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JBL Classic Series Black Edition – Limited Edition Black

The JBL Classic Series Black Edition, which is now being presented, comprises no less than four models of the JBL Classic Series, whereby the solutions offered in this course are to be offered only in limited quantities. In addition to the JBL L100, JBL L82 and JBL L52 speakers, the JBL L75ms Music System is also available.

JBL Classic Series Black Edition is the name of four selected products from JBL Synthesis that Harman Luxury Audio is now offering in limited quantities, and how could it be otherwise given the name, in a particularly high-quality black finish. The name also reveals that these are solutions from the JBL Classic Series, i.e. the product line in which Harman Luxury Audio deliberately plays with the vintage touch, as the basis for these solutions are legendary solutions from the decades-long history of the JBL brand.

JBL Classic Series Black Edition – Four Systems

As described, there are four systems that Harman Luxury Audio has selected from the JBL Classic Series for the new JBL Classic Series Black Edition. These are the JBL L100, JBL L82 and JBL L52 passive speaker systems, as well as the JBL L75ms Music System.

The new special models are all equipped with the so-called Black Edition Appearance Package, which the manufacturer says provides a stylish and sophisticated new look, while the JBL L100 and JBL L82 speaker systems are also equipped with the so-called Black Edition Performance Package, which offers improvements over the standard models in the regular JBL Classic Series,

Black Edition Appearance Package

With the Black Edition Appearance Package, the cabinets of the JBL L100, JBL L82, JBL L52 and JBL L75ms undergo a multi-stage, labour-intensive painting process that begins with a black primer and ends with a luxurious high-gloss finish. The result is said to be a mirror-like exterior that reflects its surroundings. The high-gloss process also adds a subtle radius to the edges of the cases, giving it an overall softer look. To match the black cabinets, the passive speaker systems feature special gold decals on the front around the attenuator level controls and on the rear above the input terminals. Black Quadrex foam grilles are accented with unique gold JBL badges to instantly identify these models as special edition.

Black Edition Performance Package

For the JBL L100 Black Edition and JBL L82 Black Edition, Harman Luxury Audio not only refined the design, but also further optimised the drivers. For example, the user should benefit from improved linearity due to an improved woofer chassis, which contributes to the reduction of distortion. The tweeters and mid-range drivers have also been redesigned for better performance. Other upgrades include a crossover modification that provides two inputs for bi-wiring applications, while a new input terminal cover includes two sets of high-quality gold-plated binding posts for secure connection to a wide range of speaker cables and plug types.

JBL L100 Black Edition

The roots of the ‘new’ JBL L100 in the JBL Classic Series go back a long way, to 1970, when its direct prototype – the JBL L100 – was first unveiled. It was the JBL brand’s most successful loudspeaker system, so it’s no wonder that Harman Luxury Audio based the current JBL Classic Series on it.

The three-way bass reflex system uses newly developed JBL JT025Ti1 Titanium Dome Tweeter with 25 mm, equipped with a waveguide as well as an acoustic lens for optimal dispersion. In addition, a JBL JM125PC cast-frame pure pulp cone midrange driver with 125 mm diameter is used here, positioned directly below the tweeter to achieve a harmonious transition. Both drivers mentioned so far are slightly outboard, so not in line with the JBL L100 Classic’s bass driver, which uses a JBL 1200FE 12-inch cast-frame pure pulp cone woofer supported by a front-firing bass reflex system for even more sovereignty in the lowest frequency range.

Now available as the JBL L100 Black Edition, this system presents itself in a particularly elegant form with dimensions of 64.77 cm, in width 34.93 cm, and in height 39.37 cm.

JBL L82 Black Edition

The JBL L82 is the little sister of the JBL L100 and thus a compact two-way bass reflex bookshelf loudspeaker system that once again takes up the retro touch, but of course relies on the latest technologies in terms of equipment, but all in all is intended to convey the charm of a classic.

The drivers are titanium dome tweeters with a so-called waveguide for optimal radiation. The user should be able to adjust the sound character a little by means of a so-called L-pad damper. This is located directly on the baffle. A 200 mm driver with a cellulose membrane and a solid cast frame is responsible for the bass sound of the JBL L82. This is supported by a bass reflex system, which is designed to work towards the front.

The speaker system measures 472.8 mm in height, 281 mm in width, and 296 mm in depth.

JBL L52 Black Edition

The JBL L52 is the smallest passive speaker in the JBL Classic Series to date, although it is also a two-way bass reflex system. It combines a 133 mm Pure Pulp Cone Woofer of the type JW135PW-4 with a 20 mm Titanium Dome Tweeter JT020TI1-4, which also has a so-called Wavguide for homogeneous radiation. In addition, there is a bass reflex system that extends to the front of the baffle.

The JBL L52 measures 330.2 mm in height, 196.6 mm in width and 216.2 mm in depth.

JBL L75ms Music System Black Edition

The manufacturer describes the JBL L75ms Music System as not only a high-performance integrated music system, but also a solution that combines state-of-the-art features with the charm of the hi-fi heyday. According to the manufacturer, it is inspired by the JBL Classic Series and thus also presents itself in a very appealing vintage look.

The JBL L75ms Music System relies primarily on streaming, whereby Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2 can be used. The integration into the network is primarily done via WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 is available for the integration of mobile devices.

In addition to analogue inputs, even a phono preamplifier, digital inputs are also available, including an HDMI for direct connection to a TV, of course including support for ARC and HDMI CEC.

A DSP-based signal processing system provides the necessary power via a Class D amplifier, which drives two 130 mm Pure Pulp Cone woofers as bass drivers, two 25 mm aluminium dome tweeters with wave guides as tweeters, and a 100 mm Pure Pulp Cone midrange driver. 125 Watts are available per woofer, 25 Watts each for the tweeters, and the additional Mittenton driver centrally located at the front is driven with another 50 Watts. A bass reflex system is also a must.

Measuring 216 mm in height, 790 mm in width, and 287 mm in depth, the JBL L75ms Music System is quite impressive, weighing in at a hefty 15.9 kg.

“While the acoustic performance of our popular Classic Series speakers is legendary, their retro design – with walnut veneer and colourful grilles – may not suit all interiors. The Black Edition Appearance Package for these models gives them a modern look that will suit any room, while the Black Edition Performance Package of the L100 and L82 takes the sound to a whole new level. These unique versions will be available for a limited time only.”

Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, Harman Luxury Audio

Prices and availability

Unfortunately, we do not have a price for any of the four models in the new JBL Classic Series Black Edition. We will provide this information as soon as possible. What is clear is that you won’t have to be patient for too much longer for the solutions.

Getting to the point

JBL L100 Black Edition, JBL L82 Black Edition, JBL L52 Black Edition and JBL L75ms Music System Black Edition, these are the special models that Harman Luxury Audio is now presenting in limited quantities as special design variants of the JBL Classic Series from JBL Synthesis. The new versions in elegant black convey a particularly appealing impression and we are sure that this special design will delight many a person who did not like the vintage touch of the respective conventional series models.

PriceJBL L100 Black Edition N/A
JBL L82 Black Edition N/A
JBL L52 Black Edition N/A
JBL L75ms Music System Black Edition N/A
ManufacturerHarman International Industries Inc.
DistributionHarman Deutschland GmbH
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