Essenza by Bassocontinuo – New rack line for High-end 2024

With Essenza by Bassocontinuo, the Italian company Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. is presenting the completely new Essenza by Bassocontinuo brand for the first time at High-end 2024 in Munich. The concept behind this product line is to make handmade HiFi racks accessible to the widest possible range of customers.

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  • Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. is presenting a completely new brand of HiFi racks at High-end 2024: Essenza by Bassocontinuo.

Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l., the Italian specialist for outstanding HiFi rack systems and HiFi furniture, is set to surprise visitors to High-end 2024 in Munich with the new Essenza by Bassocontinuo brand. This new brand is intended to open up a completely new target group for the Italians, with the aim of drastically expanding the potential customer base with a product portfolio of attractively priced HiFi racks.

The special feature of the new Essenza by Bassocontinuo brand is that the racks are also handmade in Italy and fully live up to Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l.’s impeccable reputation.

Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. – The finest, exclusive HiFi racks

Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. has built up an outstanding reputation over the last few years as a recognised specialist in HiFi racks. Based in Bergamo, the company combines two key features in its products: a unique design and high-quality materials alone. In addition, all products are solutions that are manufactured exclusively in Italy by partner companies, all of which are located in the immediate vicinity of Bergamo or even in Bergamo itself.

The unique feature of Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. solutions is that their effectiveness has been scientifically proven by an independent body. The company has been working with the Politecnico di Milano University of Technology for years, which subjects all products to extensive testing.

Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. was founded by Lorenzo Belloli, who continues to work as CEO and chief developer, and his sister Paola Belloli as CFO.

Stilnovi Design by Bassocontinuo

It was only at the beginning of this year that Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. announced the launch of Stilnovi Design by Bassocontinuo, a new brand focussing on exclusive HiFi furniture.

This HiFi furniture will be presented as exclusive systems for the living room, but designed to optimise the placement of the finest HiFi and AV systems.

The products are of course developed and designed by the same team behind the solutions of Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. itself and comprise the three collections Stilnovi Design ARMONIA Collection, Stilnovi Design MODULO Collection and Stilnovi Design ZEN Collection.

Essenza by Bassocontinuo

With the latest brand, the company now also wants to break new ground, but again in the area of classic HiFi racks. The idea behind the Essenza by Bassocontinuo brand is to address a broader range of customers and to offer solutions that are positioned much more favourably than previous products.

From Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l.’s point of view, however, it is essential that the company’s fundamental philosophy is by no means abandoned; the solutions of the new Essenza by Bassocontinuo brand are also intended to focus on attractive design, high-quality materials and production in Italy.

So you can be sure that the systems in the new Essenza by Bassocontinuo product line will meet very high quality standards, as Lorenzo Belloli promised us during our last visit to Bergamo, when he gave us some initial information about the new product line in a personal conversation.

Prices and availability

In the run-up to High-end 2024, Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. is not yet revealing any further details about the new brand and its solutions.

Getting to the point

Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l., the Italian specialist for HiFi racks and HiFi furniture, is now officially presenting another exciting project with the new Essenza by Bassocontinuo brand at High-end 2024. The concept is to offer HiFi racks that benefit directly from the many years of experience in the development and manufacture of Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. brand products at particularly attractive prices for a much broader target group under the name Essenza By Bassocontinuo.

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