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EPOS ES-28N – All good things go by three

What began with the EPOS ES14N is an extremely exciting project by the legendary developer Karl-Heinz Fink and his company FinkTeam, in which the aim was to build up a small but fine product range around the traditional EPOS Loudspeakers brand, and with the presentation of the new EPOS ES-28N solution, which follows the EPOS ES-14N that was also announced only recently, the project in question has been completed for the time being.

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  • Now it's done: EPOS Loudspeakers will be presenting the long-awaited EPOS ES-28N floor-standing loudspeaker system at High-end 2024 in Munich.

When development legend Karl-Heinz Fink and his company FinkTeam took over the traditional English brand EPOS Loudspeakers, they set themselves a clear goal: the aim was to create a very lean, manageable product range with just three models from EPOS Loudspeakers. However, three models that not only symbolise the philosophy of EPOS Loudspeakers in its purest form, but can also cover as many application scenarios as possible.

The EPOS ES-7N and EPOS ES-14N solutions are now followed by the new EPOS ES-28N, a very compact bookshelf loudspeaker system, a somewhat more powerful bookshelf loudspeaker system and a floorstanding loudspeaker system from EPOS Loudspeakers.


It was in 2020 that Karl-Heinz Fink took over EPOS Loudspeakers, a company whose history stretches back well over four decades and is therefore undoubtedly a brand steeped in tradition, whose fortunes were previously controlled by the English HiFi company Creek Audio Ltd.

FinkTeam, the new owner of the EPOS Loudspeakers brand, initially presented the EPOS ES-14N model at the High end 2022, which on paper at least was supposed to be a so-called bookshelf loudspeaker system.

In reality, however, it was a very powerful system that was ideally placed on a corresponding stand.

The EPOS ES-7N, a bookshelf loudspeaker system that actually lives up to this description, was only announced recently, in the run-up to the High-end 2024 in Munich. And now it’s all happening in quick succession, as the trade fair in Munich will also be the setting for the premiere of the third model, the EPOS ES-28N floor-standing speaker system.

EPOS ES-28N – Classic three-way floorstanding loudspeaker system

When developing the EPOS Loudspeakers floorstanding speaker system, the decision was made in favour of a classic three-way system, as the typical two- or 2.5-way solution with two bass speakers and one tweeter did not convince the designers from Essen in this case.

Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that the development of the latest model from EPOS Loudspeakers was based on existing models, so the basic design, according to the company, was taken from the smaller siblings.

Building on what already exists

The basis of the bass speakers, for example, comes largely from the EPOS ES-14N, namely the basket and the magnet system, and the cone and surround have been specially optimised for the new EPOS ES-28N.

The 130 mm diameter Mittenton driver was taken directly from the EPOS ES-7N; only minor changes were necessary to optimise the mid-range reproduction for the three-way system.

The tweeter is also a familiar one, taken directly from the smaller models, according to the manufacturer.

The cabinet is constructed from MDF with a double structure and separate damping layer; the baffle is even 50 mm thick and thus contributes significantly to the high stability of the construction.

The Mittenton driver was also given its own housing and the crossover was also installed separately, so that there are no negative effects on the components to be feared. Speaking of the crossover, this is located at 300 Hz and 2,8 kHz in the new EPOS ES-28N.

Prices and availability

The new EPOS ES-28N will be on show as a preview at High-end 2024, with availability set for the fourth quarter of 2024. It is therefore not surprising that EPOS Loudspeakers is still keeping further details, but above all the price, under wraps in the run-up to the trade fair in Munich.

Getting to the point

In the case of EPOS Loudspeakers, it is almost proverbial that all good things come in threes, because since Karl-Heinz Fink and his company FinkTeam took over the helm of the traditional English brand, it was clear that there would be no more than three models in the future. And it is precisely these three models that are now available, in addition to the familiar EPOS ES-14N model with the new EPOS ES-7N and EPOS ES-28N systems, which will make their grand appearance at the High-end 2024.

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