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Melco N50-H60 – 6 TByte storage capacity

Even for extensive media libraries, the new Melco N50-H60 should be well equipped, as it is equipped with a hard disk that has a storage capacity of 6 TByte. In addition, Melco Audio has made some further improvements to the details.

Melco Audio describes the new Melco N50-H60 and thus the latest variant of the music server and streamer from the specialist for high-quality storage and network solutions with a focus on high-end hi-fi systems as a solution with an optimal price-performance ratio. According to the manufacturer, the N50-H60 closes a gap in the product range between the entry-level model Melco N100 and the compact Melco N10 and, at the same time, with a particularly high storage capacity of 6 TByte, it even appeals to users with a large media library of hi-res audio data.

Melco N50-H60 – Music Server and Streamer with Full Enclosure Width

The new Melco N50-H60 presents itself as a solution with full cabinet width, so that sufficient leeway is offered for the developers to design all components for highest sound fidelity, according to the manufacturer’s promise.

This starts with the cabinet itself, which not only features the classic aesthetics of the Melco N1A and thus the full-width predecessor, but also an aluminium construction with a wall thickness of 17 mm. The unit rests on revised isolation feet for additional protection against unwanted vibrations.

For the sake of completeness, this solution is offered in both black and silver, with the front featuring an OLED display that always provides the user with essential information. Some buttons for direct control are also available here, as well as a USB port for corresponding storage media.

Foto © Melco Audio | Melco N50-H60
Foto © Melco Audio | Melco N50-H60

Optimised circuit board, newly developed power supply unit

The essential component of the new Melco N50-H60 is once again an optimised motherboard, which is supposed to provide an increase in performance compared to previous solutions.

The power supply has also been optimised for the Melco N50-H60. A newly developed power supply unit is used, which has 25 per cent more power. In addition, there is an IEC mains connection and a noise filter, as the manufacturer states.

6 TByte hard disk

As already mentioned, the most striking feature of the new Melco N50-H60 is the very generously dimensioned hard disk with a storage capacity of 6 TByte, which is coupled with a new, particularly stable hard disk holder that is supposed to provide even better insulation.

Foto © Melco Audio | Melco N50-H60
Foto © Melco Audio | Melco N50-H60

Numerous connections

For maximum flexibility of use, the new Melco N50-H60 also features numerous connections, first and foremost two dedicated Ethernet network connections, which, in addition to the “normal” LAN connection, offer the possibility of connecting streaming clients directly, thus minimising the unwanted effects of noise on the music signal and ensuring high data integrity.

USB ports can be used to connect various components, such as CD drives for ripping CDs directly, and USB storage devices for importing and exporting data and as memory expansion. One USB port is specially designated as a USB DAC, so that appropriate solutions can be connected here.

Using this USB DAC and the corresponding hardware, the Melco N50-H60 functions directly as a hi-res audio player.

Flexible support for a wide range of platforms

Depending on the intended use, the new Melco N50-H60 can also boast a wide range of software features. Melco Intelligent Music Library with MinimServer and SongKong software are used here, the solution is dlna-certified and thus optimally equipped for UPnP, allows direct access to TIDAL, Qobuz, vTuner and has a Qobuz Downloader as well as direct access to HIGHRESAUDIO for easy download of purchased content without a PC or Mac. It is also worth noting that the new Melco N50-H60 is Roon-ready.

Prices and availability

The new Melco N50-H60 is available immediately from specialist dealers, with a recommended retail price of € 3.499,-.

Getting to the point

The latest device from Melco Audio, the Melco N50-H60 music server and player, is said to be characterised by an excellent price-performance ratio. Of course, the generous storage capacity of 6 TByte and the fact that it is a solution in the full width of the device, which closes a gap in Melco Audio’s product range, stand out.

Price€ 3.499,-
ManufacturerBuffalo Inc.
DistributionDREI H Vertriebs GmbH
More about this manufacturer at HiFi BLOG
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