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KEF Music Gallery London – The magic of great sound

For some time now, KEF has been pursuing the strategy of bringing the company's products to life in a special atmosphere, namely in the KEF Experience Locations. The KEF Music Gallery Hong Kong and KEF Music Gallery Tokyo opened in 2023, and now the most ambitious flagship store to date is set to open with the KEF Music Gallery London.

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  • London calling! The new KEF Music Gallery London, the first KEF Experience location of the British loudspeaker specialist KEF in Europe, will prove to be a place where music enthusiasts can experience the magic of great sound.

The British speaker specialist KEF is currently opening another flagship store, a so-called KEF Experience Location, as the company calls it, at a particularly prestigious address for the company, namely in the heart of London. It therefore comes as no surprise that, according to KEF, the new KEF Music Gallery London is to be the most ambitious flagship store to date – indeed, there is even talk of a significant milestone for KEF in the company’s history, which now spans six decades.

The KEF Music Gallery London is the latest addition to a series of KEF Experience locations worldwide, the company also emphasises, including the KEF Music Gallery, KEF Music Studio and KEF Music Lounge, where the company’s motto ‘Listen and believe’ will be brought to life. The new location in London follows the flagship stores opened last year in Asia, KEF Music Gallery Hong Kong and KEF Music Gallery Tokyo.

KEF Music Gallery London – “Listen and believe”

As already mentioned, KEF’s declared aim with the KEF Experience Locations is to present the British brand and its products in the best possible way and thus guarantee a unique brand experience.

It goes without saying that it is particularly important for an English manufacturer to shine in the metropolis of London. So the decision was made in favour of a location right in the heart of London, in the trendy Soho district, specifically at 42-48 Great Portland Street, in order to be able to offer this unique brand experience here.

The KEF Music Gallery London is intended to be more than just a presentation of KEF’s various products, but rather a centre for discovery, experimentation and immersion in the world of music and film, new artists and musicians, and inspiring events.

In order to achieve this, the company is relying on collaboration with partners and a dynamic community of artists, as it explicitly states.

Two floors with 5.000 m2

It is a very spacious environment in which KEF and its products are presented, the KEF Music Gallery London extends over two floors and 5.000 m2, as stated in the corresponding press release from KEF.

Here, guests will find an exclusive and engaging approach to the KEF brand, with a particular focus on the company’s long-standing commitment to technology, performance and design.

This is to be achieved through experiential areas and facilities, as KEF emphasises, encouraging visitors to listen consciously and perhaps create a particularly intense listening experience for some for the first time, which could be the start of a personal journey of experience around the topic of high-quality music and film reproduction.

Collaboration with architecture and interior design firm Conran and Partners

When designing the space, KEF worked with the renowned British architecture and interior design firm Conran and Partners. In this respect, it is stated that the rooms should celebrate the uniqueness and personality of KEF through exceptional, well thought-out design with high-quality materials and surfaces. With an industrial yet sophisticated colour palette of stainless steel, concrete and light and dark oak, the interiors are said to exude a simple yet inviting atmosphere. The KEF Music Gallery London is thus a contemporary environment with a residential feel and an inviting alternative to conventional showrooms.

“KEF Music Gallery London is our third and most ambitious flagship location to date and demonstrates our commitment to sharing the magic of great sound with consumers around the world and providing a collaborative platform for our partners to share KEF’s unique immersive high-fidelity experiences with a wider audience.”

Grace Lo, President and Head of Global Marketing at KEF

The Gallery with KEFé and The Studio – two experiential spaces

KEF’s premises in the UK metropolis are initially divided into two experience areas, The Gallery and The Studio.

The Gallery, which is located on the ground floor and houses the high-fidelity café KEFé, which KEF recommends as a place for music and coffee lovers, is to be understood as an urban oasis.

In addition, The Gallery is intended to be used as a multi-purpose room, where a wide variety of KEF products can be tried out, as well as being available for events of all kinds. The spectrum here ranges from lectures to film screenings and exclusive live concerts in an exclusive setting.

The Studio is directly adjacent to The Gallery and serves as a cosy space in which musicians and artists can find a retreat for creative work in collaboration with employees, according to KEF. The Studio is equipped with state-of-the-art acoustics specifically designed to minimise background noise and all the technology to transform it into a podcasting studio, recording space or small listening room. The multi-purpose area, The Studio, is a reference to the anechoic chamber at KEF’s research and development centre in Maidstone, the company said in the press release.

The Hub, The Living Room and The Ultimate Experience Room

Three areas are available in The Gallery, with The Hub being something quite extraordinary, as it is a four metre long table, designed by British furniture maker Sebastian Cox, which was made from a single piece of Kentish Oak and can be used for receiving guests and for workshops.

Incidentally, this is where KEF utilises its CI products such as built-in loudspeaker systems, which can be used in conjunction with special conference microphones in this environment to provide a practical and high-quality presentation.

The Living Room is just that, a cosy area where a wide variety of solutions can show their full potential in a living room-like environment.

For those who want to experience home cinema at the very highest level of quality with immersive audio based on an installation equipped for Dolby Atmos or High-end HiFi with the KEF Muon in focus, The Ultimate Experience Room is the place to be. Here you will also find the KEF Extreme Home Theatre Ci Reference Series built-in loudspeakers in combination with KEF subwoofers, products that can hardly be experienced in conventional specialist shops.

KEF Music Gallery London – The facts

As already described, the new KEF Music Gallery is located in the heart of London at 42-48 Portland Street. All information about the programme can always be found in up-to-date form on the company’s website.

Getting to the point

After initially planning to open its first flagship stores in Asia, namely Tokyo and Hong Kong, KEF is now opening its first such location in Europe with the new KEF Music Gallery London, and of course, how could it be otherwise, in its home market. In honour of this, the new KEF Music Gallery London is considered to be the most ambitious KEF Experience location to date, making the premises in the heart of the British metropolis particularly exclusive and spacious.

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