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Melco C100 Ethernet Cable – High-tech at an attractive price

With the new Melco C100 Ethernet Cable, the Japanese network specialist Melco Audio now presents the successor to the Melco C1AE Ethernet Cable, i.e. the solution that the company recommends as the optimal connection of network components in the field of streaming, first and foremost, of course, around the systems from its own house, and here especially a solution of the so-called Melco Digital Music Libraries.

Melco C100 Ethernet Cable – Noise-Reducing Ethernet Cable

Melco Audio promises to have made some significant improvements with the new Melco C100 Ethernet Cable over its predecessor, most notably a number of noise-reducing measures. This is to ensure that the sound quality is optimized during streaming.

Melco C100 Ethernet Cable 01
Foto © Melco Audio | Melco C100 Ethernet Cable

Asymmetrical grounding

A very important feature of the new Melco C100 Ethernet Cable is a so-called asymmetrical grounding. This means that one end of the cable is connected to the ground point, which, according to Melco Audoo, diverts unwanted noise, either from outside or from connected devices, in one direction to the ground point and thus no longer interferes with the sensitive transmission. Where the ground point is located is visualized by the Melco Log on the connector plug.

Floating shielding

The second essential feature of the new Melco C100 Ethernet Cable goes hand in hand with the asymmetrical grounding just described, because on the opposite end of the cable, which is therefore not grounded, a so-called floating shield is used, which ultimately describes the fact that the connector plugs are not connected to the shield. This is to ensure that unwanted noise is not transmitted to downstream systems, as the manufacturer puts on record.

Other key features include gold-plated connectors, a smooth cable exterior to prevent tangles, and double shielding for added protection, according to the manufacturer. The thickness of the conductors of the Melco C100 Ethernet Cable has also been improved compared to the previous model, as Melco Audio explicitly states.

Melco C100 Ethernet Cable 02
Foto © Melco Audio | Melco C100 Ethernet Cable

High bandwidth of 600 MHz

The new Melco C100 Ethernet Cable is said to offer a particularly high bandwidth. The manufacturer refers to 600 MHz, which is six times the speed of CAT 5 cables and still 2.4 times the speed of CAT 6 cables.

Available in various lengths

The new Melco C100 Ethernet Cable is available in five different lengths: 1 m, 2 m, 3 m, 5 m and 10 m.

Prices and availability

According to Melco Audio, the new Melco C100 Ethernet Cable will be available immediately. Starting at € 149,- for the 1m cable and going up to € 449,- for the 10m length.

Getting to the point

As a successor to the Melco C1AE Ethernet Cable, Melco Audio now sends the new Melco C100 Ethernet Cable into the race, which can come up with a number of improvements and thus ensure that always an interference-free signal transmission in the network is guaranteed, of course, especially around the network systems for high-end HiFi solutions from Melco Audio itself.

PriceMelco C100 Ethernet Cable 1,0m € 149,-
Melco C100 Ethernet Cable  2,0m € 199,-
Melco C100 Ethernet Cable  3,0m € 249,-
Melco C100 Ethernet Cable  5,0m € 299,-
Melco C100 Ethernet Cable 10,0m € 449,-
ManufacturerBuffalo Inc.
DistributionDREI H Vertriebs GmbH
More about this manufacturer at HiFi BLOG
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