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Velodyne SC-750 and Velodyne SC-1500 - DSP-based bass thunderstorm at the High-end 2024

This is how the subwoofer specialist describes the latest subwoofer amplifier systems Velodyne SC-750 and Velodyne SC-1500, which will be presented for the first time at the High-end 2024 in Munich, as the ultimate solutions for powerful, yet always controlled bass in custom installation systems from stereo to home cinema thanks to DSP control.

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  • Velodyne Acoustics GmbH promises DSP power with particularly convenient control for the two new subwoofer amplifier systems Velodyne SC-750 and Velodyne SC-1500.

Velodyne Acoustics GmbH is one of the recognised specialists for subwoofer systems and is one of the suppliers with a particularly broad product range. In addition to classic subwoofers in a wide variety of ‘weight classes’, Velodyne Acoustics GmbH also offers products in the custom installation sector, such as subwoofer amplifier systems.

The company presented two new systems designed for the custom installation sector in advance at ISE 2024, but now also in their final version at High-end 2024 in Munich, namely the Velodyne SC-750 and Velodyne SC-1500 subwoofer amplifier systems.

Velodyne SC-750 and Velodyne SC-1500 – Two new subwoofer amplifier systems

So-called subwoofer amplifier systems such as the new Velodyne SC-750 and Velodyne SC-1500 models are designed to realise tailor-made solutions in the custom installation segment in conjunction with passive subwoofers for wall installation. This can either be in the classic stereo sector or, above all, in the home cinema sector, where particularly powerful systems can be perfectly integrated into the room in this way.

Especially when it comes to products with the performance potential of the new solutions from Velodyne Acoustics GmbH, these should prove to be ideal partners for the Velodyne SubContractor Series with DSP-based signal processing and powerful Class D amplifier modules. The latest solutions in the field of built-in subwoofers, Velodyne SC IW-600 X and Velodyne SC IW-800 X, which Velodyne Acoustics GmbH presented for the first time at ISE 2024, are recommended here.

Impressive performance

Both systems are really powerful, as the Velodyne SC-750 delivers 750 watts and the Velodyne SC-1500 can even deliver up to 1,500 watts, making these solutions perfect even for very large installations.

The amplifiers have high level inputs, RCA and XLR inputs and outputs for flexible integration into any audio system, as the manufacturer promises. They also offer anti-clipping and overheating protection to prevent distortion caused by amplifier clipping.

Operation is via large rotary controls and a blue LED display or the Velodyne AutoEQ SUB app. The app enables precise tuning for all compatible Velodyne Acoustics subwoofers and is characterised in particular by the ability to adapt to the room conditions for optimum performance and clarity.

Prices and availability

The new Velodyne SC-750 and Velodyne SC-1500 system amplifiers are priced at € 1.799,- and € 2.199,- respectively and are already available from specialist retailers.

Getting to the point

Velodyne Acoustics GmbH already presented the latest solutions from its custom installation product line, the Velodyne SubContractor Series, at ISE 2024 in Barcelona, in particular the new Velodyne IW-600 X and Velodyne IW-800 X in-wall subwoofers in combination with the matching Velodyne SC-750 and Velodyne SC-1500 system amplifiers. This combination will now also be presented at High-end 2024, as the two subwoofer amplifiers in question – Velodyne SC-750 and Velodyne SC-1500 – are now available.

PriceVelodyne SC IW-600 X € 1.099,-
Velodyne SC IW-800 X € 1.299,-
Velodyne SC-750 € 1.799,-
Velodyne SC-1500 € 2.199,-
ManufacturerVelodyne Acoustics GmbH
Distribution AustriaR.M.S. State of the Art Audiovisual Products
Distribution GermanyAudio Reference GmbH
Distribution SwitzerlandAudio Reference GmbH
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