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Tangent PreAmp II and Tangent PowerAmpster II

The Danish company Tangent A/S presents the Tangent PreAmp II and Tangent PowerAmpster II, the latest generation of a preamplifier and power amplifier from its product line of particularly compact electronic components.

The Tangent PreAmp II is the latest generation of the extremely flexible, very compact preamplifier from the electronic component series of the Danish company Tangent A/S. Previous generations already offered numerous connectivity options such as Bluetooth, an optical digital input, analog inputs including a phono preamp. The new Tangent PreAmp II additionally offers a headphone jack on the front, so it can also be used as a headphone amplifier. The biggest innovation, however, is that a balanced XLR output is now also available. With the Tangent PowerAmpster II, the latest generation of a power amplifier is available as a perfect playing partner.

Compact electronics line

Tangent A/S has been developing and manufacturing consumer electronics solutions for years, which can justifiably be categorized as lifestyle solutions. The focus is on compact all-in-one systems, but also on classic electronic components, with special emphasis on easy integration into any living environment.

This also applies to the two new systems that Tangent A/S is now launching on the market, the Tangent PreAmp II and the Tangent PowerAmpster II.

While the Tangent PreAmp II preamplifier is the latest generation of a solution that has been in the manufacturer’s range for some time, the power amplifier expands the product segment in the field of compact hi-fi systems.

  • Foto © Tangent A/S | Tangent PreAmp II and Tangent PowerAmpster II
  • Foto © Tangent A/S | Tangent PreAmp II and Tangent PowerAmpster II

Tangent PreAmp II in detail

The Tangent PreAmp II is designed as a perfect partner for power amplifiers or even active speaker systems, according to the manufacturer. A wide variety of sources can be connected here, whether analog or digital, and a “wireless” connection is also available.

Tangent A/S therefore speaks of a very versatile preamplifier, which concretely first offers a Line In in the form of RCA sockets, which can be used optionally for sources with line level, but also as a phono preamplifier. The selection is made with the help of a selector switch on the back, whereby only drives equipped with MM cartridge systems are supported as a phono preamp.

Analog sources can also be connected via an AUX In in the form of a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack socket, and an optical S/PDIF interface, thus a so-called TOS link, is available for digital players.

Directly on the front, headphones can be connected via a further 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, and a pair of RCA and a pair of XLR connectors are available as outputs. The Tangent PreAmp II can thus transmit both unbalanced and balanced signals, and it also has a separate RCA connector to bring an active subwoofer into play.

When Tangent A/S talks about “wireless”, they mean the integrated Bluetooth 5.0 module, which transmits signals in “CD quality”, even hi-res audio, since in addition to the codecs SBC and AAC, they also support aptX and aptX HD and thus up to 24 bit and 48 kHz.

It should be mentioned that a converter from Cirrus Logic Inc. is used here, specifically a CS4344, which processes audio data up to 24 bit and 192 kHz.

It must be emphasized that the power supply is integrated here, although the preamp measures no more than 195 x 194 x 70 mm and thus weighs 1,72 kg with the solid aluminum housing.

  • Foto © Tangent A/S | Tangent PreAmp II and Tangent PowerAmpster II
  • Foto © Tangent A/S | Tangent PreAmp II and Tangent PowerAmpster II

Tangent PowerAmpster II in detail

Just as compact is the new Tangent PowerAmpster II, a power amplifier that, considering its small dimensions of only 195 x 195 x 70 mm and 2 kg weight, has quite a lot to offer. It delivers no less than two times 100 watts. If one operates this in the so-called bridge mode, then it supplies once 200 Watts, is thus ideal, in order to operate on smallest area a quite very high performance amplifier configuration with preamplifier and approximately two power amplifiers.

How could it be otherwise, of course, the Tangent PowerAmpster II also has not only inputs designed as RCA jacks, here is also a pair of XLR connectors available.

The speakers are connected to solid and encapsulated screw terminals, which of course also accept ready-made cables, for example, with bananas and ensure a safe, reliable connection.

Prices and availability

The new pre- and power amplifier solutions from Tangent A/S are to be available immediately from specialist dealers. The manufacturer from Denmark states a non-binding recommended retail price of € 199,- for the Tangent PreAmp II, while the Tangent PowerAmpster II power amplifier is to be offered for € 269,-.

Getting to the point

HiFi systems in the smallest possible space is what Tangent A/S wants to achieve with its solutions, such as the latest generation of the Tangent PreAmp II preamplifier, which now features a headphone amplifier and balanced outputs in addition to analog and a digital input, a phono preamplifier and Bluetooth, as well as the new Tangent PowerAmpster II power amplifier, which is designed as an optimal playing partner for the preamplifier.

PriceTangent PreAmp II € 199,-
Tangens PowerAmpster II € 269,-
ManufacturerTangent A/S
DistributionTangent A/S
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