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T+A Caruso R, T+A Caruso R 10 and T+A Caruso S 10

Three new solutions have been added to the T+A Caruso series, first and foremost the T+A Caruso R Receiver, but also the T+A Caruso R 10 bookshelf loudspeaker system and the T+A Caruso S 10 floorstanding loudspeaker system.

T+A Caruso R, T+A Caruso R 10 and T+A Caruso S 10 are the latest members of the T+A Caruso series. These are stereo receivers that are accompanied by two loudspeaker systems, giving you the choice between a floor-standing loudspeaker system and a bookshelf loudspeaker system.

The solutions of the T+A Caruso series are, it can be said, all designed as modern lifestyle solutions. However, and this is particularly important in this context, the company T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG sets the bar particularly high in terms of quality. The solutions of the T+A Caruso series are designed to be in no way inferior to high-end hi-fi components and thus offer an outstanding performance with an extremely elegant appearance at the same time. The fact that flexibility for versatile use is also achieved is demonstrated by the latest addition to the range, the T+A Caruso R.

T+A Caruso R – A Stereo Receiver

According to the Herford-based company, the T+A Caruso R is not an all-in-one device, but rather a stereo receiver, which, as already mentioned, is accompanied by a bookshelf speaker system in the form of the T+A Caruso R 10 and a floorstanding speaker system in the form of the T+A Caruso S 10.

“With the Caruso R, we are closing an open flank in our lifestyle line-up by making the philosophy behind the Caruso accessible to customers who want a classic stereo system.”

Oliver John, International Sales Director T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG

It was a special challenge to design the new T+A Caruso R, the company states. The task was to transform an all-in-one system into a receiver, with the main focus being on adapting the T+A NavigatorOS operating system.

“Although we have a strong foundation with the Navigator OS from the Caruso, we had to rethink many aspects of the user interface and adapt it to the changed circumstances. In the end, the result is a product that really stands on its own alongside the Caruso and will inspire new customer groups just as much.”

Jörg Küpper, Project Manager at T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG

Another not insignificant question was how to design the new T+A Caruso R, because in this respect, too, the adaptation of an established concept had to be adapted accordingly.

The designers of the Herford-based company are said to have been faced with the difficult task of achieving a balancing act. On the one hand, the T+A Caruso R had to be a compact device that nevertheless had a high presence in the room. According to the manufacturer, the characteristic loudspeaker grilles were replaced by black lacquered aluminium cheeks, while the transverse touchscreen makes the T+A Caruso R look wider. The contrast of silver-coloured covers cleverly counteracts this effect and gives the Caruso R a stretched yet compactly elegant silhouette.

From a technical point of view, of course, no compromises have been made. According to the manufacturer, the new T+A Caruso R should offer all possibilities and thus leave hardly any music wishes unfulfilled. The system has both analogue and digital inputs, is equipped with an FM and DAB tuner, has the option of integration into the network and streaming as an Apple AirPlay 2 compatible solution, and also offers mobile devices direct integration as an additional flexible source via Bluetooth. Also on board is a CD player, because they want to offer all options from radio to CD to music streaming via TIDAL, Deezer or Qobuz.

By the way, inside the new T+A Caruso R, the streaming client introduced with the T+A Caruso is used for the first time, which also offers access to the music streaming services Amazon Music HD and Spotify via Spotify Connect. In addition, voice control is also possible, if desired, using Amazon Alexa, whereby the T+A Caruso R itself represents the control centre for integration into the Smart Home. Of course, the manufacturer emphasises that all Alexa functions can be deactivated at any time, for example, the microphone can be switched off to protect privacy.

The new T+A Caruso R is also said to be easy to operate apart from voice control, thanks to the aforementioned high-resolution 7-inch display in landscape format, but also the T+A Caruso Navigator app for Google Android and Apple iOS, and of course the infrared remote control included in the scope of delivery.

T+A Caruso R 10 and T+A Caruso S 10 – bookshelf and floorstanding speakers

According to the manufacturer, the two new loudspeaker systems of the T+A Caruso series are intended to complement the T+A Caruso A perfectly, whereby it was essential to offer users the choice between compact shelf and elegant floor-standing loudspeaker systems, so that the ideal solution is available depending on the living environment.

They state that the T+A Caruso R 10 and T+A Caruso S 10 speaker systems would perfectly complement the T+A Caruso R and perfectly convey its philosophy.

“We believe in restricting our users as little as possible. This conviction is reflected in the two loudspeakers, which are specialised for their respective uses.”

Conradin Amft, Marketing Director T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG

The design of the speakers is intended to blend harmoniously with the T+A Caruso series, while the powerful bass reproduction, crystal-clear mids and concise highs create an almost unbelievable sound image for their respective size, according to the promise of the manufacturer from Herford.

Getting to the point

Creating perfect high-end products is the declared goal of the Herford-based company T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG, and this also applies to the latest solutions in the T+A Caruso series. Modern lifestyle and high-end hi-fi are combined in a stereo receiver, the T+A Caruso R, as well as the optimally matched T+A Caruso R 10 and T+A Caruso S 10 loudspeaker systems.

Manufactorer:T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG
Distribution:T+A elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG
Price:T+A Caruso R € 2.700,-
T+A Caruso R 10 € 1.150,-
T+A Caruso S 10 € 2.250,-
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