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Meridian Audio Signature Sound System in the new Range Rover

Meridian Audio Ltd. offers three audio systems for the new Range Rover: the Meridian Signature Sound System, Meridian 3D Surround Sound System and the Meridian Sound System.

Also new is the Meridian Tailgate Event Suite, which the manufacturer claims is unique in offering perfect music enjoyment even when the vehicle is stationary and music is being listened to outside of it.

Not just one partnership among many…

Meridian Audio Ltd. explicitly points out that the company cooperates with many of the world’s leading brands in various fields. The British company’s customers include British Airways, Human Horizons, LG Electronics, and the car manufacturers Kia and Rivian. A particularly prestigious partnership, however, is of course the one with Jaguar Land Rover, which has now been in existence for ten years.

To mark this tenth anniversary, the Indian automotive group Tata Motors, whose subsidiary Jaguar Land Rover has been since the takeover of Land Rover Ltd. by Jaguar Cars Ltd. in 2013, is presenting the new Range Rover.

The all-new Range Rover offers unparalleled sophistication and luxury, with buyers choosing between three variants of an in-car entertainment system for incredible audio performance, according to Meridian Audio Ltd.

Outstanding audio systems for music enjoyment on-the-road

Now unveiled by Meridian Audio Ltd, the audio systems feature a range of advanced, proprietary technologies designed to optimise and enhance the listening experience of the driver and passengers, based on the way humans process sound, the manufacturer promises.

As a leading UK audio pioneer, Meridian Audio Ltd shares Land Rover’s drive for quality, performance and commitment to producing the most authentic and immersive sound possible.

Meridian Audio Sound System in the Range Rover

Right out of the box, the Meridian Audio Sound System in the Range Rover delivers no less than 15 speaker systems strategically distributed throughout the interior of the vehicle, featuring a centre channel as well as a combination of tweeters, mid-range and woofers in each door, which together should create an authentic sound experience for all passengers. 400 watts of power are available here.

Meridian Audio 3D Surround Sound System in Range Rover

Going one step further, the Meridian Audio 3D Surround Sound System is the second audio system option in the Range Rover, utilising 19 speaker systems. With new treble speakers in the front of the car and surround speakers in the rear, the aim is to create a particularly realistic, three-dimensional atmosphere. The integrated amplifier delivers 800 watts.

Meridian Audio Signature Sound System for the new Range Rover

The new Range Rover’s premium sound system is particularly impressive, as the Meridian Audio Signature Sound System features 35 speakers and, for the first time, includes new headrest speakers. These provide a comprehensive surround sound experience that envelops the driver and front passenger in an audio cocoon. New height speakers in rows one and two of the car complement the surround speakers and, alongside new headrest and backrest speakers for the rear passengers, create a natural sound image with three-dimensional spatiality, as described by the manufacturer itself. This system is driven by a 1,680 watt amplifier.

Meridian Tailgate Experience Suite

The unique Tailgate Experience can be added to both the 3D Surround Sound and Signature options and brings four additional speakers to the car.

Excitingly, these are designed to provide high quality sound to the new Range Rover when the vehicle is stationary and used for picnics or other outdoor activities. The additional speakers in the Meridian Audio Tailgate Experience Suite are specially tuned to ensure optimum performance and listening experience outside the vehicle.

Different technologies for optimal sound

Each Meridian solution uses a range of proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) technologies. These include Digital Precision for signal processing and optimum clarity and detail, and Re-Q Cabin Correction, which intelligently and discretely optimises the audio system for the Range Rover’s precise acoustics. Meridian Trifield (all systems) and Trifield 3D Technology (3D Surround Sound and Signature options only) are used to provide a comprehensive experience and defined soundstage for all occupants.

“For more than a decade, Meridian has worked with Jaguar Land Rover to push the boundaries of audio in luxury and high-performance vehicles. We have used all this experience and expertise to create audio performance in the new Range Rover that is simply exceptional. Together, we are creating a new audio benchmark in the Range Rover by combining incredible audio performance with a brilliant user experience, including speakers in the headrests and the innovative and amazing Tailgate Event Suite.

These new features, technologies and audio experiences are the result of our years of research and development and expertise in psychoacoustics. The launch of the new Range Rover and its high performance audio systems is a great opportunity to celebrate 10 years of partnership between two of the UK’s leading companies”

John Buchanan, CEO of Meridian Audio Ltd.

Getting to the point

Meridian Audio Ltd. and Jaguar Land Rover, a long-established British audio company and an equally long-established car manufacturer, are about to crown their ten-year partnership with the launch of new audio systems for the new Range Rover, even though Jaguar Land Rover is now an Indian company. Once again, this clearly shows how essential such cooperations have become for both sides, especially in the premium or even luxury segment.

ManufacturerMeridian Audio Ltd.
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