Dynaudio Emit Series – Perfect choice for stereo and surround

It is the latest generation of the Dynaudio Emit Series, which the Danish loudspeaker specialist Dynaudio A/S is introducing now and which comes up with an excellent price-performance ratio. Thus, it is the perfect entry for stereo as well as home cinema.

Dynaudio Emit Series, this product line has been available as an entry-level solution from the Danish loudspeaker specialist Dynaudio A/S for years. It is aimed at both stereo and home cinema users.

Now the Danish company in Skanderborg felt that the time had come to improve this product line once again and to present it in the latest generation, the 2021 generation.

Once again, of course, the focus was on the principle that has always applied to the Dynaudio Emit Series: loudspeaker systems that, thanks to their excellent price-performance ratio, enable many people to enter the world of audiophile music reproduction.

Dynaudio Emit Series – The entry into audiophile music reproduction

In order to do justice to this claim, a few essential prerequisites must be met. Of course, in principle it is no problem to design a loudspeaker system equipped with the latest driver technology and a sophisticated design concept to perform at a high level.

However, this inevitably leads to a correspondingly expensive affair, and the goal of appealing to a wide range of customers, especially in the entry-level segment, is clearly missed.

Companies like Dynaudio A/S, however, have the decisive advantage of relying on the so-called trickle-down technology, which means that they can use the experience, essential technologies and partly also components, which were developed for a product series with a significantly higher price, also for series with a lower price.

Trickle-down technology as a basis

This is exactly what Dynaudio A/S has done with the latest generation of the Dynaudio Emit Series. In designing the new Dynaudio Emit Series, they relied on all the experience gained in developing the previous generation, as well as the corresponding customer feedback, but also on technologies that were originally developed for much more expensive product lines.

“The beauty of working on a speaker like Emit is that we can use all the trickle-down technology we’ve developed for our highest-quality speakers. It’s always the same men and women working on all the product groups, so we know exactly how to deliver that performance for people taking their first steps into high-end hi-fi.”

Daniel Emonts, Head acoustician at Dynaudio A/S

The models of the latest Dynaudio Emit Series were all developed, designed and tuned in the Dynaudio Labs in Skanderborg, whereby the new state-of-the-art measuring room of the Danes also played an essential role in this entry-level series. Called Jupiter, this measuring room is of course an invaluable aid in designing loudspeaker systems exactly as the developers envision them.

Dynaudio Emit Series – Five models available

The new generation of the Dynaudio Emit Series comprises five models, in order to actually fulfil the specified goal of being equipped for a wide variety of tasks.

First of all, there are two bookshelf loudspeaker systems, the Dynaudio Emit 10 and Dynaudio Emit 20, which are also complemented by two floorstanding loudspeaker systems. These are the Dynaudio Emit 30 and Dynaudio Emit 50 models.

The only thing missing for surround in the home cinema is a centre speaker, which is available in the form of the new Dynaudio Emit 25C.

High-end drivers as the basis for fine sound

The Danish manufacturer speaks of high-end drivers that form the basis for the outstanding sound of the new Dynaudio Emit Series. As already described, components from much higher-priced model series were used.

For example, the Dynaudio Emit Series’ latest generation of midrange and bass drivers are based on those of the Dynaudio Evoke Series.

The diaphragms are made of MSP, an abbreviation for Magnesium Silicate Polymer, a material that provides just the right combination of lightness, stiffness and damping for incredibly precise sound reproduction.

The cones are directly connected to the copper-clad aluminium voice coils, which should ensure even better control.

  • Dynaudio Emit Series Generation 2021
  • Dynaudio Emit Series Generation 2021
  • Dynaudio Emit Series Generation 2021
  • Dynaudio Emit Series Generation 2021
  • Dynaudio Emit Series Generation 2021
  • Dynaudio Emit Series Generation 2021
  • Dynaudio Emit Series Generation 2021

Dynaudio Cerator tweeter

Also from the Dynaudio Evoke Series is the tweeter used in the new generation Dynaudio Emit Series. The tweeter is called the Dynaudio Cerator Tweeter and was originally developed for the legendary Dynaudio Special Forty anniversary model. Here it was called the Dynaudio Esotar Forty Tweeter.

The AirFlow magnet of the Dynaudio Cerotar is made of strontium carbonate ferrite and ceramic and the 28 mm voice coil is made of aluminium. Dynaudio A/S sees these features as essential trademarks that can also be found in the legendary Dynaudio Esotar3 tweeter.

The optimised flow behaviour of the rear chamber and the specially designed Hexis dome behind the fabric dome effectively counteract unwanted resonances. The result is an even more harmonious frequency response and improved imaging of the high frequency.

Double tube bass reflex tubes

The Dynaudio Emit Series’ components, which are designed to give the loudspeaker systems sovereignty in the lowest frequency range, also feature an unusually complex design for this price class.

All loudspeakers in the new Dynaudio Emit Series are equipped with so called double-tube bass reflex tubes to minimize airflow noise, which can occur especially with low frequencies.

Solid structure

The cabinets of the Dynaudio Emit Series are made of 18 mm thick MDF, which makes for a truly solid construction that counteracts sound-damaging resonances right from the start. In addition, a lot of attention to detail has been paid to the internal damping material, down to the last gram, in order to achieve the right amount of damping and openness.

Three design finishes available

Dynaudio A/S offers the new generation of the Dynaudio Emit Series in three design variants, always with a surface finish of individually designed laminate. The customer can choose between black, white and walnut.

The new Dynaudio Emit Series is scheduled to be available worldwide from today. The series will open with the Dynaudio Emit 10 model at a price of € 729, followed by the Dynaudio Emit 20 at € 950. The Dynaudio Emit 30 floorstanding speaker system is to be offered at € 1,500 and the Dynaudio Emit 50 at € 2,000. All these prices are for pairs. The centre speaker of the series, on the other hand, is listed per unit, so the Dynaudio Emit 25C is listed at € 680.

Getting to the point…

Dynaudio A/S launches the latest generation of the Dynaudio Emit Series, the product line that the Danish specialist designed as an entry-level series. The latest generation of the shelf loudspeaker systems Dynaudio Emit 10 and Dynaudio Emit 20, the floorstanding loudspeaker systems Dynaudio Emit 30 and Dynaudio Emit 50, and of course the matching centre speaker Dynaudio Emit 25C are intended to be universal, fine-sounding solutions that enable an affordable first step into audiophile music reproduction.

Manufacturer:Dynaudio A/S
Distribution:Dynaudio Germany GmbH
Price:Dynaudio Emit 10 € 729,- pro Paar
Dynaudio Emit 20 € 950,- pro Paar
Dynaudio Emit 30 € 1.500,- pro Paar
Dynaudio Emit 50 € 2.000,- pro Paar
Dynaudio Emit 25C € 680,- pro Stück
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