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Ruark R2 MK4 Smart Tabletop Radio – The Latest Generation

It is the latest, now already fourth generation of an extremely flexible audio system from the English company Ruark Audio, which is now available with the Ruark R2 MK4 Smart Tabletop Radio. The basis for this solution goes back to 2007, after all.

The new Ruark R2 MK4 represents the latest generation of the Ruark R2, which was first introduced to the market in 2007 by the English specialist Ruark Audio, an extremely flexible audio system that offers the playback of music from a wide variety of sources with appealing sound quality in the most compact form and which now once again presents itself at the height of the times. Streaming from the network via WiFi as well as streaming directly from mobile devices via Bluetooth is offered here as well as classic radio via FM and DAB+.

Ruark R2 MK4 Smart Tabletop Radio – The fourth generation

In view of the fact that the Ruark R2, as already mentioned, was launched in 2007, one can certainly speak of a classic. And that Ruark Audio once again did everything right, because even in the latest, the fourth generation, nothing has changed in the basic concept of the all-in-one audio system from England. However, the new Ruark R2 MK4 naturally features updated and thus contemporary equipment from a technical point of view, as well as a somewhat adapted design.

Slim silhouette and noble design with a bit of a retro touch

Thus, the new Ruark R2 MK4 should be characterized by a slimmer silhouette, as described by the manufacturer itself, and thus be even easier to integrate into the living environment.

The fact that the new Ruark R2 MK4 can actually find its place everywhere is already ensured by the compact dimensions of just 340 mm in width, 185 mm in height, and 150 mm in depth. Thus, this solution weighs in at 2,9 kg.

The new Ruark R2 MK4 is available with a light cream paint finish, as officially stated, or in a version with an espresso paint finish. In the first case, the front grille is in ash, while the second available variant relies on a front grille made of walnut.

Simple operation

The control directly on the device is done with the control element that is typical for solutions from Ruark Audio, namely the so-called RotoDial, which can be found on the top. It combines all relevant control elements in the form of a cresie.

Alternatively, the manufacturer also offers a matching infrared remote control, but it has to be purchased as an optional accessory. And then there is of course the possibility to control the Ruark R2 MK4 via app, but more about that in a moment…

A color LCD is located behind glass above the front grill, whose illumination is automatically adjusted to the ambient light by a sensor, and which always keeps all relevant information ready for the user. This includes the time and any snooze timers and a set alarm.

Streaming via major online services

First and foremost, the new Ruark R2 MK4 can be integrated into the network via the integrated WiFI module, so that Spotify can be accessed via Spotify Connect, Deezer and Amazon Music. Internet radio is also available.

All of this is controlled via smartphone using the so-called UNDOK app, which is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android.

Bluetooth for mobile devices

If you want to stream music from a smartphone or tablet without a network, you can easily do this with the new Ruark R2 MK4 via Bluetooth. The module integrated here relies on Bluetooth 5.0 and thus allows the user to play back their own content as well as various online streaming services.

By the way, the smartphone can be charged right away via a USB-C port on the Ruark R2 MK4, which should be mentioned in this context.

Radio via FM and DAB+, AUX In and headphone jack

In addition to the aforementioned Internet radio, radio lovers can also enjoy classic reception types here, whether it’s FM or already DAB or DAB+ The manufacturer calls the new Ruark R2 MK4 a smart radio due to this diversity.

It should not go unmentioned that the Ruark R2 MK4 can also play back audio data from USB storage media via the already mentioned USB-C port. It also has a line-in jack and a port for headphones.

  • Foto © Ruark Audio | Ruark R2 MK4 Smart Tabletop Radio
  • Foto © Ruark Audio | Ruark R2 MK4 Smart Tabletop Radio
  • Foto © Ruark Audio | Ruark R2 MK4 Smart Tabletop Radio
  • Foto © Ruark Audio | Ruark R2 MK4 Smart Tabletop Radio

Solid sound

As always, the developers of the new Ruark R2 MK4 are particularly concerned with a fine sound. To achieve this, they rely first and foremost on Class AB amplifiers, a technology that, according to Ruark Audio, is still superior to Class D amplifiers in terms of sound.

This is used to fire a Ruark Neodymium-NS+ loudspeaker system developed in-house, whereby the company relies on adaptive equalization for optimum sound quality and promises even better stereo imaging with a comparatively wide and deep soundstage in this new generation, even if it is an all-in-one device in a very compact form.

“We can’t imagine life without music, and it’s this passion that drives us to create premium products that our customers will love to use and appreciate. With its sleek, slim profile, this fourth generation of our award-winning R2 music system fits easily into any room in the house and has more streaming features and connectivity than most will ever need. With its full-bodied hi-fidelity sound, it makes speech and music all-around enjoyable, much like that first cup of tea or coffee in the morning is an essential element to start a great day.”

Alan O’Rourke, Managing Director, Ruark Audio

Pricing and availability

The new Ruark R2 MK4 is expected to be in stores by the end of October 2022. As described earlier, there are two design variants available to users here, and they are Light Cream finish combined with an Ash speaker grill on the one hand, or an Espresso finish combined with a Walnut speaker grill on the other. The recommended retail price for the Ruark R2 MK4 is € 599,-.

Getting to the point

It is remarkable that the all-in-one audio system Ruark R2, which was first presented in 2007, is so successful that the English specialist Ruark Audio is now launching it on the market in its fourth generation as the Ruark R2 MK4 Smart Tabletop Radio. On the one hand, the technical equipment has once again been refined and brought up to date, and on the other hand, the design concept has been optimized in detail with an even slimmer silhouette and elegant new proportions, so that this universal solution with fine sound can be integrated into any living environment.

Price€ 599,-
ManufacturerRuark Audio
DistributionTAD Audiovertrieb GmbH
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