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Soundcast VGX Series now available in Germany

The US-American company Soundcast LLC. has been a proven specialist for Bluetooth speakers for years, which are primarily designed for outdoor use and thus present themselves as extremely robust and powerful systems. The products from Soundcast LLC. are now also available in Germany at AUDIOWERK e.Kfm.

The company Soundcast LLC. is probably still largely unknown in this country, but over the last few years it has earned an impeccable reputation as a proven specialist for solutions in the outdoor segment, especially in its home market, the USA. The exciting thing about the product portfolio of Soundcast LLC. is that they are Bluetooth speakers, which are not, as so many solutions in this segment, designed as small, compact systems, but rather as powerful speakers that really deliver rich sound. Yes, you can also find really mobile systems that you can take anywhere without any problems, but most of the solutions of the so-called Soundcast VGX Series are actually designed for a rather stationary use, portable yes, but not as a constantly mobile companion.

So Soundcast LLC. solutions are mainly used in the garden, on the patio, they are suitable for outdoor parties as well as barbecues, can be used for après ski outdoors as well as in the beer garden, at the golf course, on the yacht or at the camping site.

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  • Soundcast VGX Series Bluetooth Speaker 10
  • Soundcast VGX Series Bluetooth Speaker 08
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  • Soundcast VGX Series Bluetooth Speaker 05
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  • Soundcast VGX Series Bluetooth Speaker 01

The company Soundcast LLC. itself speaks of so-called Power Portables, and emphasizes above all the particularly robust, absolutely weatherproof workmanship, so that the Bluetooth Speakers really do resist all weather conditions, permanently. The speakers don’t have to be brought to a dry place all the time, you can actually leave them outdoors for a long time, if you wish, even all year round. Even cleaning the speakers with a garden hose is no problem for the systems from Soundcast LLC.

In spite of this massive construction, the sound should not be neglected. In fact, the large systems are often referred to as hi-fi sound solutions. These systems are equipped with the latest technology and feature powerful electronics and high-quality speakers. However, this cannot be compared with a classic HiFi solution, because there are other factors that count. A single speaker, for example, should produce a rich all-round sound, not least through DSP-based signal processing, although, it should also be mentioned, speakers from the Soundcast LLC. product portfolio can be coupled to form a stereo pair.

The only product in the Soundcast LLC. portfolio that can truly be compared to conventional Bluetooth speakers for mobile use is the Soundcast VG1, the most compact in the product family. This solution is truly a mobile companion, with two 1.5-inch drivers powered by a 15-watt Class D amplifier and an additional rear-mounted passive driver providing rich sound. Of course, the signal transmission is primarily via Bluetooth, whereby one relies on a module from the expert Qualcomm and supports AAC, aptX and aptX low latency. With Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo, two speakers can be paired to form a stereo pair. NFC makes it easy to pair source devices and the system remembers up to five of these source devices. The speaker also offers a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack input as an alternative and a 3.5 mm output for connecting another speaker. The integrated rechargeable battery offers a playing time of up to 15 hours. While other speakers of this type are mostly protected against splash water, the Soundcast VG1 is absolutely waterproof up to a water depth of one meter. It has IP67 certification.

The Soundcast VG3 is a bit bigger, and can also be taken along on a trip in a reasonably comfortable way. This speaker is said to be able to boast 360° sound thanks to two 1.5 inch aluminium dome full-range drivers and, above all, a 3 inch subwoofer radiating downwards. The power of the amplifier modules is stated as a total of 30 watts. Here, too, Bluetooth is used first and foremost to connect to the source device. The playing time is up to 21 hours via an exchangeable battery pack, whereby a charging function for mobile devices is also offered via a Micro-B USB port. This speaker is also IP64-certified and can withstand temperatures between -20° and +60° Celsius. It is operated via a practical touch panel.

The Soundcast VG5, which isn’t quite as “mobile” anymore, but at least “portable”, presents itself considerably more powerful in its dimensions. Here, the manufacturer is already talking about a large outdoor speaker, which should deliver a voluminous 360° sound. This is ensured by lush 3 inch drivers and a subwoofer that radiates downwards. The Soundcast VG5 is also IP64 certified and also has a replaceable battery pack for up to ten hours of audio playback. Like the smaller model, it also has the advantage of doubling as a convenient power bank, providing power to mobile devices when needed.

The Soundcast VG7 and Soundcast VG7 Special Edition solutions are actually in a league of their own. The Soundcast VG7 and Soundcast VG7 Special Edition set the standard with 60 watts RMS and 120 watts RMS respectively. According to the manufacturer, 3-inch speakers on all four sides of the housing provide crystal-clear, powerful 360° stereo sound and rich bass. Nevertheless, the systems deliver a playing time of over 15 hours. With their weatherproof key-pads, IP64 certification and replaceable covers, these speakers are also extra robust and can easily cope with accidental spills of drinks or pollen. Even summer heat or freezing cold in winter can’t harm the speakers at all.

Another solution in the Soundcast LLC. product range is the Soundcast VGtx, but it has a special position because it is a Bluetooth transmitter. It offers an optical S/PDIF input, a so-called TOS link, to which various source devices, especially streaming systems, can be connected. The Soundcast VGtx then transmits the signals via Bluetooth up to 50 meters to a Bluetooth speaker, which can be placed in the garden.

The solutions from Soundcast LLC. are now supported in Germany by AUDIOWERK e.Kfm. in Hargesheim, so that they can be found immediately at selected specialist dealers.

The Soundcast VG1 with a recommended retail price of € 120,- is the first product to be launched, followed by the Soundcast VG3 with a recommended retail price of € 250,-. The Soundcast VG5 solution will be offered at a recommended retail price of € 469,-. For the Soundcast VG7 you have to budget € 869,- and for the Soundcast VG7SE € 1.100,-. The Soundcast VGtx is available at the price of € 109,-.

Getting to the point

The solutions from Soundcast LLC. are now supported in Germany by AUDIOWERK e.Kfm. in Hargesheim, so that they can now be found in selected specialist shops. This means that these solutions, which are specially designed for outdoor use and therefore extremely robust solutions with rich sound, are now also available in Germany.

Manufacturer:Soundcast LLC.
Distribution:AUDIOWERK e.Kfm.
Price:Soundcast VG1 € 120,-
Soundcast VG3 € 250,-
Soundcast VG5 € 469,-
Soundcast VG7 € 869,-
Soundcast VG7SE € 1.110,-
Soundcast VGtx € 109,-
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