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AVM MP 5.3 and AVM MP 3.3

The two solutions AVM MP 5.3 and AVM MP 3.3 from the AVM Evolution Line, which the company AVM Audio Video Manufaktur GmbH is now launching on the market, are media players based on the AVM X-STREAM Engine and equipped with AVM Pure CD Drive.

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  • Two new media players from the AVM Evolution Line are now to be available with the AVM MP 5.3 and AVM MP 3.3 systems.

AVM MP 5.3 and AVM MP 3.3 are the new media players presented by the German hi-fi manufacturer AVM Audio Video Manufaktur GmbH as solutions of the AVM Evolution Line. Both systems combine hi-res audio streaming based on the AVM X-STREAM engine with the possibility of playing back audio CDs via an AVM Pure CD Drive. The two systems thus prove to be extremely versatile solutions that rightly bear the designation as media players.

While the AVM MP 3.3 has a classic transistor design, its big brother AVM MP 5.3 shines with a tube-based output stage, a Tube Line Stage.

Hi-res Audio Streaming based on AVM X-STREAM Engine

As already mentioned, the focus of the two new media players in the AVM Evolution Series is, of course, streaming, whereby the two new solutions, the AVM MP 5.3 and AVM MP 3.3, once again rely on the AVM X-STREAM Engine, which was developed by the German hi-fi manufacturer itself and has been in use for some time. The integration into the network is done either via an RJ45 Ethernet interface or the WiFi module according to IEEE 802.11ac.

This AVM X-STREAM engine is capable of processing signals in Linear PCM with up to 32 bits and 384 kHz, as well as DSD up to and including DSD256.

According to the manufacturer, the platform is prepared for Spotify Connect, Qobuz, TIDAL Connect and Internet Radio and supports Apple AirPlay 2 and is designated as Roon-ready. Of course, the two media players AVM MP 5.3 and AVM MP 3.3 can also be used via this streaming platform as part of a multi-room hi-res audio streaming system based on the AVM RoomConneXion Multiroom System, and with the AVM RC X app for Apple iOS and Google Android, a suitable app is available.

Another new feature is that the in-house AVM RC 3 Remote can now be used to control the streaming functionality based on the AVM X-STREAM Engine. Fortunately, this remote control, which is made of aluminium and thus of particularly high quality, is to be part of the scope of delivery of both the AVM MP 5.3 and AVM MP 3.3 systems.

AVM Pure CD Drive as a slot-in drive

Even though streaming is becoming more and more important for many people, some of them do not want to do without the well-tried audio CDs, and the two new systems AVM MP 5.3 and AVM MP 3.3 also offer these possibilities, whereby a so-called AVM Pure CD Drive is offered here for a particularly accurate reading of the data carriers, which has been designed as a slot-in drive.

HDMI, USB, Bluetooth…

It should also be mentioned that the two systems AVM MP 5.3 and AVM MP 3.3 have Bluetooth, even if this is only Bluetooth 4.2. It is also interesting that, in addition to an optical and coaxial S/PDIF interface for digital sources, HDMI is also available, whereby this also supports ARC in addition to HDMI CEC and is thus designed for direct connection to a TV set.

For the sake of completeness, a USB-A port can be used to connect storage media as sources.

Signal processing is carried out by means of D/A converters from ESS Technology Inc., whereby the manufacturer itself speaks of a double-quad DAC for 32 bits and 384 kHz or DSD256 and thus two DACs of the type ESS 9028PRO.

Flexible in application

The two systems prove to be extremely flexible systems, because apart from the functions already mentioned, one must also mention two digital outputs in the form of optical and coaxial S/PDIF interfaces, which, just like the two analogue outputs in the form of a pair of RCA sockets or a pair of XLRs, have either an adjustable volume or a fixed level. The AVM MP 5.3 and AVM MP 3.3 systems thus also function as preamplifiers.

This is all the more interesting because they also offer tone control and parametric loudness with bypass.

AVM MP 5.3 with Tube Line Stage, AVM MP 3.3 with Transistor Technology

As already mentioned, the only difference between the two systems AVM MP 5.3 and AVM MP 3.3 is that the former uses a tube output stage, the latter a transistor output stage.

This tube line stage is equipped with AVM’s own tubes, whereby the manufacturer promises that a completely newly developed circuit will fully develop the sonic charm of the AVM tubes.

It should also be mentioned that both systems have 12 V trigger connections, a dimmable graphic display with touchpoint sensor and proximity sensor and extensive menu functions including individual input naming.

The two systems measure 43 cm in width, 33 cm in depth and 12 cm in height.

Prices and availability

They are offered in silver or black versions, whereby the aluminium front always has a brushed surface. For an additional charge, a special so-called CELLINI version is also available, which has a chrome-finished front.

The new media players of the AVM Evolution Line are available as AVM MP 5.3 with integrated Tube Line Stage at a price of € 7.490,- and as AVM MP 3.3 in transistor technology at a price of € 5.990,-.

Getting to the point

The two new systems of the AVM Evolution Line truly deserve to be called media players, as they essentially offer everything a modern source device has to offer these days in order to be able to consume a wide variety of content from different sources in many different ways. The fact that AVM Audio Video Manufaktur GmbH has also implemented the functionality of a preamplifier in the two new systems AVM MP 5.3 and AVM MP 3.3, and in the case of the former also relies on a Tube Line Stage, should extend the potential target group to all those who are looking for such a flexible solution for their active speaker systems.

PriceAVM MP 5.3 € 7.490,-
AVM MP 3.3 € 5.990,-
ManufacturerAVM Audio Video Manufaktur GmbH
DistributionAVM Audio Video Manufaktur GmbH
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