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Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker System - New software for even finer sound and support for the Sonus Faber app

The Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker from Italian speaker manufacturer Sonus Faber S.p.a. is a remarkable All-in-One system. The latest firmware is designed to further improve its capabilities and make it even easier to control.

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  • The latest system software for the Sonus Faber Omnia features a number of innovations, as Sonus faber S.p.a. announces.

Sonus Faber S.p.a. sees the Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker System as an outstanding All-in-One system, a combination of elegance, the highest level of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art features. The Italian loudspeaker manufacturer has thus established the current generation of the Sonus Faber Wireless Collection, which also includes the Sonus Faber Duetto Wireless Bookshelf Speaker active loudspeaker system.

With the latest firmware that Sonus Faber S.p.a. is now announcing for the Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker System, a series of improvements are to be introduced, starting with further improved sound quality, additional streaming services and, above all, even simpler control.

Sonus Faber OMNIA – An All-in-One High-end Wireless Speaker

The Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker System has been developed to play music from a wide variety of sources in remarkable quality in any living room in the most elegant way. The Italians like to speak of a solution that pays homage to music, because it is this music that should take centre stage, as well as the unique design of the system.

In order to fulfil its task in the best possible way, the developers initially rely on a solid range of interfaces, so there is no lack of an HDMI interface for the direct integration of a TV set or a phono preamp for vinyl lovers. Mobile devices such as smartphones can be used directly as a source via Bluetooth.

However, the system shows its full potential when it is integrated into the network, as the Sonus Faber OMNIA then functions as a flexible streaming client that supports Apple AirPlay 2 as well as Google Chromecast, Spotify Connect and TIDAL Connect and is also labelled as Roon-ready.

The DSP-based signal processing Sonus Faber Crescendo Technology in conjunction with seven speakers, which are powered by a total of 490 watts, ensure the best possible performance of the Sonus Faber OMNIA, which is designed as a four-way system.

The Sonus Faber Senseo Technology represents a unique operating concept, with an illuminated touch control panel on the top and a matching remote control included with the system.

Direct support for the Sonus Faber app

With the latest firmware, the Sonus Faber OMNIA can now be controlled directly with the Sonus Faber app, which the Italian company developed for the Sonus Faber Wireless Collection. This should make control even easier, as all streaming options are now available directly. This now also includes a new service provided by QQMusic.

New sound signatures, which were inspired by the Sonus Faber Hommage Collection, should also be available at the touch of a button, and the reproduction of the sound stage should now be even more impressive thanks to the Phase Coherent Approach as the basis for the aforementioned DSP-based signal processing.

Sonus Faber S.p.a. emphasises that with the latest firmware, Sonus Faber Crescendo Technology will be able to provide improved sound management and spatiality.

Prices and availability

It goes without saying that the latest firmware for the Sonus Faber OMNIA will be offered to all users as a free update.

Getting to the point

Solutions such as the Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker System naturally benefit directly from all the possibilities offered by modern, networked consumer electronics solutions, such as ongoing updates from the manufacturer. In the case of the Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker System, according to Sonus Faber S.p.a., the latest system software should bring a number of improvements to the sound, as well as direct support for the Sonus Faber app during operation.

Price€ 1.799,-
ManufacturerSonus Faber S.p.a.
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Components Vertriebs GmbH
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