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Pro-Ject High Power it – Powerful earthed mains adapter for Pro-Ject 15 V DC record players.

A powerful, first and foremost earthed power supply is now to be available especially for record players from Pro-Ject Audio Systems with 15 V DC in the form of the new Pro-Ject High Power it. This is intended to prevent any hum when used in conjunction with non-grounded amplifier systems.

With the new Pro-Ject High Power it, Pro-Ject Audio Systems wants to offer a power supply that addresses a special problem, namely in connection with amplifier systems executed as so-called floating mass systems in conjunction with record players.

The new Pro-Ject High Power it is a grounded, powerful power supply that has been specially developed for record players from Pro-Ject Audio Systems with 15 V DC.

Pro-Ject High Power it with earthing

According to the world market leader in this field, every record player must have an earth connection. This prevents electrical hum, as the company puts it. A record player that is not earthed could possibly have a different reference potential than the amplifier to which it is connected. The then flowing equalising currents lead to said hum.

To compensate for the different reference potentials, all high-quality record players have an earth connection which is connected to standard amplifiers and phono preamplifiers.

Pro Ject High Power it 01

Problems with amplifiers without earthing

Pro-Ject Audio Systems states that many modern amplifier solutions, not least in the form of all-in-one systems such as soundbars or active streaming speakers, are no longer earthed. The company refers to these as floating ground systems. If a record player is connected to such a system, an audible hum is created, which of course significantly impairs the sound.

Pro-Ject High Power it as a problem solver

This problem is solved with the new Pro-Ject High Power it, which, as already described, has an earth connection, so that in combination with record players from Pro-Ject Audio Systems with 15 V DC and floating mass systems, earth-related hum problems are avoided.

Pro Ject High Power it 02

Some Pro-Ject Audio Systems solutions also affected

Pro-Ject Audio Systems states in this context that solutions from Pro-Ject Audio Systems itself may also be affected by this issue, specifically modern amplifiers of the Pro-Ject Box Design Series. The company mentions the Pro-Ject MaiA S2 and Pro-Ject MaiA DS2.

Customers who own or buy such a modern, digital “floating mass” amplifier and use it in combination with a record player from Pro-Ject Audio Systems will receive the new Pro-Ject High Power it in a set from their dealer free of charge.

For further information, customers should contact their dealer. In principle, the price for the new Pro-Ject High Power it is stated at € 29.90.

Getting to the point

To prevent possible hum problems in the interaction between modern amplifier systems without grounding and record players from Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the new Pro-Ject High Power it is now available.

Manufacturer:Pro-Ject Audio Systems
Distribution Austria:Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution Germany:Audio Trade Hi-Fi Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Distribution Switzerland:Marlex GmbH – Audiophile Produkte
Price:€ 29,90
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