Bluesound announces new wireless streamers

Bluesound is now inviting interested parties to register for a product launch, scheduled for 10 May 2021, heralding nothing less than “The next big thing in audio streaming”.

Bluesound International has big news to announce on the social media platform Facebook. The next big evolution in audio streaming is imminent, the Canadian company continues, without going into detail.

On a page linked to in this message, the company is at least a little more specific, stating literally: “The next big thing in audio streaming is almost here. And as if it wasn’t already clear that a new generation of Bluesound Wireless Audio Streaming System solutions is imminent, Bluesound announces that the original wireless streamers and amplifiers will now be even better.

A first product picture about it probably shows the latest generation of the Bluesound NODE as well as Bluesound POWER NODE systems, but without really confirming this with further clues. It should be clear from this picture, however, that at least with regard to the design, the current concept will be retained as far as possible and not, as with the change from the first to the second generation, a completely new one will be introduced. However, the upper side of the systems looks very different, they have obviously been given a few more buttons on the sensor keypad…

But that’s enough, everything else is currently no more than a glimpse into the crystal ball or pure speculation. Let’s wait and see what Bluesound has to announce on 10 May 2021.

Getting to the point

It is getting exciting, Bluesound announces quite freely that they will present new streaming solutions of the Bluesound Wireless Hi-res Audio Multiroom System on 10 May 2021. The Canadian company states that it will be the “next big thing” in the field of streaming and thus skilfully stirs up expectations. At least the first product photos look promising…

Manufacturer:Bluesound International
Distribution Austria:smart audio GmbH
Distribution Germany:Dali GmbH
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