Melco EX Series now Roon-ready

Already last year, Melco Audio offered a firmware for selected solutions that made them Roon-ready. Now the firmware v4.10 is available for the complete Melco EX Series, which brings Roon-ready and thus full support for Roon 1.8 in addition to various detail improvements.

Melco EX Series, the particularly compact product series from Melco Audio, which is described as a digital music library, can now be upgraded with a new firmware. From now on, the Japanese company Melco Audio offers the firmware v4.10, whereby the focus is on the support of Roon. The solutions of the Melco EX Series are now all certified as Roon-ready and thus optimally equipped for the latest generation from Roon Labs LLC, Roon 1.8.

We remember that Melco Audio already announced something similar in September 2020, around the release of the firmware v4.04. At that time, however, the integration of Roon was not available for all solutions, and in addition, the update had to be carried out manually at that time, i.e. it required a diversion via a PC or Mac and a USB stick.

The present firmware update provides Roon-Ready for all solutions of the Melco EX Series, and it is a so-called over-the-air firmware update. The firmware v4.10 is thus imported directly via the units, essentially at the touch of a button.

Roon Ready integration adds another big plus to the feature-rich Melco EX Series platform. It enables music playback of the highest possible quality thanks to Melco’s unrivalled digital audio technology, which eschews the use of standard IT components to achieve the ultimate in sound quality, according to the manufacturer’s promise. In addition to local playback from either HDD or SSD drives, Melco users can also enjoy the convenience and versatility of hi-res audio streaming from services such as TIDAL, Spotify and Qobuz (this alone via UPnP).

The new firmware v4.10 also brings a number of additional features, including DSD compatibility for a wider range of devices, stability improvements to the Twonky server for UPnP, and website stability improvements.

Other features include a screen saver dimmer mode, the ability to turn off Melco’s dedicated player port on Melco N1A and Melco N1Z models as well, and improved language tables for French and German users.

“We continue to invest in features and quality improvements for the benefit of Melco customers old and new. We listen to our customers’ needs and provide the best solutions we can. We are grateful for all customer feedback and look forward to introducing Roon along with these latest enhancements.”

Dan Raggett, General Manager Melco Audio

Getting to the point

Melco Audio first introduced Roon-Ready in selected components last autumn, and now it is available for all solutions of the Melco EX Series. This is done via a firmware update, which is installed in the proven manner as an over-the-air update, whereby the firmware v4.10, which is now available, brings with it a few more detailed improvements beyond the integration of Roon-Ready.

Manufacturer:Melco Audio
Distribution:DREI H Vertriebs GmbH
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