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Masimo AAT - Headphones from Denon with technology from Nura Operations Pty Ltd.

Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology, simply abbreviated as Masimo AAT, is to offer an individual listening experience with Denon brand headphones in the future. To this end, Masimo Consumer is now cooperating with the specialist Nura Operations Pty Ltd.

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  • Masimo Consumer is now cooperating with specialist Nura Operations Pty Ltd. on Denon brand headphones and presents Masimo AAT.

Masimo Consumer has announced a cooperation with Nura Operations Pty Ltd. to ensure that Denon headphones offer an even better sound experience in the future through Masimo AAT. Masimo AAT stands for Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology and is a technology platform developed based on technology from Nura Operations Pty Ltd. Nura Operations Pty Ltd. is a recognised specialist in headphones that offer the possibility of customisation to the user by measuring otoacoustic emissions and adjusting the playback accordingly.

Masimo Consumer refers to the headphones equipped with Masimo AAT as self-learning headphones and promises an unparalleled, personalised listening experience.

Otoacoustic emissions

Nura Operations Pty Ltd’s technology, as mentioned earlier, is based on the measurement of otoacoustic emissions via a highly sensitive microphone integrated into the in-ear headphones.

Nura Operations Pty Ltd. itself speaks of OAEs and points out that these arise in the user’s inner ear and are thus completely individual. They were first described theoretically by the Austrian astrophysicist Thomas Gold in 1948 and first measured by the British physicist David Kemp in 1978.

Nura Operations Pty Ltd. uses this measurement of the OAE to adjust the playback of in-ear headphones by means of powerful DSP in such a way that a performance perfectly adapted to the individual needs of the user is guaranteed, whereby of course a corresponding app is used for this once again.

Nura Operations Pty Ltd. not only manufactures its own headphones, it also licenses its own technologies, for example currently to Masimo Consumer, who want to use them as part of the Masimo AAT in Denon headphones.

Masimo AAT – For perfectly tuned Denon headphones

By incorporating Nura Operations Pty Ltd’s technology into the Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology platform, Masimo Consumer’s 30 years of signal processing experience will be combined with the world-class acoustic engineering of Masimo’s audio businesses to address the unique listening complexes that vary from person to person

Masimo AAT creates a customised hearing profile for each user based on their individual hearing, according to the company. By measuring hearing sensitivity and adjusting sound accordingly, Masimo AAT ensures that no instrumental detail or sound subtlety goes unheard. The combination of this technology with Denon brand audio technology thus enables even more accurate and precise sound reproduction, he said.

“Nura’s technology perfectly complements Denon’s mission to enhance human experience through sonic innovation. We have been committed to sound engineering for 113 years and know that personalised audio is the future. Developing with Nura is the next logical step as we continue to innovate for the most demanding audio consumers and push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Trip Randall, Denon Brand President

Getting to the point

Ever more sophisticated are those technologies used in headphones to ensure the best possible audio experience. This starts with ever-evolving ambient noise cancellation technologies for undisturbed music enjoyment, and extends to technologies that customise playback to the user’s individual requirements. This includes the technology developed by Nura Operations Pty Ltd, which will now also be used by Masimo Consumer for Denon brand solutions. Masimo Consumer calls the corresponding platform Masimo AAT or Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology and promises first solutions for the middle of 2023.

Masimo Consumer
ManufacturerMasimo Consumer
Distribution AustriaMasimo Österreich GmbH
Distribution GermanyMasimo Europe Ltd. Niederlassung Deutschland
Distribution SwitzerlandMasimo International Sàrl
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