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TIDAL Connect now also with Volumio

The Italian software company Volumio Srl a socio unico can now announce that its Volumio solution supports TIDAL Connect. Of course, this also means that all hardware solutions based on it are ready for TIDAL Connect, first and foremost the Volumio Primo HiFi Edition.

Volumio, this software solution from the Italian developer Volumio Srl a socio unico, is considered an extremely flexible solution for music streaming. The Italians have set themselves the goal of realising a solution that offers all the possibilities of modern streaming systems and, in addition to the resulting maximum flexibility, also brings comfort in operation and delivers impeccable sound quality. Not for nothing does the company speak of an audiophile music player.

TIDAL has long been an integral part of Volumio

One of the advantages of Volumio as software is that it can be used to access a wide variety of sources and supports all formats relevant for high-quality music playback.

TIDAL has of course also been integrated directly into Volumio for a long time, but until now one quite decisive feature was missing, and that was TIDAL Connect.

TIDAL Connect offers the immense advantage that you no longer have to rely on a separate app from a hardware manufacturer to play music from TIDAL content, but instead playback is controlled directly via the TIDAL app for Apple iOS or Google Android. In this case, and this is also decisive, the data stream is not first sent via the smartphone or tablet and only then to the streaming client, but is “handled” solely via the streaming client itself.

TIDAL Connect now integrated in Volumio

According to Volumio Srl a socio unico, TIDAL Connect is now available to all MyVolumio users, ensuring seamless use via the TIDAL apps alone.

TIDAL Connect on the Volumio Primo HiFi Edition

This means that there is nothing to stop the Volumio Primo HiFi-Edition from directly integrating TIDAL Connect, the hardware that the Italians offer as a particularly flexible, first-class streaming solution.

Ultimately, the Volumio Primo HiFi-Edition is nothing more than an extremely compact device that is essentially a “mini-PC” that nevertheless has sufficient performance to run the Volumio software.

Of course, the Volumio Primo HiFi-Edition also has the appropriate interfaces to be flexibly integrated into a HiFi system. The control is done via a web interface that adapts optimally to the respective device.

In order to use TIDAL Connect here as well, a firmware update must be carried out, which is available with firmware version 2.878.

Getting to the point

TIDAL Connect has long been an indispensable feature for many users, especially in the area of high-quality streaming solutions, as it offers a great deal of convenience. The Italian software company Volumio Srl a socio unico is now one of the companies that support TIDAL Connect in their solutions. This means that TIDAL Connect is not only available to MyVolumio users, but also to those who own a Volumio Primo HiFi-Edition.

Manufacturer:Volumio Srl a socio unico
Distribution:audioNEXT GmbH
Price:€ 649,-
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