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Yamaha VC series – Built-in speakers for custom installation solutions

Six models make up the new Yamaha VC series, a line of in-ceiling loudspeaker systems for custom installation solutions that are said to feature a low-profile design for flexible integration, as well as high sound quality.

First-class sounding, compact ceiling speakers at an affordable price – this is how Yamaha Music Europe GmbH succinctly describes the solutions of the new Yamaha VC series, which it is now presenting as an extension of the existing product range in the Custom Installation segment.

The company is introducing the overall Yamaha VC series models as in-ceiling speakers and promises that all six models, three with and three without a rear panel, feature an elegant, low-profile design that can be easily installed on ceilings or walls even where space is limited.

Yamaha VC series – Universally applicable

The compact design of the new built-in loudspeaker systems makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. The spectrum ranges from installation solutions in private environments to commercial, restaurant and hotel applications, to large projects such as shopping centres or public facilities.

Two-way systems with round form factor

All models in the new Yamaha VC series are designed as two-way systems. Another striking feature is that all available solutions in the range are round form factor systems.

This alone ensures that installation is comparatively easy, and the very compact design already mentioned, and thus a low installation depth, is added to this.

Yamaha VC series 02
Foto © Yamaha Music Europe GmbH | Yamaha VC series

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH itself speaks of a low-profile design and cites large mounting brackets with non-slip treads as an essential feature for safe assembly.

The company even paid attention to details that should make the work easier for the installer, such as an integrated “carrying strap”. This is not only intended to make transporting the speaker easier, but also increases safety when working on a stepladder.

All solutions of the Yamaha VC series are offered in black or white, whereby the speaker grill, which protects the speakers and is held in position by magnets, can be painted. This allows for a very discreet integration in any environment.

Yamaha VC series 01
Foto © Yamaha Music Europe GmbH | Yamaha VC series

The company states that all models in the range support both high impedance and low impedance connections, with speaker power easily switched even after installation.

This means that not only can a large number of speakers be installed with a high-impedance connection, but thanks to the 16-ohm capacity, a large number of speakers can also be operated with a low-impedance connection. According to the manufacturer, the need for additional equipment is thus minimised and the systems can be designed to optimally meet the requirements of each application.

Yamaha VC series 04
Foto © Yamaha Music Europe GmbH | Yamaha VC series

Can be flexibly integrated into Yamaha’s custom installation solutions

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH states that the new product series can of course be flexibly integrated into the group’s existing product range. There are various options for combining the new Yamaha VC series with products from other custom installation ranges, and the company also offers a wide range of electronic components to optimally control the speakers. Appropriate accessories are also available for any special installation solutions.

Yamaha VC series 03
Foto © Yamaha Music Europe GmbH | Yamaha VC series

Yamaha VC series – The model range

The company differentiates between the white and black versions, so although there are six models in the end, there are clearly twelve products in the list.

Yamaha VC8B or Yamaha VC8W

The new Yamaha VC series is led by the Yamaha VC8B and Yamaha VC8W speakers, which are designed as a two-way system with 8 inch woofer and 1 inch tweeter. These have dimensions of 325 mm in diameter and 107 mm in depth and weigh 3.9 kg.

Yamaha VC6B or Yamaha VC6W

The second option is the Yamaha VC6B or Yamaha VC6W, also a two-way system with 6.5″ woofer and 0.8″ tweeter. These built-in speaker systems have a diameter of 286 mm and a depth of 92 mm and thus weigh in at 3 kg.

Yamaha VC4B or Yamaha VC4W

The third solution of the Yamaha VC series are the Yamaha VC4B and Yamaha VC4W, two-way speaker systems with 4 inch woofer and 0.8 inch tweeter, which have a diameter of 225 mm and a depth of 89 mm and thus weigh 2 kg.

The three speakers mentioned so far have a rear panel, the following are without this feature.

Yamaha VC8NB or Yamaha VC8NW

First of all, there is the Yamaha VC8NB or Yamaha VC8NW, which is a two-way system with an 8-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter and weighs 2.8 kg with a diameter of 325 mm and a depth of 117 mm.

Yamaha VC6NB or Yamaha VC6NW

Also designed as a two-way system is the Yamaha VC6NB or Yamaha VC6NW with 6.5 inch woofer and 0.8 inch tweeter, which has a diameter of 286 mm and a depth of 99 mm and a weight of 2.1 kg.

Yamaha VC4NB or Yamaha VC4NW

The most compact and lightest model in the new Yamaha VC series is the Yamaha VC4NB or Yamaha VC4NW, a two-way speaker system with a 4-inch woofer and 0.8-inch tweeter, measuring just 225 mm in diameter and 89 mm deep, weighing in at 1.5 kg.

Getting to the point

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH already has an extremely wide range of solutions for the custom installation sector. This includes a wide range of built-in and on-wall loudspeaker systems from various product lines, as well as the appropriate electronic components for the realisation of even large projects, such as the sound reinforcement of an entire shopping mall. Now the company is once again expanding this range with a new loudspeaker series, the Yamaha VC series. Their solutions are said to be characterised by particularly compact dimensions, especially a very low installation depth, at the same time a very good sound and, last but not least, attractive prices.

ManufacturerYamaha Corporation
DistributionYamaha Music Europe GmbH
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