Roon NUCLEUS Bundle – 1 TByte HD Drive and 1 year Roon

Roon Labs LLC. is offering customers who choose a Roon NUCLEUS or Roon NUCLEUS+ a pre-installed 1 TByte hard drive and one year of Roon at no additional cost for a limited time.

With the new Roon NUCLEUS Bundle, Roon Labs LLC. now wants to win even more customers for its own music servers. Roon Labs LLC. sees itself first and foremost as a software company that has been causing a sensation with its media management and multi-room audio streaming solution Roon for years and has long since established itself as a kind of standard in the high-end hi-fi segment.

However, they also offer hardware in the form of the Roon NUCLEUS and Roon NUCLEUS+ solutions, which are music servers that are tailor-made for Roon and use in the hi-fi environment.

Roon Labs LLC. offered these solutions as a so-called Roon NUCLEUS Bundle at a special price in the USA in the last few months. Customers who chose a Roon NUCLEUS or Roon NUCLEUS+ and purchased it directly from the company’s US online store received it with an additional 1 TByte hard disk and one year of free Roon subscription.

Now Roon Labs LLC. offers this Roon NUCLEUS bundle also for the global market, thus via the respective local distributors.

According to Roon Labs LLC. the offer is limited in time, but without giving concrete information about how long it will actually be valid.

Roon NUCLEUS Bundle

The fact is that the Roon NUCLEUS now includes an additional 1 TByte hard drive for the price of € 1,579 and you save the subscription fees for Roon in the first year. These would cost US$ 9.99 per month. The subscription for Roon is not directly implemented in the Roon NUCLEUS, so you have to buy it separately on the website of Roon Labs LLC.

Roon NUCLEUS Bundle

This also applies to the Lifetime License, which Roon Labs LLC. no longer favors, but still offers. This costs US$ 699.99. By the way, the one year free of charge can’t be counted against this, this is also mentioned for the sake of completeness.

Getting to the point

With the solutions Roon NUCLEUS or Roon NUCLEUS+ very fine music servers are available, which are optimally suitable for the use in the HiFi environment. Of course, Roon Labs LLC. is primarily targeting users who do not want to configure a server themselves. But whether the additional 1 TByte hard drive as a free bonus is really so attractive that more customers will buy it who would not have done so anyway… First of all, it is recommended to store the media library on a NAS anyway, and even if you store it internally directly on the Roon NUCLEUS, you will hardly be able to get by with 1 TByte. The free first year of the Roon license, on the other hand, seems much more attractive. But this offer has already been available in Germany since October of last year.

Manufacturer:Roon Labs LLC.
Distribution Austria:Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution Germany:ATR Audio Trade Hi-Fi Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Price:Roon NUCLEUS € 1.579,-
Roon NUCLEUS+ € 2.679,-
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