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Magnat Bulldog 7 High-power Speaker – Let’s have a party

A high-performance loudspeaker system with a digital multi-channel power amp and versatile DJ mixer, the new Magnat Bulldog 7 from Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH is designed to let you party wherever you want.

The new Magnat Bulldog 7 is a so-called high-power speaker, i.e. a solution that is primarily designed to deliver really rich power and can therefore be used wherever a miniature PA system is needed.

It is not for nothing that the German company Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH advertises the new Magnat Bulldog 7 as an “everywhere speaker”, a solution that combines a high-performance speaker with a digital multi-channel power amp and even a versatile DJ mixer.

Magnat Bulldog 7 – Versatile in use

The category of so-called high-power speakers is quite broadly positioned on the market, many renowned companies can refer to such solutions, now also Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH.

Such systems are characterised above all by their flexibility, because they serve as sound reinforcement solutions where other audio systems would reach their limits.

Systems like the new Magnat Bulldog 7 can be used for parties at home, be it in the party cellar, on the terrace, in the garden or by the pool. Even though they are quite powerful systems, they are mostly mobile, so they can also be used for parties with friends, children’s birthday parties, school parties or club parties. They are also suitable for sessions of the small “house band”, and in addition to company parties, “serious” applications such as lectures and training courses are also among their tasks.

  • Foto © Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH | Magnat Bulldog 7
  • Foto © Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH | Magnat Bulldog 7
  • Foto © Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH | Magnat Bulldog 7
  • Foto © Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH | Magnat Bulldog 7
  • Foto © Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH | Magnat Bulldog 7
  • Foto © Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH | Magnat Bulldog 7
  • Foto © Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH | Magnat Bulldog 7
  • Foto © Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH | Magnat Bulldog 7
  • Foto © Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH | Magnat Bulldog 7

Massive solution

The new Magnat Bulldog 7 weighs in at 35 kg, which has to be emphasised, but at 460 x 875 x 380 mm, the system is quite massive, with castors on the underside and carrying handles on the sides, so that the Magnat Bulldog 7 can certainly be transported.

The cabinet is of course designed to be robust, the edges are effectively protected by sturdy edge protectors and protective corners, and the drivers at the front are also covered by a robust speaker grill.

All the controls are mounted on the top of the speaker so that nothing sticks out, and the connection panel on the rear is offset slightly inwards to protect the sockets.

The cabinet is finished in black textured lacquer, with the tweeter horn in blue providing a striking contrast.

2.5-Way Bass Reflex System with 250 Watt Class D

The Magnat Bulldog 7 is designed as a 2.5 way bass reflex system, using a combination of two 250 mm woofer drivers with 2 inch voice coils and a 35 mm high power compression driver with 1 3/8 inch voice coil and 10 x 4 inch radial tweeter horn. The bass reflex system provides appropriate support for even more pronounced imaging in the lowest frequency range.

The new Magnat Bulldog 7 is said to be able to reproduce a frequency range between 38 Hz and 22 kHz.

The drivers are driven by a two-channel Class-D high-performance amplifier, which delivers a total of 260 watts RMS. Although the manufacturer states a maximum music output of 520 watts, the Magnat Bulldog 7 is not really in the top range of this product group.

Flexible inputs

The Magnat Bulldog 7 offers many options for using different sources. For example, a microphone or guitar can be connected to channel 1 via a 6.3 mm stereo jack or an XLR connection.

6.3 mm jack and XLR are also available on channel 2, but these are designed as line in or instrument inputs, and RCA sockets are also available to match.

Channel 3 is designed as an AUX input with a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, but can also be used to connect portable devices via Bluetooth 5.0.

It is interesting that two Magnat Bulldog 7 speakers can be combined, for this purpose there is a separate input and output designed as XLR, whereby the speaker used as primary completely controls the secondary speaker.

DJ mixer for even more flexibility

On the top of the Magnat Bulldog 7, there are not only the usual input selector switches and volume controls, but Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH also provides a DJ mixer, or more precisely a 3-channel DJ mixer with crossfader, so that flexible switching and mixing between the three sources is possible. In addition, each of the three inputs has a tone control via a 2-band EQ, which is especially advantageous when using microphones and instruments.

A separate 3-band EQ is also available for the master channel, and a clipping indicator keeps an eye on the optimum level, and a headphone output with monitor or pre-listening function is not to be missed.

Powerful battery

In order to be able to use the new Magnat Bulldog 7 everywhere, it does not rely solely on a mains socket, but has an integrated 5.2 Ah 18 V lithium-ion battery. Depending on the volume, this should provide an operating time of over 20 hours. Even at full volume, a playing time of up to six hours should be achievable.

The special feature of the Magnat Bulldog 7 is that the battery can be replaced without any problems, so you have full reserves for more hours by replacing the battery. The charging status of the battery is displayed via LEDs and charging should take six hours.

Finally, it should be mentioned that Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH did not choose the name of this active Bluetooth event speaker by chance, but rather the bulldog is a symbol that runs through the history of the company for many years. It is therefore only logical that this symbol is now being revived in this loudspeaker system, and even brought into focus.

Prices and availability

The new Magnat Bulldog 7 is available immediately. The scope of delivery includes, as already described, four transport wheels, as well as the tools necessary for assembly and a Bulldog sticker. The recommended retail price for the Magnat Bulldog 7 is € 999.

Getting to the point

Magnat Audio-Produkte GmbH refers to the new Magnat Bulldog 7 as an “everywhere speaker” that is supposed to be equipped for a wide variety of sound reinforcement tasks. On a more sober note, it is also referred to as an active Bluetooth event speaker with mains and battery operation and emphasises above all the integrated DJ mixer with three channels and sound control. In fact, it is an extremely flexible solution that can be used for everything from private parties to sound reinforcement at celebrations of all kinds, or even in a business environment for presentations.

Price€ 999,-
ManufacturerMagnat Audio Produkte GmbH
DistributionMagnat Audio Produkte GmbH
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