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Audio Research ARC Remote available for a variety of solutions

Audio Research Corporation handcrafts the Audio Research ARC Remote, offering a particularly exclusive remote control as an optional accessory for a wide range of in-house systems.

It is a remote control that meets the high demands of the US high-end hi-fi manufacturer in all respects, says Audio Research Corporation about the Audio Research ARC Remote. This new remote control was initially the result of a rather embarrassing episode from Audio Research Corporation’s point of view – sempre-audio.at reported. The long-time supplier of remote controls discontinued the model used by the company, so they had to find an alternative quickly and decided in this emergency to choose a very cheap model made of plastic. However, this was not satisfactory, so that they devoted themselves to the development of their own remote control.

Audio Research ARC Remote – Made entirely of metal

As described, it was the declared goal to design a remote control that fully meets the high demands of the high-end hi-fi manufacturer Audio Research Corporation in all respects, first and foremost the haptics, because after all, the user should have the feeling of owning a real high-end when he picks up the remote control.

The new Audio Research ARC is made entirely of metal, by hand. According to the manufacturer, the new remote control is beautiful, heavy and yet feels good in the hand. It is milled from a solid aluminium block and then coated with a black Cerakote ceramic coating. The upper edge is brushed and shows the aluminium, so one takes up the design language of the current Audio Research components here.

The front of the remote control is made of black acrylic, which is laser engraved directly in the factory in Maple Grove in the US state of Minnesota. The front is held in place by magnets, so there are no external screws. Instead of AA or AAA batteries, a long-life 3 V button cell battery is used for power. On the underside of the remote control, four clear, dome-shaped rubber feet are embedded in the housing.

Foto © Audio Research Corporation | Audio Research ARC Remote
Foto © Audio Research Corporation | Audio Research ARC Remote

Now available for many Audio Research Corporation solutions.

Initially, the Audio Research ARC Remote was only designed for a handful of systems, namely those that were delivered with a plastic remote control. Now, the new remote control is to be suitable for a large number of systems, thus fulfilling the numerous customer requests that users have made to the company, according to Audio Reference GmbH.

The company now lists almost 30 systems on its website for which the new Audio Research ARC Remote can be used, whereby the user has to select for which system he wants to use it, as of course the corresponding coding has to be carried out by the manufacturer.

Foto © Audio Research Corporation | Audio Research ARC Remote
Foto © Audio Research Corporation | Audio Research ARC Remote

Prices and availability

The new Audio Research ARC Remote is available now, priced at US$ 400,-, according to a press release from Audio Research Corporation.

Getting to the point

We are pleased that Audio Research Corporation has decided to offer the new Audio Research ARC Remote not only for a few systems, but for almost the entire current product range of the American high-end hi-fi manufacturer. This is in response to numerous customer requests that the company has received from users.

PriceUS$ 400,-
ManufacturerAudio Research Corporation
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Components Vertriebs GmbH
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