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MOON North Collection - Reexploring boundaries

The MOON North Collection comprises no less than six new systems, a product series that the Canadian high-end hi-fi company Simaudio Ltd. considers to be the epitome of the expertise it has been able to gather in years of research and development work on outstanding products.

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  • As a result of years of research and development, Moon now presents the MOON North Collection as a range of outstanding high-end hi-fi solutions.

The Canadian high-end hi-fi manufacturer Simaudio Ltd. is convinced that the solutions of the MOON North Collection define new standards and present a collection of six extraordinary hi-fi systems. The company is convinced that these systems represent the culmination of years of research and development work at Simaudio Ltd.

The new MOON North Collection includes the MOON 641 Integrated Amplifier, MOON 681 Network Player/ DAC, MOON 791 Network Player/ Preamplifier, MOON 891 Network Player/ Preamplifier as well as MOON 761 Power Amplifier and MOON 861 Power Amplifier.

Stunning design, outstanding sonic performance

The manufacturer explicitly emphasises that the solutions of the MOON North Collection are designed to achieve perfection. This means that on the one hand, the most modern technologies and the best possible equipment are used, and on the other hand, high-quality components and materials with impeccable manufacturing quality.

Another decisive factor in the uniqueness of the new MOON North Collection – and this has always been one of the company’s strengths – is its breathtaking design.

Many features that have been familiar to Canadians for years are used here, but the contoured vertical cooling fins are particularly striking. The design of the operating elements, which have long been perceived as typical of the brand, is also part of the design concept for the new solutions.

Absolutely natural, uncompromising music experience

According to Simaudio Ltd, the aim is to delight music lovers all over the world, while guaranteeing an absolutely natural, uncompromising musical experience, in addition to the features already mentioned around the equipment and design.

All components of the product line have been designed by the engineers at Simaudio Ltd. to express even the finest nuances of a recording, according to the promise of the high-end hi-fi forge.

Groundbreaking technologies

We have already mentioned that a special feature of the new MOON North Collection is the use of the latest technologies, Simaudio Ltd. even speaks of groundbreaking technologies in this context.

As a proven specialist in the field of amplifiers, the MOON Distortion Cancelling Technology stands out, a special amplifier circuit that reduces distortion and noise to unprecedented levels, as Simaudio Ltd. states.

Furthermore, the new MOON North Collection uses the so-called MOON Digital Engine, which, according to the manufacturer, guarantees an even more precise signal processing of digital signals.

According to Simaudio Ltd., MOON Link, a solution that allows a harmonious interoperability of all devices connected to each other, ensures a flexible use and a high ease of use at the same time.

Not to be underestimated is the effect of another technology found in the solutions of the MOON North Collection, namely MOON Damping Base, which enables a maximum of mechanical isolation.

Highest standards also in operation

For Simaudio Ltd., the way the products are operated is also an important factor that has to be taken into account when creating high-end hi-fi.

For example, the company emphasises the MOON BRM-1 Remote Control as a remote control with a particularly noble finish, which is supposed to convey a touch of luxury through its design and the feel it conveys. The manufacturer explicitly mentions a specially designed volume control and a touch panel with visual feedback.

For a high level of operating comfort, four of the six new products of the MOON North Collection are to be equipped with an OLED display, which is characterised by a particularly brilliant display of all relevant information including cover artwork during streaming. 

Prices and availability

The solutions of the MOON North Collection will celebrate their premiere on a large scale at the High End 2023 and are expected to be available in specialist shops in the fourth quarter of 2023. According to the information currently available, the MOON 641 Integrated Amplifier will start at a recommended retail price of € 12.500,-. The MOON 681 Network Player/ DAC will be available at € 13.500,- the MOON 791 Network Player/ Preamplifier at € 18.500,- and the MOON 891 Network Player/Preamplifier at € 28.500,-. The two power amplifiers will cost € 16.000,- for the MOON 761 Power Amplifier and € 25.000,- for the MOON 861 Power Amplifier.

Getting to the point

MOON solutions from the Canadian high-end hi-fi manufacturer Simaudio Ltd. have always been known as particularly exclusive products, because they know how to impressively combine outstanding sound quality with a timelessly elegant design. The new MOON North Collection is the culmination of years of research and development by the engineers at Simaudio Ltd. This offers no less than six impressive solutions, whereby in addition to a stereo integrated amplifier, preamplifiers with integrated streaming client are of course also available, so that the most diverse configurations can be realised.

PriceMOON 641 Integrated Amplifier € 12.500,-
MOON 681 Network Player/DAC € 13.500,-
MOON 791 Network Player/Preamplifier € 18.500,-
MOON 891 Network Player/Preamplifier € 28.500,-
MOON 761 Power Amplifier € 16.000,-
MOON 861 Power Amplifier € 25.000,-
ManufacturerMOON by Simaudio Ltd.
DistributionDynaudio Germany GmbH
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