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Cambridge Audio EVO CD - The Cambridge Audio EVO Series CD Transport

The Cambridge Audio EVO CD was announced some time ago as an optional partner for the all-in-one systems Cambridge Audio EVO 75 and Cambridge Audio EVO 150, but could not be delivered until now. Now, however, the CD transport is finally available.

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  • Long, very long awaited, but now it is actually available, the Cambridge Audio EVO CD and with it the CD transport for the Cambridge Audio EVO Series.

As the saying goes: good things take time… Well, if that’s what it takes, the new Cambridge Audio EVO CD must be a truly outstanding system, which was presented at the High End 2023 in its final form, now actually available in specialist shops. In fact, it is a CD transport from Cambridge Audio that is aimed at users of very specific all-in-one systems, namely for the so-called Cambridge Audio EVO Series.

These are the Cambridge Audio EVO 75 and Cambridge Audio EVO 150 all-in-one systems, two solutions that are exceptionally elegant in design, versatility and impressive sound quality at very attractive prices.

As an extension of the Cambridge Audio EVO Series

The English hi-fi company Cambridge Audio has succeeded in creating a truly outstanding product line with the Cambridge Audio EVO Series. This product series includes two all-in-one systems that prove to be true multi-talents, namely the Cambride Audio EVO 75 and Cambridge Audio EVO 150 systems.

The solutions essentially include everything that can be expected from a modern hi-fi system, in a compact form, elegant, and on an astonishingly high quality level.

The manufacturer itself also speaks of streaming amplifiers, and is quite right in doing so, as the focus here is primarily on music streaming via the Cambridge Audio StreamMagic platform, which in itself contributes significantly to the flexibility of the systems.

In addition to their own content and the Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer and TIDAL services, access to Internet radio is also possible, and Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast, the two most important streaming platforms, are supported. The solutions are also designated as Roon Ready and Bluetooth is not missing for connecting smartphones and tablets.

Analogue and digital inputs are of course also available for other sources, and excellent amplifier modules in Class D with Hypex Ncore Technology from the specialist Hypex Electronics B.V. with an output of either two times 75 watts for the Cambridge Audio EVO 75 or two times 150 watts, whereby these specifications refer to speaker systems with an impedance of 8 ohms, ensure sufficient performance on a wide range of speaker systems.

Designed as a CD transport

The Cambridge Audio EVO CD expands these two All-in-One systems to include the playback of audio CDs, whereby, as already mentioned, it is a CD transport. A solution that does not have a D/A converter, leaving the task of signal conversion from digital to analogue to the All-in-One systems.

The new Cambridge Audio EVO CD focuses all the more on the exact readout of the data, so that one trusts in a particularly high-quality drive and a Cambridge Audio S5 servo.

Originally, the CD drive of the Cambridge Audio EVO Series was designed as a slot-in drive, but due to delivery problems, this concept could not be realised as planned. So the decision was made to use a classic drive tray, although a full metal loading mechanism with high stability and longevity was relied upon.

Audio signals are of course output in digital form alone, via an S/PDIF interface. Via a so-called Cambridge EVO Link Cable, control is ensured solely via the remote control of a Cambridge Audio EVO 75 or Cambridge Audio EVO 150.

It can also be used to read out information about the inserted CD, load matching information from the network, and then ultimately display the matching cover artwork directly on the display of the all-in-one systems.

Control via the app for the Cambridge Audio EVO Series all-in-one systems, the Cambridge Audio StreamMagic app for Google Android and Apple iOS, is also to be guaranteed.

Elegant appearance

It goes without saying that the Cambridge Audio EVO CD is designed in the same elegant style as the all-in-one systems for which it is intended. This means that here, too, you’ll find wooden side panels in two different designs, which can be interchanged at will.

“Many of our customers also want to play the valuable discs of their painstakingly built-up collection directly with a modern system. The new Evo CD brings this possibility in addition to streaming and the option to connect an Alva turntable. We wanted to make enjoying music in simply any popular format possible.”

Stuart George, CEO of Cambridge Audio

Pricing and availability

The new Cambridge Audio EVO CD will be available from specialist retailers from May 2023. Cambridge Audio is offering bundles at a discounted price for those purchasing the CD drive together with an Evo 75 or Evo 150, or as a complete system with speaker systems. The CD transport alone is available at the recommended retail price of € 1.199,-.

Getting to the point

Unfortunately, the market launch of the Cambridge Audio EVO Series CD Transport took much longer than originally planned. It was mainly due to delivery problems of various suppliers that the schedule got so confused and even made it necessary that Cambridge Audio had to revise the original concept in order to finally be able to bring the Cambridge Audio EVO CD onto the market. In fact, it is probably the perfect partner for the Cambridge Audio EVO 75 and Cambridge Audio EVO 150 systems, in terms of design, functionality and ease of use.

PriceCambridge Audio EVO CD € 1.199,-
Cambridge Audio EVO 75 plus Cambridge Audio EVO CD € 3.199,-
Cambridge Audio EVO 150 plus Cambridge Audio EVO CD € 3.699,-
ManufacturerCambridge Audio
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyCambridge Audio
Distribution SwitzerlandLakeside Audio SA
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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