JBL L82 Classic – The little sister of the JBL L100 Classic

Harman Industries International presented the JBL L100 Classic for the first time at CES 2018, describing it as the return of a legend from the 1970s. Now this loudspeaker system will soon be joined by a little sister that follows a rather similar concept, the new JBL L82 Classic.

The US American brand JBL is considered one of the most legendary loudspeaker specialists of all time. JBL can claim to have a very successful history and, especially in the heyday of hi-fi, is one of the leading manufacturers in this field. Unfortunately, it has to be said that this tradition was lost sight of for a number of years, and for a long time the company focused a little too much on solutions in the entry-level segment. Fortunately, this has changed, as it has long been understood that the company’s history can also offer enormous potential for the future.

For example, the company remembered a speaker system that they launched in the 1970s and which is considered the best-selling in the company’s history, the JBL L100, the consumer system of the then extremely popular JBL 4310 Pro Studio Monitor. In 2018, JBL presented a reincarnation of this speaker in the form of the JBL L100 Classic, which caused quite a stir. Naturally, the success of the JBL L100 Classic meant that the company did not want to leave it at that. Instead, they added a smaller sister to this speaker, the JBL L82 Classic bookshelf speaker system.

The new JBL L82 Classic is a compact two-way bass-reflex bookshelf speaker system which once again takes up the retro touch, but of course uses the latest technologies in its equipment, but all in all is intended to convey the charm of a classic. This is of course conveyed first and foremost by the design of the new JBL L82 Classic.

The new JBL L82 Classic, for example, has an MDF housing with a walnut wood veneer in a silk matt finish. The baffle is in subtle anthracite, if this is presented at all, because another striking feature is adopted from its big sister, namely the front cover with a so-called Quadrex foam grille. This is offered in three versions, namely the rather discreet version in anthracite, as well as two clearly more striking versions in blue and orange.

The chassis is a titanium dome tweeter, which uses a waveguide for optimum radiation. This is already familiar from its big sister JBL L100 Classic, which is also equipped with this tweeter. The same applies to the so-called L-Pad damper, which allows the user to adjust the sound character a little. This can be found directly on the sound front. In the new JBL L82 Classic, a 200 mm driver is responsible for the low-frequency response. This is supported by a bass reflex system which is designed to work towards the front.

As with the JBL L100 Classic, the developers of the new JBL L82 Classic also use a tweeter which is offset inwards, so that the speakers can be used as the left and right sections of a pair.

The new JBL L82 Classic is said to have an impedance of 6 ohms, whereby the sensitivity is specified as 88 dB. This means that it is designed for amplifiers with a power output between 25 and 150 Watts. According to the manufacturer, it can reproduce a frequency range between 44 Hz and 40 kHz.

Manufacturer:Harman Industries International
Distribution:Harman Deutschland GmbH
Price:US$ 2.500,-
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