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Panasonic TMAX45 – The powerful entertainer for every party

At the presentation of the new Panasonic TMAX45, Panasonic Corporation is convinced that it is the guarantee for rich, powerful sound at any party. It should also impress with its flexible, simple handling, but above all with atmospheric lighting effects.

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  • Panasonic Corporation describes the new Panasonic TMAX45 as a powerful party speaker with atmospheric lighting effects.

It is a market that should not be underestimated, that of so-called high-power speakers, solutions that are often referred to as party speakers, as the Japanese consumer electronics company Panasonic does in the case of the new Panasonic TMAX45. This is aimed at users who want a powerful active speaker system that is as robust as possible to provide sound for a party, both in and around the house.

The most important features of such solutions are therefore a powerful sound, a solid design, flexible use, and if they can also come up with lighting effects, this is also very welcome. According to Panasonic, the new Panasonic TMAX45 offers all of this.

The powerful, transportable boombox

The new Panasonic TMAX45 is designed as a transportable solution with a height of 65 cm and a weight of 12 kg. The reason for this rather heavy weight is of course the solid design based on matt black lacquered MDF and a solid frame, with edge protection and foot pads providing additional protection.

It should also be emphasised that the new Panasonic TMAX45 naturally has an integrated carrying handle. According to the manufacturer, this means you can take it with you and use it wherever there is electricity.

“We designed the TMAX45 to be moved by many different people – not just one strong friend. As a powerful and mobile speaker, it offers many alternative uses in the home and beyond.”

Tamas Nagy, Marketing Manager Home AV, Panasonic Consumer Europe

The new Panasonic TMAX45 is an impressive sound system with a total output of no less than 1.000 watts, according to the manufacturer’s promise. This is achieved by two powerful bi-wiring digital amplifiers, as Panasonic itself describes it, which drive two generously dimensioned 16 cm diameter woofers and two tweeters. A bass reflex system also ensures a correspondingly superior low-frequency response.

“By consistently doubling key components, we ensure that the TMAX45 has the necessary power to get any party going.”

Tamas Nagy, Manager Marketing Home AV, at Panasonic Consumer Europe

Equipped for a wide range of source devices

Of course, Bluetooth is first and foremost available to use smartphones and tablets as a source, so the Panasonic TMAX45 is essentially an oversized Bluetooth speaker.

Using Bluetooth, two devices can be paired with the Panasonic TMAX45 at the same time and used alternately for playback.

Other music sources can be integrated via a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack, an optical S/PDIF interface or via a USB-A port. The USB port can also be used to charge external devices, such as a smartphone.

Up to three devices can be connected in series using a 3,5 mm stereo mini jack connection. With two devices, each can be configured as either the left or right channel.

Karaoke included

Of course, such a solution should not be without a guitar or microphone input so that you can get creative yourself. Karaoke is also possible, as Panasonic emphasises, whereby a connection to a TV set is even provided for this purpose. While the TV set displays karaoke images and song lyrics, the Panasonic TMAX45 takes care of the rest, as the manufacturer explains and also points out in this context that the speaker can be used both standing upright and lying horizontally.

Lighting effects included

Based on LEDs, the new Panasonic TMAX45 offers seven luminous colours, eleven patterns and two stroboscopes. Four of the patterns and the strobes pulse automatically with the music, and the home DJ can choose from the remaining multi-coloured patterns or single-coloured variants to create even more of a club atmosphere.

Prices and availability

The new Panasonic TMAX45 should be available from specialist retailers within the next few days. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is € 449,-.

Getting to the point

The Japanese consumer electronics company Panasonic also wants to participate in the exciting market segment of so-called high-energy speakers and is now launching the new Panasonic TMAX45. This is a powerful party speaker with an integrated light effect that is easy to handle and flexible to use.

Price€ 449,-
ManufacturerPanasonic Corporation
DistributionPanasonic Deutschland eine Division der Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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