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Kenwood CR-ST500S Smart Radio – New in the Kenwood Smart Radio Series

Radio via FM and DAB+ as well as the internet, plus streaming of a wide range of content via WiFi or Bluetooth – these are the features that characterise the latest solution from the Kenwood Smart Radio Series, which JVCKENWOOD is now presenting with the new Kenwood CR-ST500S.

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  • With the new Kenwood CR-ST500S, JVCKENWOOD presents another solution from the Kenwood Smart Radio Series.

With the new Kenwood CR-ST500S, JVCKENWOOD is expanding its range with another compact radio, which once again can be assigned to the so-called Kenwood Smart Radio Series and is therefore capable of doing more than conventional radios. Radio can be received via FM and DAB+ as well as via the internet, and streaming is also available, whether via WiFi or Bluetooth.

The new Kenwood CR-ST500S is also said to offer a compact, elegant design, but above all an appealing sound and intuitive operation.

Slimline housing

The new Kenwood CR-ST500S has a rather unusual form factor, almost resembling a cylinder with dimensions of 273 mm in height, 180 mm in width and also 180 mm in depth.

All the controls are located on the top, which is slightly tilted forward. A TFT colour display is also located here, which has a screen diagonal of 10 cm and displays all the relevant information.

Full sound

The new Kenwood CR-ST500S uses a 2.1-channel configuration, with two 50 mm full-range drivers and a 100 mm woofer in combination with another passive radiator. The Kenwood CR-ST500S’s amplifier module has a total output of 30 watts, as the data sheet reveals.

FM, DAB+ and internet radio, as well as Bluetooth

As a so-called smart radio, it not only offers FM and DAB+, with a removable rod antenna for the best reception, but also internet radio. However, to do this, the Kenwood CR-ST500S must be integrated into the WiFi network.

Once connected to the network, you can also access Spotify and Deezer services and use the UNDOK and OKTIV apps to control the Kenwood CR-ST500S conveniently via smartphone.

If you want to use a smartphone as a source but without a network, you can do so via Bluetooth, which, in addition to your own content, of course allows you to access a wide range of online services, provided that the corresponding app is installed.

Incidentally, an infrared remote control is included for easy control without an app, which should be explicitly mentioned at this point.
As befits a radio, it also has an integrated clock with a sleep timer and various alarm functions, which should not be forgotten.

Prices and availability

The new Kenwood CR-ST500S is now available from specialist retailers. The recommended retail price is € 279,-.

Getting to the point

JVCKENWOOD is once again expanding the Japanese company’s already broad range of compact audio systems with the new Kenwood CR-ST500S in the so-called Kenwood Smart Radio Series. The new Kenwood CR-ST500S is said to offer a rich sound, easy operation, radio via FM, DAB+ and the internet, as well as streaming via WiFi and Bluetooth.

PRODUCTKenwood CR-ST500S Smart Radio
Price€ 279,-
ManufacturerJVCKENWOOD Europe B.V.
Distribution JVCKENWOOD Deutschland GmbH
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