Mogami custom built by Lake People

The premium cables from Mogami are handmade in Germany for Europe at Lake People in Konstanz at lovely Bodensee, a collaboration between the two companies makes this possible.

Mogami has been manufacturing high-quality cables for over 40 years. The company focuses primarily on applications in the professional environment, both for live performances and in the studio. The Japanese company’s product spectrum therefore covers a wide range of applications, with all cables being manufactured in their own factory in Nagano under the direction of company president Koichi Hirabayashi.

The finest craftsmanship is to be combined with the best materials to create solutions that ensure signal transmission with absolute precision and are also considered almost indestructible even in the hard everyday life of professional music production.

It is hardly surprising that such cables are also interesting for demanding hi-fi enthusiasts, because solutions that are used in the production of music are also ideal for the reproduction of music in the living room.

Nor is it surprising that Mogami has now found a European partner with a similar position to the Japanese. They have announced a cooperation with the German company Lake People, whereby the basic cooperation between the two manufacturers is not so new. The companies have already been working closely together since last year, but now this will be intensified.

Lake People takes over the cable assembly for Mogami in Europe, quality meets quality, as the companies emphasise.

Mogami and Lake People are such a good match because the two companies are very similar. Lake People, too, is primarily active in the professional field, but the solutions from Lake Constance are also enjoyed to a large extent by users in the hi-fi segment. In addition, the company from Constance founded two brands, Violectric and Niimbus, which are specifically aimed at the upper consumer segment.

“This is of course a great sign of confidence. We can now refine Mogami’s excellent cables with German craftsmanship and thus offer the European market products of unsurpassable quality.”

Christof Mallmann, Managing Director, Lake People electronic GmbH

Christof Mallmann can already refer to a long experience with the products from Japan, as he has been responsible for the European distribution of Mogami products for many years with the distribution company cma audio GmbH.

According to Lake People, the cooperation between Mogami and Lake People results in a versatile range of comprehensive connection options. From classic XLR, jack and RCA connectors to adapter cables from one type of connection to another, to more specialised formats such as DB25 multicores, Mogami has the right copper conductor for all audio applications. Only high-quality Neutrik connectors are used to ensure that the signal retains all its fullness and clarity on its way from the source to the loudspeaker.

The Mogami brand cables, which are ready-made by Lake People in Constance, are available throughout Europe in specialist shops and via the online shop of cm audio GmbH.

Getting to the point…

Mogami and Lake People are a good match because the two companies are very similar. Lake People as well as Mogami are primarily active in the professional field, but the solutions from Lake Constance as well as those from the Japanese cable specialist are also to a large extent enjoyed by users in the hi-fi segment. The fact that Lake People is now assembling Mogami cables for Europe, thus deepening the long-standing partnership, is a logical step.

Manufacturer:Mogami Cable
Distribution:cma audio GmbH
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