Roon 1.8 September 2021 Release

For the so-called Roon 1.8 September 2021 release, specifically Roon 1.8 Build 831, Roon Labs LLC. promises a number of detail improvements and numerous bug fixes.

With the Roon 1.8 September 2021 release, some of the functions most requested by the community are provided, first and foremost the so-called native control of Roon directly via smartphone, even if this is in the locked state.

In addition, the new version of the media management and multi-room audio streaming software from Roon Labs LLC, which has now arrived at Roon 1.8 Build 831, contains numerous other detailed improvements, but also many bug fixes.

Direct control of Roon via smartphone

You can now natively access important controls directly via a smartphone with Google Android Android or Apple iOS without having to call up the Roon Remote app. Information on which track is currently playing is displayed, the volume can be controlled, and functions such as pause and skip can now all be controlled directly via the smartphone.

The volume control controls the level of the audio devices connected to Roon, taking into account any predefined volume limits that you can set for the individual devices, as you know. The latest update also supports the smartphone’s physical volume controls, so you can control the volume without looking at the screen.

As for Apple iOS, they also implemented the often requested gesture control with this update of the Roon 1.8 September 2021 release, so you can jump back and forth in the playlist by simply swiping.

However, it should be noted that these functions are still listed as beta only in Apple iOS, but a first test in our editorial office showed that everything works smoothly. However, you have to activate “Lock Screen Controls” in the Roon Remote app.

On the so-called album page of Roon, there has always been a “Versions” tab where you could find other versions of an album, including versions from your own music library, from TIDAL as well as Qobuz.

Comparison of different album versions

With the latest update to the Roon 1.8 September 2021 release, they’ve completely revamped this view, they say, so it should be even easier to compare versions in your library and beyond. Whether you’re looking for an extended edition with bonus tracks or want to listen to an even higher-quality version, Roon should make it a matter of a few clicks, Roon Labs LLC promises.

Sharing Roon content

A very important point of the new Roon 1.8 September 2021 release is also that personalized content can now be “shared” particularly easily, i.e. playlists can be used in various other services, to name just one example.

Overall, the export functions of Roon have been expanded and improved, so that it is easier to copy media from Roon or to export detailed information about the music in Microsoft Excel, for example.

For those who like to listen to their playlists on multiple streaming platforms, the company said it is counting on collaboration with Soundiiz to make it easier to export playlists and other content from Roon to various music services.

With the Roon 1.8 September 2021 release, the software now offers a new Soundiiz export mode that includes a custom CSV file for any playlists, favorites or library content the user has selected. This file can then be easily uploaded to Soundiiz and synced with TIDAL, Qobuz or almost any other streaming service.

In this regard, Roon Labs LLC. offers interested parties a discount for Soundiiz Premium, which is billed by subscription. Via the code ROONVIP, one receives a 15 percent discount.

Numerous other detailed improvements

Roon Labs LLC. states that they have already made more than 150 improvements since the introduction of Roon 1.8, the new Roon 1.8 September 2021 release provides further optimizations. On the list, for example, is a new sort-by-modification-date feature for playlists, faster loading of Daily Mixes, search auto-completion improvements, high-resolution playback on supported Sonos devices, and tag shuffling that now includes playlist content outside the library.

A detailed listing of all bug fixes can be found on the company’s website in the support section.

The Roon 1.8 September 2021 release represents, as mentioned, Roon 1.8 build 831, and this includes not only the actual server, but likewise the Roon Controller apps. These are also already available as updates for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Apple iOS and Google Android.

Getting to the point

The new Roon 1.8 September 2021 release, which is now available, includes a large number of new features, with the focus on simple, direct control via smartphones. We also consider the extended export options and the transfer of personal settings to other platforms to be very welcome innovations.

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