Will Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation go to VOXX International Corporation?

The game for the Onkyo brand continues! VOXX International Corporation has announced that it plans to acquire Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation together with Sharp Corporation.

Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation has had to go through quite an eventful phase in recent years. Instead of new products, the company made a name for itself through takeovers and planned takeovers, and now it is once again the focus of a competitor.

VOXX International Corporation has announced that it plans to take over Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation. A so-called letter of intent has been signed, as the saying goes. As is well known, Sound United LLC. had announced something similar, but in the end nothing came of it – we reported.

VOXX International Corporation is probably very serious about taking over Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation, although interestingly the Pioneer brand is not mentioned in this context.

It is also interesting that VOXX International Corporation is leading a partner for these acquisitions, namely Sharp Corporation, thus another big name, which however had disappeared a little from the broad perception on the market in recent years.

The exciting thing is that VOXX International Corporation and Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation already have a very close relationship.

Since July 2020, VOXX International Corporation has been responsible for the distribution of the Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite and Integra brands, especially in the USA.

Conversely, Onkyo has already been responsible for the distribution of Klipsch and thus one of the most important brands of VOXX International Corporation in Japan since 2019.

And how does Sharp fit into the picture? Well, here too there has been a very close relationship with Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation for some time. Sharp Corporation manufactures Onkyo brand products in Malaysia, as part of a joint venture.

With the takeover of Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation, the importance of VOXX international Corporation would grow again, worldwide, because after all, there are countless established brands in this group.

VOXX international Corporation comprises the divisions VOXX Automotive, VOXX Biometrics, and VOXX Consumer.

VOXX Consumer includes brands like the already mentioned loudspeaker specialist Klipsch, but also Acoustic Research, Singsation, 808, Magnat, MacAudio, Jamo and Heco. The Schwaiger and Oehlbach brands also belong to this group.

The Pioneer, Onkyo and Integra brands have so far been managed as VOXX Partner Relationships, but let’s see what becomes of them…

“For the past two years, we’ve worked well with the Onkyo team, expanding our relationship, and most importantly, serving the needs of our customers. It is our hope that we can reach an agreement shortly as they have strong brands, and through our Premium Audio Group, led by the Klipsch management team, we have widespread distribution and a global infrastructure to support our growth.”

Pat Lavelle, President and CEO of VOXX International Corporation

Getting to the point

Once again, the Onkyo brand is the focus of a large corporation, this time VOXX International Corporation is planning to take over Onkyo Home Entertainment Corporation, together with its partner Sharp Corporation. Should this takeover succeed, numerous questions will naturally arise. For example, it is currently completely open what will happen to the Pioneer brand, as well as how the distribution structure will be set up in the future, especially in Europe.

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