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Electrocompaniet offers TIDAL Connect

TIDAL Connect can now also be used with the streaming systems of the Norwegian high-end HiFi manufacturer Electrocompaniet AS. A new firmware, which is available immediately, makes this possible.

TIDAL Connect Technology, this interface makes it possible to use music streaming via the TIDAL service in a particularly simple and direct way. Until now, if you wanted to play TIDAL content from a smartphone or tablet on a specific device, the data stream from the smartphone was passed on to the corresponding solutions in the network. With TIDAL Connect, direct music streaming is now available on the correspondingly equipped devices; the smartphone or tablet thus functions solely as a remote control.

TIDAL Connect now also at Electrocompaniet A/S

More and more manufacturers allow the use of TIDAL Connect on their devices, including the Norwegian high-end hi-fi manufacturer Electrocompaniet A/S.

According to Mathias Roth, Managing Director of MRV Audio and responsible for the distribution of solutions from Electrocompaniet A/S, the company is particularly pleased to now offer a firmware update that enables the complete product line of network audio streamers, speakers and amplifiers with integrated streaming functionality to use TIDAL Connect Technology directly.

TIDAL Connect ensures that audio systems can be selected for music playback directly via the TIDAL app for Apple iOS or Google Android, as well as those for Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows, and that the app is used solely for control.

In practical terms, one simply opens the Now Playing Screen in the TIDAL app, presses the speaker icon, and can select all solutions with TIDAL Connect support that are available in the network.

TIDAL Connect for Electrocompaniet Classic Line as well as EC Living Line

TIDAL Connect is, to emphasise this once again, available for all solutions of the Norwegians that rely on the so-called Electrocompaniet EC Software Engine Streaming Platform. This means solutions of the Electrocompaniet Classic Line as well as the EC Living Line. The basis for this is the new firmware 2.2.

In concrete terms, this means that firmware updates are available for the systems EC Living Tana SL2 and EC Living Tana L2, EC Living Tana SL1 and EC Living Tana L1 as well as EC Living Rena SA1, all from the EC Living Series. In the Electrocompaniet Classic Line, firmware updates with TIDAL Connect support are now available for the Electrocompaniet ECI 6 DX MKII Integrated Amplifier, Electrocompaniet ECM 1 MKII Network Streamer, Electrocompaniet ECM 1 Network Streamer and Electrocompaniet ECI 6 DX Integrated Amplifier solutions.

Getting to the point

When Electrocompaniet A/S recently announced the new EC PLAY App version 1.6, they already hinted that this app would not only bring a number of new functions, but would also be the basis for future innovations. It was an open secret that this meant, for example, support for TIDAL Connect, which fortunately will be introduced quite quickly, namely with a new firmware, for all streaming solutions of the Electrocompaniet Classic Line and EC Living Line.

Manufacturer: Electrocompaniet A/S
Distribution: MRV Audio
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