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Metronome DSS 2 Digital Sharing Streamer – The Second Generation

After the great success of the Metronome DSS Digital Sharing Streamer, it is now time to present the new, second generation of this extraordinary solution. How could it be otherwise, it was simply named Metronome DSS 2 Digital Sharing Streamer.

Metronome DSS 2 Digital Sharing Streamer is the name of the latest offspring of the French high-end hi-fi company Metronome Technologie, which, as the name suggests, is a new solution of the Metronome Digital Sharing Series or Metronome DS Range. Specifically, it is the latest, already second generation of the Metronome DSS Digital Sharing Streamer, which the company calls Network Player and Streamer. At first glance, the new Metronome DSS 2 Digital Sharing Streamer looks quite similar to its predecessor, but it has been designed from scratch, according to Metronome Technologie.

Sharing stands for streaming

“Sharing stands for streaming”, this is the motto of Metronome technology for the entire Metronome Digital Sharing Series, whereby the various solutions of this product line interpret this theme in the same way at the core, but then a little differently in decisive parts.

In the case of the new Metronome DSS 2 Digital Sharing Streamer, it is a Single Streamer and Network Player, according to the manufacturer’s description, which is intended to function as a flexible, versatile and, above all, particularly high-quality extension for any high-end hi-fi system.

Metronome DSS 2 Digital Sharing Streamer – Successor to a highly successful solution

Metronome Technology states that the Metronome DSS was a highly successful solution. It was the first so-called streaming transport from Metronome Technologie and thus an essential part of the Metronome Digital Sharing Product Range.

The manufacturer cites its flexibility as well as its compact dimensions as particularly outstanding features of this solution, so that it was easy to integrate the Metronome DSS into the most diverse hi-fi chains and thus to achieve a maximum of functions with outstanding quality.

It goes without saying that these success factors have been retained in the new Metronome DSS 2 Digital Sharing Streamer, even though, as the manufacturer points out, it is a solution in which 100 per cent of the electronics and software are new.

Extremely compact, extremely flexible solution

The new Metronome DSS 2 Digital Sharing Streamer has dimensions of only 25 x 25 x 7 cm and presents itself in the same sober, but therefore very appealing design as its predecessor. The only new features are the grey colour of the only button on the front and the pictogram on the front. So you have to take a closer look to distinguish the new second generation from the first at first glance.

Inside, however, as already mentioned, the French have once again left nothing as it was and have once again subjected every detail to optimisation. It is this passion to pay attention to every detail in order to achieve the best possible quality that has distinguished Metronome Technologie as one of the leading digital specialists in the high-end hi-fi segment for years, even if they rarely really show their cards.

Now also support for DSD256

It is a fact that the new Metronome DSS 2 Digital Sharing Streamer is a dlna-certified UPnP streaming solution, supporting all relevant data formats in Linear PCM and now also DSD up to DSD256, as well as data encoded in the lossy MQA format.

In this context, Metronome Technologie explains that, in the proven manner, it is left up to the user to decide which apps to use for convenient control; the corresponding range is immensely versatile in this respect, both for Apple iOS and Google Android. The only recommendation here is the mConnect Control App.

Roon Ready, Works with Audirvana and Apple AirPlay 2

It should be emphasised that the new Metronome DSS 2 digital sharing streamer is of course Roon Ready, which means that it can be directly integrated into the media management and multi-room audio streaming software from Roon Labs LLC.

Furthermore, the cooperation with the French software company Audirvana SAS has now been established and certification as Works with Audirvana has been sought. Audirvana is, as is well known, a very flexible solution for the management and playback of hi-res audio that is highly appreciated by many ambitious hi-fi enthusiasts and is available for Apple macOS as well as Microsoft Windows.

Another new feature is that the Metronome DSS 2 Digital Sharing Streamer now supports Apple AirPlay 2, which means that it can be accessed directly via Apple iPhone, Apple iPad or notebook or desktop system from Apple Corporation with Apple macOS. Content can thus be played back directly via a wide range of streaming services.

WiFi directly integrated

Of course, Metronome Technologie is convinced that the most reliable way to integrate a streaming solution into the network is via cable, but it is also aware that many users prefer WiFi because of the greater flexibility and easier installation that this offers.

The new Metronome DSS 2 Digital Sharing Streamer now offers a directly integrated WiFi module as a further innovation.

“For the DSS 2, it was important to retain all the technical and audiophile qualities of the first generation and improve its resolution as a streamer. With the option to handle up to DSD256, I’m sure the goals have been achieved.”

Jean Marie Clauzel, owner and designer of Metronome Technology

Pricing and availability

The new Metronome DSS 2 digital sharing streamer is to be offered in a choice of silver or black, and is expected to be in stores shortly. The manufacturer lists the recommended retail price at € 4.550,-.

Getting to the point

Even if you have to take a closer look at the new Metronome DSS 2 Digital Sharing Streamer in order to find differences to its predecessor, the Metronome DSS Digital Sharing Streamer, the second generation of this solution of the Metronome DS range is supposed to be a solution with 100 per cent new hardware and software, according to the promise of the French digital specialist Metronome Technologie. While the basic features that made the Metronome DSS Digital Sharing Streamer so successful, such as compact dimensions and easy integration into any high-end hi-fi system, have not been changed, the new Metronome DSS 2 Digital Sharing Streamer is said to have a few important innovations, such as support for DSD256, certification as Roon Ready and Works with Audirvana, as well as support for Apple AirPlay 2. The WiFi module is now also directly integrated.

Price€ 4.550,-
ManufacturerMetronome Technologie
Distribution AustriaAudio Exclusive GmbH
Distribution GermanyH.E.A.R. GmbH
Distribution SwitzerlandPortier Hi-Fi
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