Qobuz and Linkfire launch partner programme

In collaboration with Linkfire, Qobuz announces a new affiliate programme. This aims to provide artists with a new alternative source of income and insight into their fans’ streaming data.

French music streaming and download provider Qobuz has teamed up with leading music marketing platform and smart link company Linkfire for a new affiliate programme.

This collaboration is designed to ensure that every time a fan goes to Qobuz via the Linkfire link and takes out a streaming subscription, artists and labels earn directly from it as affiliate partners.

Direct connection for artists and labels

But the cooperation via this affiliate programme between Qobuz and Linkfire will not be limited to the participation of artists and labels alone; it is also expected to provide more precise information about what users actually use.

Artists and labels, as well as their managers, will be able to see information about their fans’ actions on Qobuz after they have clicked on a Linkfire Smart Link. It is believed that this will provide valuable data for artists and their management or label to refine their marketing strategies to reach more fans in the future by identifying preferences and consumption habits.

Linkfire – Smart links for music marketing

Linkfire sees itself as a provider that connects fans with various audio, video, ticketing and merch options through a social media friendly smart link. An important aspect of this is ease of use. Linkfire automatically adds links to DSPs, artist websites and more with just a service link or ISRC/UPC code, rather than requiring each link to be entered manually. Linkfire’s tools and data services provide global marketing insights into engagement, streams, downloads and fan preferences across all traffic sources and divided by location.

To participate in the Qobuz Partner Programme, creators must sign up for Linkfire’s Enterprise, Business Premium or Advanced Legacy option.

“We at Qobuz are delighted to be working with Linkfire on this new partner programme, which will enable labels and artists to tap into a new revenue stream. The smart links and data will also give those musicians who have previously had little visibility access to more information and give them the marketing tools they need to get closer to their fans. The cooperation with Linkfire reinforces our ambition to continue to support new talent and artists and to champion quality sound and culture.”

Georges Fornay, Deputy CEO of Qobuz

For Linkfire, the new partnership with Qobuz represents another step in linking its offerings directly with leading streaming and download providers. The company already lists providers such as YouTube, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Deezer and Pandora as partners.

“Linkfire has always admired Qobuz’s commitment to high definition music. We look forward to serving a whole new audience and providing music creators and their teams with data to help them improve.”

Lars Ettrup, CEO and co-founder of Linkfire

Getting to the point

For artists as well as their management and labels, it is quite exciting what is possible through the new partnership between Qobuz and Linkfire. Not only will they have the option of generating another source of income, but any information about the behaviour of their fans can also serve as a basis for optimised marketing measures.

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