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Nubert GS-2000 - Flexible mounting system for Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC

The Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC represents a very special solution, just as special is the mounting solution now presented by Nubert electronic GmbH, the new Nubert GS-2000, which once again significantly expands the application possibilities of the innovative built-in speaker system.

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  • Nubert electronic GmbH is now presenting an extremely flexible enclosure set for the Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC with the new Nubert GS-2000.

With the Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC, Nubert electronic GmbH presented a particularly innovative built-in speaker, because it is designed as an active speaker system and also has integrated ambient lighting according to the ZigBee 3.0 standard. With the new Nubert GS-2000 mounting system, the application possibilities for the Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC become even more versatile, as the manufacturer from Schwäbisch Gmünd points out.

They speak of an exciting, minimalist design approach and a solution that not only provides very good sound in any room, but also cuts a good figure. The application ranges from the living room at home to the installation in business premises, offices, gastronomy and hotels.

Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC – Active built-in speaker with smart LED light

The Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC is, as the name suggests, part of the Nubert nuPro X series and is thus part of a series of extremely exciting active loudspeaker systems of the latest design. The special feature of the Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC is that it is the first active loudspeaker of this series that has been designed for ceiling and wall installation.

This is where a key feature of the Nubert nuPro X series comes into play, namely the possibility of “wireless” control, as this solution supports the Nubert X-Connect radio standard. In this case, audio signals are transmitted via radio with 24 bit and 96 kHz and thus in the best quality with the lowest latency. What’s more, the Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC is even capable of transmitting Nubert X-Connect Surround, i.e. being part of a multichannel surround sound installation for home cinema systems, whereby audio signals are transmitted lip-synchronously at 24 bit and 48 Hz, i.e. with the lowest latency.

In the simplest case, the Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC can be combined with other speakers of the same type, e.g. for stereo, but also for surround, and all solutions from Nubert electronic GmbH that also support Nubert X-Connect or Nubert X-Connect Surround can be used in combination.

It should also be mentioned that the Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 module, which means that the simplest signal transmission can take place directly from a smartphone, for example, whereby aptX as well as aptX HD and aptX LL are supported in addition to the SBC and AAC codecs.

To emphasise explicitly, the only requirement for operating the Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC is to lay a power cable or to have a socket available in the immediate vicinity.

This also applies to the LED lighting implemented here, which can be controlled via the ZigBee 3.0 standard and is thus considered smart LED lighting. Even if the corresponding certificate – Friends of Hue – was waived, the Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC is compatible with the widely used Philips HUE system from Signify N. V.

Extended mounting options with Nubert GS-2000

As already mentioned several times, the Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC is a built-in speaker, so you either have to use the corresponding recesses in the wall or ceiling to mount it.

Alternatively, you can use the new Nubert GS-2000 mounting solution, which in principle provides a particularly flexible housing for the built-in speaker, turning it into an on-wall or on-ceiling speaker.

With the housing, the speaker can now be mounted directly on the wall or ceiling, and even a so-called suspended mounting is possible, so that the speaker and housing ultimately look like a conventional, elegant lamp.

The housing set includes everything needed for the various mounting options. Mounted directly on the wall or ceiling, this solution has a diameter of 30.5 cm and a height of 12.6 cm. If you choose a suspended installation, the diameter is still 30.5 cm and the height 12.6 cm, but you can vary the distance to the ceiling between 27 cm and 163 cm. The weight of the mounting device including the speaker is 4.4 kg for suspended mounting and 4 kg for direct mounting.

The Nubert GS-2000 mounting device for the Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC is available in black and white, so that it can be easily integrated into any living environment.

Prices and availability

The new Nubert GS-2000 mounting device for the Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC is now available directly from the Nubert electronic GmbH web shop. The price for this solution is listed at € 120,-. The complete package consisting of Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC plus Nubert GS-2000 cabinet set costs € 675,-.

Getting to the point

With the Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC, Nubert electronic GmbH offers an extremely exciting solution for the Nubert nuPro XS series, namely an active ceiling or wall-mounted speaker that can be controlled either via Nubert X-Connect or Nubert X-Connect Surround and thus solely via radio. The solution can therefore be used for stereo and home cinema solutions discreetly integrated into the living room, but also for business premises, offices and the catering or hotel industry as a custom installation solution. The speaker always presents itself as a smart LED light that can be controlled via ZigBee 3.0. With the new Nubert GS-2000 mounting solution, the application becomes even more flexible, as mounting on the wall and ceiling is just as possible as a suspended installation. With the latter, the speaker even acts as a designer lamp for ambient lighting and fine sound.

PriceNubert GS-2000 € 120,-
Nubert nuPro XI-2000 RC and Nubert GS-2000 € 675,-
ManufacturerNubert electronic GmbH
DistributionNubert electronic GmbH
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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