13.000,- and € 15.000,- if you opt for the Walnut Veneer version.

Getting to the point

According to Danish speaker specialist Dantax Radio A/S, the new Scansonic MB8 B is seen as a statement, as a solution that offers outstanding performance – indeed, it is referred to as the speaker system that is the most powerful of the Scansonic HD brand to date. To achieve this, the company is relying on the experience and technology of its sister brand Raidho Acoustics, according to the company. The result should be a loudspeaker system that sets new standards in its price class.

PRODUCTScansonic L On-wall, Scansonic L7 und Scansonic L14
PriceScansonic MB8 B Black Satin oder White Satin € 13.000,-
Scansonic MB8 B Walnut Veneer € 15.000,-
ManufacturerDantax Radio A/S
DistributionDantax Radio A/S
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