Roon 1.7 Build 610 with new Sleep Timer

Once again the software company Roon Labs LLC. offers a new update of the media management and multiroom audio streaming solution Roon. It offers a number of bug fixes, but also includes a new feature, namely a sleep timer.

The software solution Roon from Roon Labs LLC. is not only characterised by unique comfort and a remarkable range of functions as well as a broad support of the most diverse streaming systems and D/A converters, the software developer also delivers updates at regular intervals, which solve any problems that may arise and constantly offer new possibilities.

With the latest update Roon 1.7 Build 610, mainly a service release, which removes a number of small errors and inconsistencies, is available. However, this new version also provides a feature that many users have been waiting for, namely a so-called sleep timer.

Roon 1 7 Build 610 01
Roon 1.7 Build 610 offers a new Sleep Timer on every streaming device

This makes it possible to automatically stop playback via the streaming solution after a set period of time, with a choice of between 15 minutes and two hours. An interesting thing is that the playback does not only stop abruptly but fades out smoothly. The sleep timer of course works in every created zone and on every compatible device. It can be accessed via the Zone Volume pop-up, where you will find a new symbol, which has been designed in the shape of a moon.

The new update Roon 1.7 Build 610 should also bring improvements in the area of DSP and the graphics engine and is now available for download.

Getting to the point

It is a feature that many users of the media management and multiroom audio streaming software Roon have been waiting for, a sleep timer, which is now available in the latest release. The new update, which is free of charge for existing customers, once again includes various bug fixes and detailed improvements, for example in the area of DSP signal processing and the graphical user interface.

Manufacturer:Roon Labs LLC.
Distribution:Roon Labs LLC.
Price:free-of-charge download
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