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New soundbars with immersive audio and versatile function from LG Electronics Inc. at CES 2023

With the 2023 model generation, LG Electronics wants to ensure that soundbars and TVs not only match each other perfectly in terms of looks, but also provide a synergy for an outstanding multi-surround sound solution that directly involves the listener in the sound event. The systems will premiere at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

Home cinema of the extra class, that promises LG Electronics Inc. for the LG 2023 Soundbars as well as LG TV models of the generation 2023, which celebrate their premiere these days in the context of the CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The company speaks here of a perfect symbiosis of the soundbar systems and TV sets, starting with the design, which is visually to provide a seamless transition from the TV set to the soundbar, applies to the intuitive user interface and, of course, the powerful, authentic sound, which also includes immersive 3D surround sound, and in Dolby Atmos and IMAX in enhanced quality with DTS:X. In addition, and just as relevant, the new soundbar systems are said to support a wide range of services to access a wide variety of content.

Soundbars and TVs form a single unit

As described earlier, the developers at LG Electronics Inc. were once again keen to enable an elegant, unified design of soundbars and TV sets so that they fit seamlessly into any living environment.

The company talks about a minimalist look that the latest 2023 generation TVs from LG Electronics Inc. are supposed to offer; the same goes for the soundbar systems, which also have a particularly slim design.

A special feature is a new mount that allows users to place an LG Electronics Inc. soundbar directly under the brand’s latest TVs, which is said to create a visually harmonious and high-quality style.

The mount, which attaches to the back of a compatible TV, can be used to wall-mount or stand-mount the new soundbars at a height or position that is said to ensure the best sound experience for users. The convenient mount also ensures a cable-free environment and saves users from drilling holes in the wall, the company said in the related release.

It was also mentioned that the control of the soundbar and TV set should also form a unit, thus ensuring intuitive control via the home dashboard of the TV set.

Thrilling, immersive 3D sound

As described, a particularly gripping sound experience is of course the specification that the developers should offer in the latest soundbar generation. The manufacturer itself speaks of an immensely detailed, dynamic and thus always authentic sound experience.

LG WOW Orchestra and LG WOWCAST

The new LG 2023 soundbars and LG TVs are said to feature the so-called LG WOW Orchestra, which uses every single audio channel of both products to achieve an expanded soundstage with improved height, depth and power, as LG Electronics Inc. itself describes it. Incidentally, the 2023 generation soundbar models and TV systems can be connected not only by cable, but moreover “wirelessly,” via LG WOWCAST, though this is not said to compromise audio quality in any way.

LG Triple Sound Technology, LG Triple Level Spatial Sound Technology and LG Triple Sound Optimizer

Another special feature is LG Triple Sound Technology, which is supposed to provide the aforementioned precise sound reproduction and improved clarity, for example through a so-called tripe up-firing speaker. Via the newly introduced LG Triple Level Spatial Sound Technology, a channel analysis based on an HRTF-based 3D engine is now available to add a virtual middle layer and thus achieve a particularly realistic sense of space and put the listener in the center of an immersive 3D surround sound reproduction. LG Triple Sound Optimizer is designed to further enhance the performance of the soundbar systems in an intelligent way.

An AI-based room calibration first analyzes the individual conditions in the living space and adjusts the playback accordingly. Also new is an LG AI Sound Pro function that analyzes the audio signal and automatically selects the most suitable settings to always guarantee the best sound for a wide variety of content, such as TV shows, movies, sports, games or music.

It should also be mentioned that the latest soundbars from LG Electronics Inc. support VRR to reduce screen tearing and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) to eliminate delays and enable 4K/120Hz pass-through.

High-fidelity sound for streaming

Of course, direct access to various streaming services for music playback is not to be missed. After all, all new soundbar systems can be integrated into the network via WiFi and thus function as streaming clients.

Above all, LG Electronics Inc. emphasizes TIDAL in this context, which offers content in “CD quality” and hi-res audio as well as immersive 3D surround. The latest soundbar systems from LG Electronics Inc. can even access TIDAL via TIDAL Connect, which means they can be selected directly as a playback device via the TIDAL app for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Prices and availability

LG Electronics Inc. is still keeping a low profile when it comes to the specific models that will be presented in Las Vegas at CES 2023. Details will therefore only be revealed when the trade show in Nevada opens its doors.

Getting to the point

Especially for companies like LG Electronics Inc., which not only develops TVs but also soundbar systems, a smooth combination of these two components that is as elegant and convenient as possible is an essential factor. After all, the company wants to make its own soundbar systems appealing to consumers in the TV segment and not lose them to other manufacturers. The latest generation of 2023, which will celebrate its premiere at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, is supposed to offer exactly that in perfection.

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