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Roberts Beacon 325 and Roberts Beacon 335 – Colourful Bluetooth Speaker

Roberts Radio Ltd. describes the new Roberts Beacon 325 and Roberts Beacon 335 solutions as two particularly colourful Bluetooth speakers, which, and this is probably the decisive factor, sound just as good as they look, according to the manufacturer. It is interesting to note that Roberts Radio Ltd., true to its name, has been a proven specialist for radios for years, has designed many a legendary solution in the company’s 90-year history, and even serves as a purveyor to the British royal family, but with the two new Roberts Beacon 325 and Roberts Beacon 335, it is the first time that pure Bluetooth speakers have been launched on the market.

Roberts Beacon 325 and Roberts Beacon 335 – The first of their kind

Not that Roberts Radio Ltd. did not already rely on Bluetooth, but this possibility always went hand in hand with radio, but now the two new solutions Roberts Beacon 325 and Roberts Beacon 335 rely solely on Bluetooth, so one can speak here of a premiere of the English and call the new solutions the first of their kind from Roberts Radio ltd.

The new Bluetooth speakers Roberts Beacon 325 and Roberts Beacon 335 can be easily connected to a tablet, smartphone or laptop. Roberts Radio Ltd. is convinced that both speakers cut a convincing figure both acoustically and visually as a compact companion for picnics, the beach and at parties and relaxing in the living room.

Very compact in appearance

The manufacturer is convinced that the two new Bluetooth speakers can be taken anywhere without any problems and, of course, can also be placed anywhere in the house. The dimensions of only 19 cm in height, 9.4 cm in depth and 9.3 cm in width ensure this.

Even though the new Bluetooth speakers are literally brightly coloured, Roberts Radio Ltd. also relies on a vintage touch that is typical for the company. The Roberts Beacon 325 and Roberts Beacon 335 models are also somewhat reminiscent of classic portable radios from the 1950s and 1960s.

By the way, a large part of the devices is covered with a textile cover, which, according to the manufacturer, is made in England and is supposed to fit the two models Roberts Beacon 325 and Roberts Beacon 335 perfectly, both aesthetically and haptically. In addition, it is designed in such a way that it offers the best possible acoustic transparency for optimal sound.

Room-filling sound

Despite their compact dimensions, Roberts Radio Ltd. promises a rich sound for the two new models Roberts Beacon 325 and Roberts Beacon 335, and even speaks of a sound that fills the room. This is achieved by a 45 mm full-range driver with a powerful neodymium magnet in the drive unit, which is supported by two passive bass radiators.

According to Roberts Radio Ltd., this allows for a reproduction with concise mid-range frequencies for an optimal warm and rich reproduction of speech and vocals, a detailed representation of the treble, and a pronounced bass range.

Bluetooth or AUX

Of course, the focus is on Bluetooth, but both solutions also have an AUX input to connect any source via a classic 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack connection.

The control is done by means of four buttons, which can be found directly on the top of the housing. In the case of the Roberts Beacon 325 model, these buttons are primarily used to control the volume and establish the pairing between the source device and the Bluetooth speaker. The Roberts Beacon 335 model has even more functions that distinguish it from its little brother.

Roberts Beacon 335 with additional EQ and stereo coupling

The Roberts Beacon 335 offers an additional equaliser, which is called up via EQ profiles. Depending on the mood or music, profiles are available for classical music, more bass, outdoors and better speech intelligibility. An LED indicates the respective status.

Another feature that only the Roberts Beacon 335 offers is the possibility to connect two of these speakers to a stereo pair to guarantee a richer, punchier sound.

The Roberts Beacon 335 is also said to have a slightly longer battery life than the Roberts Beacon 325, up to 15 hours should be achieved with this solution away from the power socket.

Price and availability

The new Roberts Beacon Series Bluetooth speakers are available immediately from selected retailers at a recommended retail price of € 169 for the Roberts Beacon 325 and € 199 for the Roberts Beacon 335. The colour options are Sunburst Yellow, Dusky Pink, Teal Blue, Midnight Blue and Charcoal Grey for the Roberts Beacon 325 and Pastel Cream, Duck Egg, Berry Red and Carbon Black for the Roberts Beacon 335.

Getting to the point

With the new Roberts Beacon 325 and Roberts Beacon 335 solutions, the company’s first Bluetooth speakers, Roberts Radio Ltd. is really going all out. The two solutions are offered in a wide variety of colours, some of them bright, and are intended to be very flexible systems that can be used throughout the home as well as on the move.

PriceRoberts Beacon 325 € 169,-
Roberts Beacon 335 € 199,-
BrandRoberts Radio
Distribution AustriaAudiovertrieb by HZ Electronics
Distribution GermanyRoberts Radio Ltd.
Distribution SwitzerlandRoberts Radio Ltd.
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