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High-end 2024 – Dynaudio A/S with numerous new products from HiFi to Pro Audio and Automotive

Dynaudio A/S will be presenting a wide range of innovations at the High-end 2024 in Munich. Not only will the new Dynaudio Confidence 20A be presented, but also the Dynaudio Contour Legacy, the new Dynaudio Contour 20 Black Edition and Dynaudio The Bookshelf. An impressive Dolby Atmos system from the Dynaudio Pro Audio Division and the Dynaudio Evidence Sound System from the automotive segment will also be presented.

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  • Dynaudio A/S will be presenting four new products at High-end 2024, as well as solutions from the Dynaudio Pro Audio Division for Dolby Atmos and the latest systems in the automotive segment.

The Danish company Dynaudio A/S is presenting a veritable array of products at the High-end 2024 in Munich via its local presence Dynaudio Germany GmbH. What is particularly exciting is that the innovations cover a wide range of products, from classic speaker systems for HiFi to home cinema, Dynaudio A/S is also presenting solutions from the pro audio segment and the automotive sector.

The Dynaudio Contour Legacy is a new solution from the Dynaudio Heritage Collection, the Dynaudio Confidence 20A is an active speaker system from the Dynaudio Confidence Series and the Dynaudio Contour 20 Black Edition is a particularly elegant design variant from the Dynaudio Contour family. The joint project between Dynaudio A/S and Keji Ashizawa Design and Karimoku, which will be presented in the form of Dynaudio The Bookshelf, is also intended to radiate exclusivity.

Not only HiFi, but also Dynaudio Pro Audio and Dynaudio Automotive

In addition, the German distributor Dynaudio Germany GmbH will be focussing on two areas at High-end 2024 that cannot normally be experienced so directly from the end customer’s perspective, so that the latest solutions from Dynaudio Pro Audio and Dynaudio Automotive Systems will also be an essential part of Dynaudio A/S’s presentation in Munich.

Dynaudio Contour Legacy – new addition to the Dynaudio Heritage Collection

Dynaudio A/S describes the latest member of the Dynaudio Heritage Collection, which can be admired in Munich in the form of the Dynaudio Contour Legacy, as a beautiful floorstanding loudspeaker.

The new member of the Dynaudio Heritage Collection is based on the extremely successful solutions of the Dynaudio Contour Series from the 1980s and 1990s, as Dynaudio A/S explains.

The Dynaudio Esotar3 tweeter and two Dynaudio Evidence woofers, each with a diameter of 18 cm, in combination with a very high-quality crossover guarantee a sound experience which, according to the manufacturer, is unique.

The Dynaudio Contour Legacy is a loudspeaker system that is being produced in a limited edition, meaning that no more than 1,000 pairs of this floorstanding loudspeaker in the Amercian Walnut version will be available worldwide, as emphasised by Dynaudio A/S.

Dynaudio Confidence 20A – The new active speaker system of the Dynaudio Confidence Series

Dynaudio A/S describes the new Dynaudio Confidence 20A, an active version of the Dynaudio Confidence 20 compact loudspeaker system, as the Dynaudio Confidence Series becomes active.

Dynaudio A/S is thus responding to the growing trend towards compact, active speaker systems, which are proving to be an exciting alternative to sprawling HiFi systems for many music lovers.

Dynaudio A/S emphasises that the appearance of the Dynaudio Confidence 20A can be described as absolutely Scandinavian and understated, as the amplifier is fully integrated into the stands and the controls are located on the rear panel. The analogue and digital connections are made via XLR connectors.

The amplifiers for the speakers come from the Proaudio manufacturer Pascal, which is also responsible for the amplifiers in the professional Dynaudio Core reference speaker systems. A special feature here is the integrated DSP (Digital Signal Processing), which allows the listener to configure filters for room adaptation, input sensitivity, tonal balance and much more, and to optimally adapt the active speaker system to individual requirements and personal preferences.

Dynaudio A/S also emphasises the option of using a digital signal path that is as pure as possible. Whilst up-sampling normally ensures the best compatibility with digital sources, this can of course also be deactivated in order to guarantee an unadulterated performance. Among other things, this should help to ensure that the new Dynaudio Confidence 20A can be regarded as the reference solution in its class for audiophile music lovers.

Dynaudio Contour 20 Black Edition

Dynaudio A/S describes the latest design version of the Dynaudio Contour 20i as a solution with a special elegance. The new Dynaudio Contour 20 Black Edition is even referred to as the premium version of this speaker system.

The latest addition to the Dynaudio Contour Series no longer relies on a Dynaudio Esotar2i tweeter but rather on the latest Dynaudio Esotar3 tweeter and the woofer has a completely revised drive unit and a revised centring spider. The crossover has also been optimised.

As the name suggests, the new Dynaudio Contour 20 Black Edition is a solution with a high-gloss black finish.

Dynaudio The Bookshelf – The fusion of Danish and Japanese tradition

The new Dynaudio The Bookshelf is a very special loudspeaker system created in collaboration with Keji Ashizawa Design and Karimoku from Japan. Dynaudio A/S therefore also speaks of a collaboration across continents, exploring the aesthetic relationship between Denmark and Japan.

It is quite rightly emphasised that both countries cultivate the tradition of gentle minimalism and value a passion for high-quality materials and traditional craftsmanship.

Dynaudio The Bookshelf is made from Japanese oak, sustainably sourced from Hokkaido. The design is tactile and organic, and the optional stand has been developed to integrate the entire ensemble into a high-quality minimalist living room, as Dynaudio A/S describes it.

Great attention has also been paid to technical aspects, so the reference tweeter Dynaudio Esotar3 and a woofer from the Dynaudio Confidence Series have been used in combination with a crossover designed specifically for this speaker to guarantee a unique sound image.

Dynaudio The Bookshelf is not a limited edition speaker, but according to Dynaudio A/S it will still be rare and exclusive. The producers, Dynaudio A/S and Karimoku, expect that only a small number of these speakers will be produced each year.

Dolby Atmos from Dynaudio Pro Division

High-end 2024 in Munich is also one of the rare opportunities to experience a Dynaudio Pro Division system designed for Dolby Atmos. Such systems are normally found in professional recording studios, and Dynaudio A/S wants to emphasise the importance of such systems in current productions with the presentation in Munich.

In Munich, visitors will be able to experience a Dolby Atmos system based on your 7.1.4-channel solution with products from the Dynaudio Core Series, such as Dynaudio Core 5 and Dynaudio Core Sub Compact, solutions that are designed at a professional level but are still comparatively compact for the most modern production environments.

Dynaudio Evidence Sound System from the automotive segment of Dynaudio A/S

Another exciting area in which Dynaudio A/S has been operating very successfully for years is the automotive segment. While Dynaudio A/S solutions are primarily found in the premium segment vehicles of local car manufacturers in Germany, Dynaudio A/S is very active in the Asian market internationally. This is hardly surprising given that Dynaudio A/S is still based in Denmark, but has been under the Chinese management of the GoerTek Inc. group for many years now.

At High-end 2024 in Munich, Dynaudio A/S will be presenting the Dynaudio Evidence Sound System in the new all-electric SUV Yangwang U8, a brand for electric vehicles in the premium segment, which is part of BYD Auto Company Limited and marketed by Shenzhen Yangwang Auto Sales Co. Ltd.

No fewer than 22 loudspeakers are used here to guarantee a studio-like listening experience, as the manufacturer emphasises its high ambitions. The system also boasts an advanced user interface.

Prices and availability

All of the speaker systems from Dynaudio A/S will be on show as prototypes at the High-end 2024. As far as availability is concerned, the company is therefore currently talking about later in 2024 and is therefore not giving any prices, at least not in the run-up to the trade fair in Munich.

Getting to the point

Dynaudio A/S is using the High-end 2024 in Munich to present its own product range and the company itself in a particularly broad form. The company is therefore not limiting itself to presenting the latest speaker systems from the various product lines for the first time, but rather offering visitors to the trade fair the opportunity to experience the latest solutions from the Dynaudio Pro Division and Dynaudio Automotive.

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