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Innuos relies on HRA Streaming from HIGHRESAUDIO

With the company Innuos, another company is using the HRA Streaming service of the German company HIGHRESAUDIO UG, which actually specialises in hi-res audio only. With the latest version of the operating system - innuOS 2.4 - HRA Streaming is now available on Innuos systems.

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  • From now on, the HRA Streaming offer from HIGHRESAUDIO UG is also available for the solutions from Innuos.

HIGHRESAUDIO UG is the only provider in the field of music downloads that actually relies solely on content that is available in hi-res audio and thus in so-called studio master quality. Here you will not find any recordings that have not been checked and are therefore actually available with a resolution of at least 24 bits and 44.1 kHz or higher, and thus bring with them the corresponding advantages for the best possible sound quality.

This also applies to the streaming offer, which HIGHRESAUDIO UG provides as HRA Streaming. Here, too, all music titles are available in the best possible quality as hi-res audio. Like many other streaming providers, HIGHRESAUDIO UG also works with various hardware partners to implement its own streaming offer directly in a wide range of streaming clients. With the company Innuos, HIGHRESAUDIO UG has now been able to win another partner.

HRA Streaming from HIGHRESAUDIO for sound connoisseurs

The streaming offer of HIGHRESAUDIO UG, HRA Streaming, is aimed at music lovers, audiophiles and hi-fi connoisseurs, just like the download offer of the Berlin company.

The aim of the provider, led by Managing Director Lothar Kerestedjian, is to offer a world-class music service away from the mainstream. As this is a unique feature of the company, it should be explicitly emphasised once again: quality control ensures that customers only hear or receive genuine, pure and 100 per cent verified data in hi-res audio with at least 24 bits.

Innuos – Music Server for “everyone”

The company Innuos is no longer really young, as it was founded in England in 2009, but its primary headquarters have been in Portugal for years. Since the very beginning, the company has been working with products that essentially all deal with streaming, pursuing the credo of offering solutions that provide the highest quality and best possible comfort, without requiring any specialist knowledge on the part of the user.

To achieve this, Innuos relies on a combination of three core principles: perfect synergy between hardware and software, user-oriented development and an open platform in order to be able to offer customers future-proof solutions in the rapidly developing market segment.

Innuos’ main focus is on the Innuos ZEN Series, the product line of music servers from Portugal, which is already available as the Innuos ZEN Mk3 Series. These solutions are particularly compact and also extremely elegant, resembling high-quality, design-oriented hi-fi systems, which can also be controlled particularly conveniently, even intuitively, using their own app.

Prices and availability

The streaming solutions from Innuos are now all capable of playing content directly from HRA Streaming by HIGHRESAUDIO, thanks to the latest version of the solution’s operating system – innuOS 2.4 – according to the manufacturer Innuos.

A prerequisite for the use of HRA Streaming is, of course, a corresponding subscription that is taken out with HIGHRESAUDIO UG.

HIGHRESAUDIO currently offers three streaming models, firstly the HIGHRESAUDIO Streaming Subscriber for 6 months at a one-off price of € 79,- or a HIGHRESAUDIO Streaming Subscriber for 12 months at a price of € 149,-. In the first case, this means that € 13,16 is due per month, and in the second only € 12,41. The third option is the HIGHRESAUDIO Streaming Subscriber. The third option is the HIGHRESAUDIO streaming subscription + download, which includes a 30 per cent flat rate discount on every album purchased for € 199,- for a 12-month term.

It should be mentioned that a 7-day trial version is available without any obligations.

Getting to the point

It is gratifying that Innuos is now another important partner for HIGHRESAUDIO UG and their streaming offer HRA Streaming. This means that the only provider that actually relies solely on content in hi-res audio and thus the best possible quality, which is also controlled, can once again expand the base of systems through which its offer is directly available.

Price7-day trial subscription without obligation and free of charge
HRA Streaming: € 79,- (6 months)
HRA Streaming: € 149,- (12 months)
HRA Streaming + Downloads: € 199,- (12 months)
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