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LD Systems MAUI P900 – The concert hall in your own home

Transferring the advantages of a professional PA system into the living room is a task that the LD Systems MAUI P900 is supposed to be able to accomplish. This solution from the Adam Hall Group’s pro audio brand LD Systems was developed in collaboration with the F. A. Porsche design studio.

Hi-fi enthusiasts always strive to realise the live character of a performance in their living room. This is exactly what the Adam Hall Group wants to make possible with the new LD Systems MAUI P900 solution.

What’s more, according to the manufacturer, the LD Systems MAUI P900 is supposed to represent the future of pro audio design in the most elegant form, relying on the cooperation with the design agency F. A. Porsche.

LD Systems MAUI P900 – Interesting Background

Even from the brief introduction it is clear that behind the LD Systems MAUI P900 stands a thoroughly exciting constellation of companies.

First of all, there is the so-called Adam Hall Group, which sees itself as a leading manufacturer in the event and pro audio segment. This company includes various brands such as Cameo, Gravity, Defender, Palmer, Adam Hall and LD Systems. The company’s spectrum ranges from audio and lighting technology to stage equipment and industrial flight cases.

LD Systems is active in the field of PA systems as well as microphone and in-ear monitor systems for professional stage use, but is now building a bridge to the classic hi-fi sector with the aforementioned LD Systems MAUI P900.

To ensure that the task of bringing an audio system with the performance of a PA system into the living room actually succeeds, the company has, as already mentioned, secured the cooperation of the design agency P. A. Porsche. All in all, a number of renowned experts have come together around the LD Systems MAUI P900.

Redefining the boundaries between technology, design and art

When it comes to describing the LD System MAUI P900, one is not at a loss for superlatives. Not only does the company want to bring concert sound into the home with this solution, it is also convinced that it is redefining the boundaries between technology, design and art.

Above all, it is the expertise in professional sound reinforcement that should provide the basis for this, because they know very well how a live performance has to sound and what is required on the technical side.

Of course, completely different laws apply on a stage than in a living room at home, but the principle is not dissimilar if good results are expected.

Thus, the manufacturer promises for the LD Systems MAUI P900 an extremely detailed and dynamic reproduction that always remains distortion-free even at the highest volume levels.

50 drivers, DSP-based signal processing and Class D amplifiers.

The basis for these features in the case of the LD Systems MAUI P900 are sound columns that appear particularly slim and thus downright graceful, but are literally packed with technology. No less than 50 drivers are used, distributed over 32 1-inch tweeters, 16 2.8-inch midrange drivers and two 10-inch subwoofers, and driven by Class D amplifier modules with a system output of a remarkable 1,400 watts. All drivers are said to be based on powerful drives with neodymium magnets. The manufacturer also relied on the patented WaveAhead technology and the innovative SonicGuide design principle, which guides the outgoing sound waves of the tweeter and midrange drivers, thus enabling perfectly phase- and time-coherent reproduction.

Of course, a DSP-based signal processing must not be missing in this case either, the so-called DynX DSP is supposed to guarantee the promised always distortion-free reproduction.

The manufacturer also states that the LD Systems MAUI P900 achieves a wide horizontal dispersion of 140° and at the same time a tightly focused vertical dispersion, so that an even sound coverage is guaranteed in the room. Regardless of where the listener is in the room, he can enjoy the highest sound quality. The data sheet states that the LD Systems MAUI P900, basically designed as a three-way system, reproduces a frequency range between 42 Hz and 20 kHz and achieves a sound pressure of a whopping 131 dB.

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  • Adam Hall LD Systems MAUI P900 14

Connections reduced to the essentials

Well, the slim design alone means that the connection panel has to concentrate on the essentials. The LD Systems MAUI P900 offers two XLR sockets as inputs and two XLR sockets as outputs to allow a wired stereo configuration of two systems. Alternatively, TrueWireless Stereo is available for wireless stereo pairing. A range of up to 40 m can be bridged, so this is also suitable for larger properties.

The manufacturer envisages mobile devices as the primary source and relies on Bluetooth with support for AAC for Apple iOS and aptX for Google Android. High-resolution Bluetooth streaming, as promised by the manufacturer, is of course not possible, but rather a signal transmission with approximately “CD quality”.

Here, too, one must mention the considerable range that the manufacturer promises: the source may be up to 70 m away from the LD Systems MAUI P900.

When it comes to operation, the manufacturer also concentrates on the essentials and relies on a volume control and a separate control for the subwoofer.

Adam Hall LD Systems MAUI P900 21

Design concept by F. A. Porsche

As described, the Studio F. A. Porsche is responsible for the design. A particularly slim shape was chosen, so one can speak of a sound column.

The enclosure is made of aluminium, which provides the necessary robustness. The front is covered with a multi-layered, elastic covering.

The construction is realised as a three-part structure, whereby specially developed multipin connectors are used, thus allowing assembly in seconds and without additional cables. It is therefore no problem to use the LD Systems MAUI P900 here and there in the house.

More than two metres high…

In order to get an idea of what a powerful system we are dealing with, we should take a look at the dimensions.

The LD Systems MAUI P900 measures 2,173 mm in height, 400 mm in width and 470 mm in depth.

The system thus weighs in at an impressive 46 kg.

Three design variants available

The LD Systems MAUI P900 is available in Cocoon White, Platinum Grey and Graphite Black.

If you are interested in the LD Systems MAUI P900, you can purchase it directly from the manufacturer’s webshop. The price is listed at € 3,995.

Getting to the point

The LD Systems MAUI P900 is a truly exceptional audio system that attracts attention with its very exclusive, exquisite design. In addition, it is intended to offer a particularly powerful audio system, which, not least due to the manufacturer’s expertise in the pro audio sector, can also provide sound for large rooms without any problems and which, even at the highest level, guarantees a distortion-free performance that comes as close as possible to the life event.

Manufacturer:Adam Hall Group
Distribution:LD Systems
Price:€ 3.995,-
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