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NIO ET7 – Dolby Atmos as standard on board

The NIO ET7 will be able to enjoy immersive surround sound via Dolby Atmos, NIO Limited has announced. An audio system in the vehicle will deliver immersive 7.1.4 surround sound. As a further special feature, the vehicle will be able to access NIO Radio, which directly provides content in Dolby Atmos.

NIO Limited is a Chinese start-up involved in the development and production of electric vehicles. Founded in Shanghai in 2014, the company has long been considered one of the most innovative in this sector. The fact that it is now also paying great attention to the topic of sound in the vehicle is proof of the company’s high ambitions to be able to position itself in the premium segment with selected vehicles.

NIO ET7 – The new sedan from NIO Limited

NIO Limited has already presented a series of vehicles, starting with the NIO ES6, continuing with the NIO ES8 and NIO EC6 and ending with the NIO ET7, which was first announced as the latest sedan at the beginning of 2021.

So far, NIO Limited has clearly focused on the Chinese market, but increasingly it wants to address other markets, especially the USA and Europe, where the NIO ET7 is expected to play quite an important role.

Probably the most interesting feature of the NIO ET7 is that it offers a vehicle for which the manufacturer claims a range of up to 1,000 km.

Equally interesting is the fact that, as described above, great importance is attached to the topic of audio and that in this respect, it is being offered at a level that was previously reserved for the luxury segment of European and US manufacturers.

Immersive surround sound via Dolby Atmos as standard

It is particularly noteworthy that NIO Limited speaks of an audio system with Dolby Atmos being standard in the NIO ET7.

Dolby Atmos will thus be standard in all NIO ET7s, which the manufacturer itself sees as an intelligent flagship among electric sedans.

Dolby Atmos, according to NIO Limited, is a completely new way of creating and experiencing music that fully showcases artistic expression and creates a deeper connection between artists and their fans.

Widely adopted by leading artists and creators, record labels and music streaming services, music in Dolby Atmos goes beyond the ordinary listening experience by fully immersing the listener and revealing details with unparalleled clarity and depth, according to the Chinese manufacturer. Music in surround would give artists more space and freedom to fully realise their visions and open up new levels of emotion in their music for their listeners.

This is the experience they want to offer buyers of the NIO ET7 on the road, thus transforming the new sedan into a travelling concert hall.

“NIO aims to enhance the value of the car beyond the driving and ride, creating surprises for users by integrating technological advancements and emotional experiences. The collaboration between Dolby and NIO will connect users even more closely with the music they love and together drive the in-car experience.”

Mark Zhou, Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Product Committee NIO Limited

23 speaker systems, 1,000 watts of power

He said the new NIO ET7 features an audio system that comes standard with 23 speakers and a total power output of 1,000W. The four primary channels use a 3-way speaker array with dedicated tweeters, mid-range and woofers, a subwoofer and four overhead speakers. Combining the leading active tuning algorithm and the excellent detail and clarity of Dolby Atmos, the NIO ET7 delivers an immersive listening experience that exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding users, he said.

“We are excited to open up the future of car audio to consumers in China and around the world with the integration of Dolby Atmos into the ET7. Music is an important aspect of the in-car experience. Whether you want to immerse yourself in music or simply add sound to your ride, once you experience the subtle detail and raw power of Dolby Atmos, music in your car will never be the same. We can’t wait to bring users this extraordinary listening experience with the ET7.”

John Couling, Senior Vice President, Entertainment, Dolby Laboratories Inc.

NIO Radio with Dolby Atmos Music

Drivers of the NIO ET7 will have access to the exclusive NIO Radio, the manufacturer says, promising programming that delivers music in Dolby Atmos so that the full benefits of the in-car audio system can actually be enjoyed.

According to the manufacturer, the new NIO ET7 is already available for pre-order. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2022.

Getting to the point

It is quite remarkable that with NIO Limited, manufacturers in the Far East are now also beginning to pay very special attention to the topic of audio. And they are doing so at a level that is only found in the luxury class of premium brands from Europe or the USA. The new NIO Limited sedan, the NIO ET7, is said to feature an audio system with immersive surround sound via Dolby Atmos as standard.

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