Ultrasone S-Logic 3 – Fundamentally revised with Ultrasone DDF Technology

The Bavarian headphone specialist Ultrasone AG has been relying on the so-called Ultrasone S-Logic Technology in its solutions for years, which is supposed to guarantee a particularly natural listening experience. Now, with Ultrasone S-Logic 3, the third generation of this technology is available.

At Gut Raucherberg, the Bavarian headphone specialist Ultrasone AG has dedicated itself to the development and production of high-quality headphone systems for years, relying first and foremost on the so-called Ultrasone S-Logic Technology.

Ultrasone S-Logic Technology is designed to ensure one thing above all: natural listening, and thus an experience that comes close to that of a conventional loudspeaker system. In addition, and this is just as important, the Ultrasone S-Logic Technology should contribute significantly to the best possible protection of the user’s hearing.

Ultrasone S-Logic 3 – The third generation

Ultrasone AG is now presenting the third generation of this technology. Once again, Ultrasone has made every effort to optimise the natural hearing sensation in combination with headphones.

First prototype in 1988

Ultrasone S-Logic Technology dates back to 1988, when the first prototype was developed.

As already described, the aim was to guarantee natural hearing even with headphones, thus enabling accurate reproduction of room depth and width, and thus correct localisation of individual instruments.

Ear cup of the headphone and ear of the user are part of the acoustic concept.
This is achieved first and foremost by including the ear cups themselves in the acoustic concept, as well as the user’s ear. While conventional concepts often arrange the drivers in such a way that, to put it bluntly, they radiate frontally onto the wearer’s ear, Ultrasone AG uses a slightly offset arrangement, with the drivers slightly angled. In addition, these drivers are also arranged decentrally.

This ensures that the sound hits the outer ear first and not almost directly into the auditory canal. For the user, this results in essentially exactly the same sound image that would be produced by a loudspeaker system, for example, even without headphones.

Ultrasone S Logic 3 with Ultrasone DDF Technology 01

If the manufacturer has its way, this also ensures a more detailed sound image, as well as significantly more relaxed listening, as the brain does not have to adjust anything due to this natural reproduction, in order to remain with a simple image here.

In addition, you can enjoy the full range of details at a much lower level, be it the resolution across the frequency range or the dynamics. This in turn means that the user’s hearing is protected even during longer listening sessions.

Successive optimisation over the decades

Ultrasone AG has successively optimised this concept over the decades, and now, as mentioned above, the third generation has arrived, with what is now known as Ultrasone S-Logic 3 Technology bringing even more drastic improvements.

Ultrasone S-Logic 3 Technology with Ultrasone DDF Technology

At the heart of the third generation is the so-called Ultrasone DDF Technology, which the Bavarian company even describes as revolutionary.

Thanks to their unique fin-like shape, the newly developed Double Deflector Fins (DDF) distribute the sound directly to the driver and ensure even more realistic sound dispersion within the earcup.

The result is an authentic reproduction of room reflections and a sound image that for the first time allows an objective assessment of the spatial distribution of individual signals, as was previously only possible via loudspeakers.

The specially developed earpiece geometry used in Ultrasone S-Logic Technology, with the inclusion of the auricle in the sound image, is intended to guarantee a listening experience very much like that of a concert hall, with astonishing spatiality, perfect localisation of all instruments and fascinating depth gradation.

  • Ultrasone Signature PULSE 01
  • Ultrasone Signature MASTER 01
  • Ultrasone Signature NATURAL 01

Used for the first time in new Ultrasone Signature Series models

The new Ultrasone S-Logic 3 technology is being used for the first time in the Ultrasone Signature Series models, which the Bavarians are also presenting these days. These are the Ultrasone Signature Master, Ultrasone Signature Natural and Ultrasone Signature Pulse models.

The new Ultrasone Signature Series would thus provide the sound engineer with an incorruptible tool that effortlessly handles even demanding mixing and mastering tasks – completely independent of the acoustics of the monitoring room and regardless of the location.

Getting to the point

Until now, many headphones from Ultrasone AG were characterised by the so-called Ultrasone S-Logic Technology, which offered natural listening with wide stage imaging and thus particularly well perceivable depth and localisation together with richness of detail. Now, with the new Ultrasone S-Logic 3 and above all the accompanying new Ultrasone DDF Technology, these qualities are to be raised to a completely new level.

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