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PS Audio aspen FR5 Loudspeaker – The first shelf-mounted loudspeaker system

Until now, the US company PS Audio has only produced floor-standing speaker systems in its PS Audio aspen Series. Now, with the new PS Audio aspen FR5 Loudspeaker, the first shelf-mounted speaker system is following, which, according to the manufacturer, is suitable for small and medium-sized rooms.

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  • PS Audio describes the new PS Audio aspen FR5 loudspeaker as the perfect speaker system for any small or medium-sized room.

The US-based High-end HiFi manufacturer PS Audio has been known for years for its outstanding amplifier systems, D/A converters, streaming systems and solutions for optimal power supply. Only recently, the company decided to expand its product range to include speaker systems, and it claims that the solutions of the PS Audio aspen series are also outstanding.

After all, it has taken only a very short time to launch a product line with three floor-standing speaker systems, so all that is missing is a so-called shelf-mounted speaker system, and that is precisely what the new PS Audio aspen FR5 Loudspeaker is now set to provide.

The PS Audio aspen Series – technical innovations, modern design

According to PS Audio, the entire PS Audio aspen series is characterised by two essential features. The first is a concept based on the latest technical innovations, whereby the company goes so far as to describe the speakers as state-of-the-art speaker systems with exceptionally low distortion, the highest precision and impressive dynamics for outstanding reproduction with flawless tonality. The company is convinced that the solutions of the PS Audio aspen series set new standards.
The second key point from the point of view of PS Audio is the design, whereby it is stated that they have deliberately not adhered to existing conventions, but instead have relied on an extraordinary concept, and have thus realised exquisite beauties.

The first model that PS Audio launched was the PS Audio aspen FR30 Loudspeaker, a very powerful and impressive floor-standing speaker system. The second model was also a floor-standing speaker system, the PS Audio aspen FR20 Loudspeaker, followed by another floor-standing speaker system, the PS Audio aspen FR10 Loudspeaker.

So what is missing, as already mentioned, is a classic shelf-mounted loudspeaker system, and this is now being presented with the new PS Audio aspen FR5.

Even a small room becomes a concert hall

Given the ambition that PS Audio has shown with its previous floor-standing speaker systems, it is hardly surprising that the company is also convinced that it will set new standards in its class with its smallest model.

The introduction of the compact two-way shelf-mounted loudspeaker system PS Audoo aspen FR5 is intended to bring a concert hall into any small to medium-sized room.

Over 50 years of experience have gone into the solutions of the PS Audio aspen series, including the new PS Audio aspen FR5, as the manufacturer emphasises.

The developers’ declared aim was to realise a solution that would give HiFi enthusiasts the feeling that the loudspeaker “disappears”, so that only the magic of the music is perceived.

“We have designed a cabinet that does not distort the sound, we have built a loudspeaker that can be operated without any problems with any decent power amplifier, and since even the most advanced drivers from established suppliers are not good enough to meet our demanding standards, we have developed woofers, mid-range drivers and tweeters from scratch.”

PS Audio about the new PS Audio aspen FR5 Loudspeaker

Designed as a two-way system

As already mentioned, the new PS Audio aspen FR5 is a two-way system, with a 2.5-inch Planar Magnetic Tweeter with a Teonex diaphragm as the tweeter and a 6.5-inch Low Distortion High Excursion Woofer as the woofer driver, which uses a membrane made of a fabric of polypropylene fibres. In addition, a 6 x 9 inch high-excursion passive radiator is used to ensure particularly superior reproduction down to the lowest frequencies.

Particular attention was also paid to the crossover, which is constructed with custom-made film capacitors and high-quality air-core coils. It is designed as a Linkwitz-Riley filter of the 6th order and cuts in at 1,75 kHz.

The PS Audio aspen FR5 cabinet measures 36,83 cm in height, 20,32 cm in width and 33 mm in depth, making it a very powerful shelf-mounted loudspeaker system that will primarily be placed on the accompanying stand.

Not least because each speaker weighs no less than 12,1 kg, a clear indication of how solidly they are built.

In fact, the manufacturer claims that the new PS Audio aspen FR5 relies on a robust internal bracing and a sophisticated damping system, as well as a baffle made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, in order to prevent sound-damaging resonances and vibrations from the outset. A speaker grill can be inserted into the front, held in place by magnets.

Technical specifications

The new PS Audio aspen FR5 is designed as a closed two-way system with a 6.5-inch woofer, 2.5-inch planar magnetic tweeter and 6 x 9-inch passive membrane. It can reproduce a frequency range between 35 Hz and 20 kHz, has an impedance of 6 ohms and a sensitivity of 83 dB. The manufacturer recommends an amplifier with a power output of between 50 and 150 watts.

Prices and availability

The new PS Audio aspen FR5 loudspeakers should be available from specialist retailers in the next few days, with a choice of high-gloss white or black. The manufacturer’s price for this solution is US$ 3.499,- per pair.

Getting to the point

With the new PS Audio aspen FR5 Loudspeaker, PS Audio is once again expanding the PS Audio aspen Series, which now includes a shelf-mounted speaker system for the first time, in addition to the three floor-standing speaker systems. However, in view of the generously dimensioned dimensions of this loudspeaker system, it is not really possible to speak of a shelf-mounted loudspeaker system. The manufacturer itself quite rightly describes it as a stand-mount speaker, indicating that the new PS Audio aspen FR5 Loudspeaker is best placed on the matching stand.

PriceUS$ 3.499,- per pair
ManufacturerPS Audio
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyHiFi 2 die 4
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