AMG Giro MKII – further development of the entry-level model

It is a turntable that can probably already inspire many a vinyl enthusiast by its unique design, and he is now available in a new, updated form, the AMG Giro MKII turntable designed for beginners by the specialist AMG UG.

Even though the new AMG Giro MKII is a turntable that the German specialist AMG UG calls its entry-level solution, this record player is still supposed to embody everything that the AMG brand has stood for year and day, and that is first and foremost the search for the perfect sound in record playback. Thus, the AMG Giro has been carefully further developed and refined in quite relevant areas, as AMG UG states on record.

AMG Giro MKII – The successor to the AMG Giro

The new AMG Giro MKII is the result of further development of the entry-level AMG Giro model, according to the company AMG UG from Deining in the district of Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate. Careful detail work has ensured here that the drive offers clear improvements over the predecessor model in terms of sonic dynamics and spatial depth.

  • Foto © AMG UG | AMG Giro MKII Turntable
  • Foto © AMG UG | AMG Giro MKII Turntable
  • Foto © AMG UG | AMG Giro MKII Turntable
  • Foto © AMG UG | AMG Giro MKII Turntable
  • Foto © AMG UG | AMG Giro MKII Turntable
  • Foto © AMG UG | AMG Giro MKII Turntable

Striking, elegant design

A design language that is more committed to rounded shapes than corners and edges has always been the hallmark of AMG UG, and so it is retained in the new AMG Giro MKII, which relies on the same striking design as its predecessor.

In principle, we are dealing here with a drive consisting of two circles that are arranged slightly offset on top of each other, giving the AMG Giro MKII its particularly elegant appearance.

Special choice of materials

This special design is made possible not least by the choice of materials that AMG UG made, because first and foremost aluminum is used for the chassis, whereby the manufacturer specifically speaks of aircraft aluminum.

The chassis stands out by quite massive and thus solid feet from the footprint, but ultimately still do not stand in the way of the graceful overall appearance.

The platter is made of POM, the plastic polyoxymethylene and thus a material that is almost perfectly suited for this application due to its particularly good properties in terms of internal damping and robustness. POM is also a material that can be processed with particular precision and thus guarantees the lowest tolerances for the best possible results.

By the way, the developers of AMG UG rely on a sub-platter construction, whereby said sub-platter is made of aluminum.

Turntable with more mass

Around the turntable there are also the first detail improvements of the AMG Giro MKII to report, because this now has more mass, as the manufacturer states on record. The platter with a diameter of 304 mm weighs in at 5,6 kg.

Optimization of the platter-subplatter interface

The platter-subplatter interface is also new, as AMG UG points out, and it has been possible to achieve significantly improved synchronization stability for an even more convincing performance.

Once again, the tolerances of the platter bearing have been reduced to guarantee even higher precision for absolutely smooth, friction-free platter running, relying in the proven manner on a decoupled hydrodynamic high-precision plain bearing with a 16 mm platter axle made of hardened steel.

Likewise one adapted the belt transmission with the new AMG Giro MKII, which manufactures the connection to the drive engine with 12 V and quartz-regulated engine control coming from Swiss production.

Also with it the Gleichlauf Stabillität is additionally improved, besides this always in the ideal speed range work and by means of new damping elements nearly inaudibly.

Speed control by means of capacitive touch buttons

The speed of the new AMG Giro MKII can be conveniently controlled in the tried-and-tested manner using capacitive touch buttons directly in the chassis, which feature an elegant-looking backlight. Fine adjustment of the speed could also be made here completely without tools, according to the manufacturer’s promise.

New tonearm base

Another innovation is the tonearm base of the AMG Giro MKII, according to the manufacturer, which in this context also speaks of the fact that now a wide variety of tonearms can be used without any problems, even makes of other manufacturers, as AMG UG explicitly states.

Prices and availability

The new AMG Giro MKII is to be found already these days in the specialized trade, whereby the manufacturer from Bavaria offers this as pure drive. The recommended retail price is € 6.250,-.

Getting to the point

AMG UG, this company name ultimately stands for Analog Manufaktur Germany and is a clear expression of the fact that one feels obligated to the pursuit of high quality for analog music reproduction, according to the company from Deining, whereby the entry-level AMG Giro turntable is no exception. This is now available in a new generation as AMG Giro MKII, whereby numerous detail optimizations are to bring clear improvements compared to the predecessor model.

Price€ 6.250,-
ManufacturerAMG UG
DistributionAMG UG
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