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Cyrus PSU-XR – The intelligent power supply for the Cyrus XR Series

The English high-end HIFi manufacturer is proud to present a completely new approach to the development of power supplies, namely the new Cyrus PSU-XR.

Long and eagerly awaited, the new Cyrus PSU-XR for the Cyrus Audio XR Series will soon be available, according to the English high-end hi-fi manufacturer Cyrus Audio Ltd. about a solution that is regarded as trend-setting in the development of power supply units and is even said to be the most intelligent power supply unit ever developed by the English company. The new Cyrus PSU-XR is also the most powerful power supply in the range of Cyrus Audio Ltd. and convinces with highest efficiency.

Cyrus PSU-XR with integrated microprocessor

The reason why Cyrus Audio Ltd. calls the new Cyrus PSU-XR an “intelligent” power supply is that it is the first power supply from the English company that has an integrated microprocessor. This enables communication between the power supply and the connected products and thus the best configuration is always achieved, optimally adapted to the system to be operated.

For all solutions of the Cyrus XR Series

The manufacturer also explicitly refers to the flexibility offered by the new Cyrus PSU-XR power supply unit, as it can be used with all products of the current Cyrus XR Series and has also been developed to be future-proof. All solutions already on the market are said to be compatible with the Cyrus PSU-XR, requiring only a software update to communicate with the new Cyrus PSU-XR in case of need. and of course all future products including the highly anticipated Cyrus XR Series streaming client based on BluOS will be compatible with the power supply.

Other features for the highest quality

Cyrus Audio Ltd. states that the new Cyrus PSU-XR has been designed with all the necessary measures in place to minimise noise and interference, just as they have done with all Cyrus XR Series systems. Because the output voltages of the new Cyrus PSU-XR are digitally controlled, they are extremely stable and virtually noise-free.

“The PSU-XR is our most powerful power supply, capable of delivering up to 60 per cent more power than the award-winning PSX-R2 and up to 50 per cent more efficient thanks to its revolutionary design” Ceri Williamson, Head of Research and Development at Cyrus Audio Ltd.

Cyrus PSU XR 02 1
Foto © Cyrus Audio Ltd. | Cyrus PSU-XR Power Supply

Five independent power supplies

The Cyrus PSU-XR has five independent power supplies, with all five power outputs routed via a multi-way cable to a connected Cyrus XR component.

Specifically, there is one high-capacity logic supply to power digital circuits in a connected XR component, two fixed-voltage power supplies to power sensitive low-voltage analogue circuits, and also two variable-voltage, high-capacity power supplies to power low- or high-capacity analogue circuits. The variable power supplies also have two unregulated voltage settings that can be used to increase the power supply in circuits with high consumption, such as power amplifiers.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the new Cyrus PSU-XR naturally presents itself in the design of the Cyrus XR Series and has dimensions of 75 x 215 x 355 mm. This brings it to 7.7 kg on the scales.

“The sonic improvements achieved by connecting the PSU-XR to an XR host product are outstanding in our opinion.” Chris Hutcheson, Head of Marketing at Cyrus Audio Ltd.

Cyrus PSU XR 05
Foto © Cyrus Audio Ltd. | Cyrus PSU-XR Power Supply

Prices and availability

According to the distributor, the new power supply unit of the Cyrus RX Series will be available in specialist shops within the next few days. The recommended retail price for the new Cyrus PSU-XR is € 2.895,-.

Getting to the point

The Cyrus PSU-XR is the latest external power supply from the English high-end hi-fi company Cyrus Audio Ltd. and offers a completely new approach to providing a clean and stable power supply for all solutions of the Cyrus XR Series. The Cyrus PSU-XR is equipped with its own microprocessor and communicates directly with the host product to always deliver the best configuration from a wide range of output voltages.

Price€ 2.895,-
ManufacturerCyrus Audio Ltd.
DistributionBellevue Audio GmbH
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