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Monitor Audio Hyphn - A clear statement

The new Monitor Audio Hyphn is to be understood as a clear statement and a powerful demonstration of the capabilities in the field of design, development and production of excellent loudspeaker systems, as Monitor Audio Ltd. states on record. Moreover, this reference system is seen as the perfect basis for future projects.

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  • It is a loudspeaker system that they are introducing as a new flagship that represents 50 years of experience in design, development and manufacturing, Monitor Audio Ltd. said of the new Monitor Audio Hyphn.

No, it is not at all surprising that the loudspeaker expert Monitor Audio Ltd. is now presenting a new loudspeaker system of the absolute reference class, a new flagship, with the Monitor Audio Hyphn. Because exactly one year ago, the company celebrated its 50th birthday at the High End 2022 with the Monitor Audio Concept 50, a prototype, as they explicitly emphasised, which was further developed into a series version and is now ready for market launch with the new Monitor Audio Hyphn.

Of course, the radical new design of the Monitor Audio Concept 50 was taken up and used as the basis for the new Monitor Audio Hyphn, as well as the technical innovations and an excess of power and performance, as the manufacturer emphasises and thus underlines that this is a loudspeaker system that clearly stands out from the crowd and is intended to be completely convincing all along the line – both sonically and visually.

Monitor Audio Hyphn – Based on the Monitor Audio Concept 50

The Monitor Audio Concept 50 was developed with the principle to really “rethink” everything, to set no limits whatsoever in order to explore what is possible. On the occasion of the presentation of the Monitor Audio Concept 50, the manufacturer even spoke of a revolution, or more precisely, of a revolutionary masterpiece, to put it exactly in a nutshell.

The Monitor Audio Concept 50 was thus clearly much more than an anniversary model that one traditionally treats oneself to on a round birthday such as the 50th of Monitor Audio Ltd.

This loudspeaker system can confidently be called a statement, a kind of reference, in which not only five decades of experience in the development of outstanding speakers are reflected, but also the most modern technologies, packed into an outstanding, even unique design concept.

And it was precisely this approach that was followed when it came to the further development of the prototype into a series model, which is now to be ready with the Monitor Audio Hyphn.

“One of the main advantages of an independent company is the possibility to decide one’s own fate, to meet one’s own ideas and technical challenges with one’s own creative freedom and to develop oneself further. And so we asked ourselves what might be possible if we brought together all our experience from 50 years of design, development and manufacturing. There was only one way to find out. And three years later, we are proud to present the answer. Hyphn is unlike anything the rest of us have ever created: Hyphn is the most ambitious, technically advanced and powerful loudspeaker in Monitor Audio Group’s history. It’s a stunning testament to our capabilities from five decades of experience – as well as a glimpse into the future and things to come.”

Rob Barford, Chief Executive Officer, Monitor Audio Group

A Statement in Design – A Noble Sculpture

It’s fair to say that Monitor Audio Ltd. is one of those companies that likes to rely on a classically elegant design line. This is certainly not the case with the new Monitor Audio Hyphn, there is nothing here that even comes close to justifying the characterisation “classic”. Rather, one must speak of a radically new design concept for the new Monitor Hyphn, for which Monitor Audio Ltd. has chosen the architectural term link, and thus the name Hyphn as a particularly apt description.

The loudspeaker system consists of two pillars, the connecting link of which is a particularly striking feature of the new reference loudspeaker system, namely the so-called M-array, which we will discuss in more detail in a moment.

The housing of the Monitor Audio Hyphn is made of thermoformed, precision-milled mineral and acrylic stone, according to the manufacturer’s description, which promises a particularly stable structure. A bass reflex construction is also embedded in the cabinet.

The cabinet is always absolutely free of vibrations, even under the highest loads. This is not only due to the material mentioned above, but also to additional reinforcing ribs on the inner and outer walls as well as additional bracing at relevant points.

Such a solidly constructed cabinet is the decisive basis for the new Monitor Audio Hyphn being absolutely free of distortions and sound-damaging resonances and thus being able to show its full potential for perfect sound purity and precision.

Unique Construction – A Statement in Technology

In the Monitor Audio Concept 50 prototype, the Array was still referred to as the decisive feature of the outstanding loudspeaker system from a technical point of view. Now Monitor Audio Ltd. refers to this special new construction in the driver arrangement as M-Array tweeter and midrange technology.

M-Array with Tweeter and Six Midrange Drivers

This M-Array is the heart of the Monitor Audio Hyphn and has been developed completely new by the engineers of the English loudspeaker specialist.

It is a tweeter surrounded by a remarkable six 2 inch midrange drivers, aiming at an incredibly clear sound stage that precisely arranges every single instrument and voice on it.

The tweeter is a tweeter with Monitor Audio Micro Pleated Diaphragm III Technology, in other words a Monitor Audio MPD II tweeter, which is already known from the prototype Monitor Audio Concept 50 and is also used in the Montitor Audio Platinum 3G Series.

This also applies to the midrange drivers, which are used generously in the M-Array, because these are 2-inch drivers with Monitor Audio Rigig Diaphragm Technology III (RDT III), which are supposed to attract attention with a special clarity and precision in the truest sense of the word.

Woofer with force-cancelling arrangement

One of the advantages of the two-column design of the Monitor Audio Hyphn is that you can rely on particularly powerful woofers in a so-called force-cancelling arrangement. A pair of 8-inch woofers is mounted in each of the two columns, and the special arrangement ensures that the unavoidable vibrations caused by the drivers are almost completely cancelled out, resulting in an always clean, tight and yet extremely powerful sound, even in the lowest frequency ranges.

Designed for power and precision

It is therefore not surprising that Monitor Audio Ltd. claims to have developed the new Monitor Audio Hyphn as a solution for highest precision and enormous power at the same time.

The promise is of perfect bass control, absolute precision in the mids and highs, not least of which requires a specially designed crossover.

Developed and manufactured entirely in England

It is clear anyway, Monitor Audio Ltd. just wants to emphasise it explicitly, the Monitor Audio Hyphn was not only completely developed in England, but is also completely manufactured here. There is no other way to realise such a loudspeaker concept on the highest quality level.

Prices and availability

The new Monitor Audio Hyphn is to be available immediately from selected Monitor Audio Ltd. retail partners, with three finishes on offer. Customers can choose between satin white, matte black and a matte Heritage Green finish.

The recommended retail price is € 82.500,- per pair. Of course, this loudspeaker system will also be on display at the High End 2023 in Munich.

Getting to the point

No, it is no surprise that the English loudspeaker manufacturer Monitor Audio Ltd. now presents its new flagship with the Monitor Audio Hyphn loudspeaker system, nor that this is a solution that can be described as extraordinary in every respect. Design and technology, everything is new here, but nevertheless already familiar, after all, the basis for this new loudspeaker was the solution that Monitor Audio Ltd. already presented last year as a prototype on the occasion of the company’s 50th anniversary with the Monitor Audio Concept 50.

The new Monitor Audio Hyphn uses no less than eleven drivers, namely four 8-inch woofers in force-cancelling arrangement, as well as the so-called M-array consisting of a tweeter and six midrange drivers surrounding it. All of this is presented with a unique design that looks more like a sculpture than a normal speaker system, so this new solution may indeed be The Shape of Genius that Monitor Audio Ltd. promises.

Price€ 82.500,-
ManufacturerMonitor Audio Ltd.
Distribution AustriaR.M.S. State of the Art Audiovisual Products
Distribution GermanyPannes Vertriebs KG
Distribution Switzerlandcebrands.ch
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