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Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System in the Aston Martin DB12

The new Aston Martin DB12 is all about performance and luxury, and that's exactly what Bowers & Wilkins' audio system in the new car is all about. The new Aston Martin DB12 is the first Aston Martin car to feature the newly developed Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System.

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  • The new Aston Martin DB12 is the first car from the Aston Martin brand to feature a newly developed Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system.

It is an exciting new partnership that the two British brands, Aston Martin and Bowers & Wilkins, have entered into, the result of which can be enjoyed by drivers of the new Aston Martin DB12, which features the newly developed Bowers & Wilkins automotive surround sound system for the first time.

It is a bespoke system, promises the two iconic brands, whose engineering teams have worked together on this optional surround sound system upgrade.

Aston Martin DB12 – World’s First 110th Anniversary Super Tourer

Aston Martin calls the new Aston Martin DB12 a vehicle that represents a completely new category, a so-called Super Tourer and thus the first of its kind in the world. It is a quantum leap in terms of sportiness and dynamics, combining a fascinating driving experience with exceptional refinement, state-of-the-art technology and pure luxury.

The Aston Martin DB12 also marks the 110th anniversary of the British marque and the 75th anniversary of the Aston Martin DB range.

The Aston Martin DB12 features a chassis that is perfectly matched to what the manufacturer believes is a best-in-class twin-turbo V8 power unit with 680 bhp or 800 NM, capable of satisfying even the most demanding drivers. The result, he says, is an energetic Aston Martin that shines with authenticity, performance and passion, offering an unrivalled driving experience.

Equally powerful is the new sound system in the Aston Martin DB12, as the two companies explicitly emphasise, and which is to be seen as the first result of the newly established partnership.

“In the era of our next-generation sports cars, precisely crafted, couture-level interiors are crucial to creating an experience of total immersion. The sound of our engines alone conveys strong emotions and sensory impressions. With the newly developed audio system, we have aligned our interior design with new innovations and technologies to provide our drivers with energy, tranquility and luxury at the same time. Bowers & Wilkins has developed a system that not only meets these demands, but also ensures that the sound system looks as impressive as it sounds. Drivers can use it however they want to create their own unique experience.”

Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President & Chief Creative Officer at Aston Martin

Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System – Tailor-made for the Aston Martin DB12

The Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System in the new Aston Martin DB12 relies on no less than 15 speaker systems, driven by a 14-channel amplifier, and state-of-the-art DSP algorithms for optimum results.

For example, the dashboard, the doors and behind the B-pillar of the car feature so-called Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus aluminum double-dome tweeters with a diameter of 25 mm, inspired by the legendary Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus Speaker, which use spiral diffusion channels to absorb the reflected sound from the back of the tweeter drivers, thus reducing resonance to a minimum.

Another special feature is five Bowers & Wilkins Continuum midrange drivers, each 100 mm in diameter and placed in close proximity to the tweeters. These are said to provide a particularly authentic and precise performance of voices and instruments and are the result of eight years of development.

Tweeter-on-top technology is used to ensure optimum radiation to the vehicle occupants and to reduce unwanted reflections, for example from the vehicle windshield. Three tweeters are therefore mounted on the dashboard of the Aston Martin DB12.

1,170 watts of amplifier power and DSP-based signal processing

An amplifier system with a power of 1,170 watts is also said to contribute to a balanced and precise sound. Special 3D headline speakers and a powerful subwoofer are used for a captivating sound experience, as the manufacturers state.

Of course, they are talking about a true high-end audio system where perfect positioning, alignment and symmetry of the speakers achieve an immersive sound, which was integrated into the Aston Martin DB12 in close collaboration between Aston Martin and Bowers & Wilkins engineers.

Just the start of a partnership based on innovation

The new audio system in the Aston Martin DB12 is just the beginning of a partnership founded on innovation and performance, the two British companies agreed. The new partnership promises an even higher level of performance, technology and driver involvement, they added. To that end, the Aston Martin experience will be extended to in-car sound and music – a key component of driving enjoyment, the companies said in the related release.

“The Bowers & Wilkins and Aston Martin collaboration feels quite organic, as both celebrate their British heritage while being known for creating innovation and exciting experiences. In addition to integrating audio systems for cars, this new partnership will also lead to greater collaboration with other brands in the future. We are very much looking forward to this next chapter.”

Dan Shepherd, vice president of licensing and partnerships at Bowers & Wilkins

Getting to the point

It is another prestigious automotive partnership now announced by the two British brands, Aston Martin and Bowers & Wilkins, around the presentation of the new Aston Martin DB12 at the Cannes Film Festival. This vehicle, described as the world’s first Super Tourer, features a Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system for the first time.

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